180 Amsterdam Clients

180 exists to create The World As It Could Be.

It operates as a unique global ecosystem with major hubs in Amsterdam, LA and New York, and specialist hubs in Tokyo and Paris.

300 world class professionals all committed to radical collaboration and the belief that there is nothing more powerful than a fresh perspective.... Più informazioni

PepsiCo Inc. 7UP
CalFlowers CalFlowers
Cox Communications Cox Communications
Christian Dior Parfums DIOR
PepsiCo Inc. Gatorade
PepsiCo Inc. Mirinda
PepsiCo Inc. Rockstar
ConAgra Foods, Inc. Slim Jim
OMEGA SA Omega Watches Orologi Stampa e stampati, Esterna, Interattivo, Stampati per Direct Marketing , Packaging, Branding & Design 2005
Sony Corporation of America Sony Elettronica di comsumo e Audiovisivi Televisione e Cinema, Radio, Stampa e stampati, Esterna, Interattivo, Promozioni & Eventi 2006
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