TitoloThe Chant
Campagna #dowhatyoucan
Cliente Samsung
Marca Samsung Galaxy S7
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione 2016 / 7
Settore Elettronica di comsumo e Audiovisivi
Trama South Sudanese athlete Margaret Rumat Rumat Hassan is preparing run the 400 metres at the Rio Olympics – the first time the country has been represented since its independence from Sudan in 2011. As Hassan gears up for the event she pops in a pair of Samsung Gear wireless earbuds. She hears her entire country chanting for her – and we see the celebrations on the streets, in bars and in classrooms. As the chant builds in intensity, Hussan relives her journey and finds the confidence to defy barriers.
Tipo di Media Televisione
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Art Director
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