TitoloGive women the space
Campagna Give Women the Space
Cliente Unilever Kenya
Marca Sunlight
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Detergenti superfici, saponi
Slogan Women of More
Trama Some campaigns aim to drive product sales and profitability.
Others aim to change the world actively and aggressively for the better.
This is such a campaign.
Through its ‘Women of More’ campaign Sunlight used its market leadership position to empower women in the Kenyan market driven by the understanding that societies only truly move forward if women are empowered and enabled.
With women having to juggle more roles one of being the active contribution to their financial well beings of their households. Sunlight through ‘Women of More’ took the pragmatic approach of facilitating networking and training opportunities to provide the necessary skills to women in Kenya so that they were empowered to successfully achieve their financial goals.
Filosofia The concept was centred around Sunlight championing the simle fact that Women are becoming and doing more, this for the brand was already underpinned by two pioneering thoughts at a brand level – More than you expect because women can do the housework and STILL pursue their own fulfilling pursuits no matter how unexpected. And at a campaign level ‘Sunlight does more, so you can do more’.
Problema Kenya has the highest rate of single mothers in the continent; a staggering 59.5% chance Kenyan woman will be a single mother by the time she reaches 45. This exposes women in Kenya to poorer socioeconomic and health outcomes.
Risultato Results against objective 1: The campaign received a reach of 6 million against the target of 2 million.
Results against objective 2: The program selected a total of 972 women lead businesses from the registrations and recommendations on social media. Helping scale these businesses through expansion of their market reach (through advertising), financial literacy and funding support through banking partner ABSA and business training with UNITAR, resulted in impacting a significant community of dependents.
Tipo di Media Billboard
Market Kenia
Più informazioni https://www.unilever.com/news/news-search/2021/from-striving-to-thriving-sunlight-to-support-women-entrepreneurs/
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