TitoloA Hero
Campagna A Hero
Cliente LNER
Marca LNER
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Trasporto Aereo, Ferroviario, Automobilistico, Marittimo.
Filosofia LNER will cement itself as a brand which celebrates the diversity of its journeys; whether it’s a family coming home after visiting Auntie Jean, a young group of friends on their way back from a festival in Leeds or battle scarred Roman centurions returning from a re-enactment in York. Every journey makes up a small part of LNER, and every person that travels on the line has a stake in the brand. The campaign, “This is our LNER”, is the embodiment of that thought.
Tipo di Media Televisione
Casa di Produzione
Production Company Producer
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Team
Creative Team
Agency Producer
Assistant Agency Producer
Offline Editors
Editing Company
VFX Lead
Post Production
Audio Engineer

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