TitoloThis is for the Players. This is PS4.
Campagna This is for the Players. This is PS4.
Cliente Sony Computer Entertainment
Marca Sony Playstation 4
PostedGiugno 2014
Settore Consolles per Video Games
At the beginning of 2013, PlayStation and Xbox went head to head in the Next Generation Console War.
Everyone was talking about it. Especially the Players. 
As Xbox One moved further away from pure gaming, Playstation decided to put the Players at the center of everything they did.
Two seemingly random ads packed with hidden references to past and future games warmed the Players up for a high-octane launch film that put the Player at the very center of the action. 
Then, Playstation released a site to celebrate every type of Player out there and to give to fans the chance to declare themselves as Players via personalized tweets which became an interactive online monument.
The final mission was to take over the world, hijacking London’s most iconic landmarks and featuring on the biggest billboards in Europe.
By the time of the launch, it was clear which console you had to buy if you were a Player. 
PS4 outsold Xbox One by 3 to 1 across Europe…ensuring PS4’s market share.  
So, when people ask who won the Next Generation Console War, the answer is pretty clear.
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Music Blonde Acid Cult
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