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  • The New Marketing Battlefront: Reducing Waste.
    Bruno Gralpois
    da Bruno Gralpois on  25 September 2018
  • Search and social to drive 67% of adspend growth by 2020. Brands invest more in SEO as they develop strategies for voice search.
    on  25 September 2018
  • At the London Design Biennale, the Brits drop the stiff upper lip and embrace the touchy feely.
    Mark Tungate
    da Mark Tungate on   5 September 2018
  • Depuis des années, on a suggéré et craint que le numérique ne tue le livre. Mais il s'avère, que, en un certain sens, il l'a aidé à prospérer.
    Mark Tungate
    da Mark Tungate on   3 September 2018
  • For years now there have been fears that the screen will kill the book. But it turns out that digital support enables words to thrive.
    Mark Tungate
    da Mark Tungate on  30 August 2018

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