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8210 Lankershim Blvd. #14
North Hollywood CA 91605
Stati Uniti
Telefono: (+1) 818 768-2880

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8210 Lankershim Blvd. #14
North Hollywood CA 91605
Stati Uniti
Telefono: (+1) 818 768-2880

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About Anatomorphex

We create award-winning special effects -not computer generated, but real, tangible, physical special effects. This is where it's made- custom, from start to finish. Our services range from Animatronic People, Animals and Aliens; Makeup Effects; Stunt and Hero Props, Costumes; Miniatures and Sets for Movies, Commercials, Music Videos, Television Shows, Architectural Applications, Fine Art Fabrications...

We own the copyright on much of our work, making it available for rental, rebuilding or modification.

Our aim is to hit a home run with every project, big or small. 


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Filosofia e Vantaggi Competitivi

When Special Effects are created and staged properly, the public never even notices they are present. No one stops to wonder how the person wearing the Jack in the Box head sees in order to walk, run, ride a bike and even drive a car. A mini 'lipstick' camera hidden behind a hole in the tip of the mask's black nose feeds to video-vision goggles inside. The problem is solved simply, but invisibly.

Working in Hollywood is like playing a game of chess on a bucking bronco. Every move has to be thoroughly planned out in advance with careful strategies, flexible enough to deal with the many issues that can -and usually will- develop in the course of a project. Experts in our field, we maximize the technical and aesthetic opportunities of each project. We are a one stop effects shop, with complete facilities for all steps of our effects processes. We combine the industry's best special effects designers, sculptors, model makers, mold makers, lab technicians, makeup artists, machinists, mechanics, costume fabricators, hair specialists, eye and teeth fabricators, painters, and puppeteers.

Our reputation is built on our creative and technical successes- making those magical moments on set possible, where everything comes together and special effects illusions come to life. 

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