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41-45 Marinou Antypa Street Neo Heraklio
Athens 141 21

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BBDO Group Greece

41-45 Marinou Antypa Street Neo Heraklio
Athens 141 21

Manolis Ypsilantis

Executive Vice President

Telefono: (+30) 01 68 58 100

Yorgos Zannias

Telefono: (+30) 01 62 31 263

About BBDO Group Greece

We believe two things separate us from others. The first is our focus on creating the world’s most compelling commercial content—and that means work that changes behavior. Everybody talks about doing great work, our standing as Cannes Network of The Year for the last two years, and winning the Gunn Report in 6 of its 10 years is proof that we’re serious.;We’re also relentless reductionists. The world is full of complicators, our job is to quickly shed what’s extraneous and get to what’s really important.;Which is why this answer is only 96 words instead of the 250 you gave us.


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Filosofia e Vantaggi Competitivi
There are some companies in our business known for their global presence. There are others with reputations for outstanding creativity. However, no company has achieved BBDO's record of creative excellence while providing clients with worldwide service. We believe the absence of great creative product renders global resources practically meaningless. But creativity alone does not constitute complete client service. It is BBDO's creative ability combined with full communication services around the globe which, more than any other characteristic, distinguishes BBDO from our competitors. Whatever the risks inherent in new thinking, there is far greater danger in conformity. Thus, we value aggressive intelligence as much as methodology, entrepreneurial intuition as well as infrastructure, and creative originality far beyond conventional wisdom. We accept the organizational discipline and control necessary to coordinate our many agencies in response to a client's multinational needs. But we also insist our people be capable of strategic relevance and impactful creativity for local brands within their home markets. Regardless of geography, we believe the greatest leverage in building demand for any brand comes from the insight and innovation of talented people, not from coordinators of corporate process. Thus, we welcome the constant challenge of being an institution of individuals. While we understand that we must shape ourselves to our clients' structures, we believe that only through the initiative, ability and pride of our people can we provide the quality of work and honest counsel our clients must have for their brands to compete successfully.
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