"Relatable experiences over manufactured perfection": How BUNTIN connects with Gen Z and beyond

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Morgan Murray
Director of Social BUNTIN

An adaptable content strategy is a must in the dynamic world of communications to maintain brand loyalty. No stranger to employing cross-platform strategies, BUNTIN's Director of Social, Morgan Murray, fills us in on new opportunities at the fingertips of brands and agencies for resonating with digital-native audiences.


In what ways are you leveraging new platforms and technologies to engage and resonate with the digital-native nature of Generation Z and younger consumers? Further, what channels and formats are you prioritizing and how are you adapting your content for these platforms? 

To engage with Gen Z, we're leveraging platforms that champion short and long-form video-based content, with TikTok as the platform where we’re placing most of our efforts. This platform's mix of entertainment, storytelling, and quick-hitting information resonates deeply with Gen Z's digital-native sensibilities. 

We prioritize vertical video content for social, with data pointing to Gen Z primary consumption of media being on mobile devices in quick, engaging bursts. Thus, our content strategy is mobile-first and optimized for platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram Reels, where this demographic is most active. YouTube Shorts is also a platform we are continuing to expand and explore.

In addition to creating platform-specific content, engaging the authenticity of influencers and content creators who already have the ear of Gen Z is an essential tactic in reaching these highly sought-after audiences. These partnerships ensure our content is genuine, relatable, and seamlessly integrated into the native content landscape.

While we're currently focused on proven platforms, we're also constantly exploring new territories with potential, always ready to adapt and evolve our strategy in alignment with where Gen Z's attention may shift next and in alignment with the brand strategy. 


How are you tailoring your messaging to align with the values and interests of modern consumers, and how does this differ from your approach with previous generations?

Our philosophy has always championed high conviction brands—brands that are really grounded in their purpose—which naturally resonates with Gen Z. This generation demands not just products, but a genuine value alignment when it comes to their purchasing decisions. They're adept at navigating advertising noise, preferring recommendations from peers and content creators, which is a strategy we've embraced.

We connect with Gen Z through authentic, genuine messaging that showcases relatable experiences over manufactured perfection. Our content strategy prioritizes transparency and trust, subtly reflecting the brand's dedication to social issues. By integrating these commitments into the narrative, we not only meet Gen Z's expectations for authenticity, but also participate meaningfully in societal conversations they value. 


What role does culture, sustainability and social responsibility play in your brand's communications strategy for engaging with younger demographics?

In our communications strategy for the brands that we represent, culture, sustainability, and social responsibility are integral threads that extend across all marketing initiatives, especially on social platforms. These elements are crucial for engaging with younger demographics who prioritize these values in the brands they support and play a large role in building purpose-driven brands. 

Through social media, we amplify these imperative initiatives by collaborating with a broad spectrum of content creators, ensuring cultural authenticity and diversity in representation. We encourage brands to embrace a philanthropic arm or social cause to provide Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences a bigger reason to believe in them, and to further build a high conviction brand. In addition to social responsibility, ensuring authentic content across the board is key to truly make an impact with these audiences. 

This cohesive approach reinforces a consistent, values-driven narrative that resonates with young consumers and fosters a meaningful, ongoing dialogue around the issues they care about most.


In what ways do you utilize user-generated content and interactive experiences to connect with younger consumers on a more personal level?

User-generated content and interactive experiences are vital in cultivating a personal connection with younger consumers. UGC is not just a tactic; it is an essential component of a comprehensive strategy that places the consumer at the heart of the brand story. 

By leveraging UGC, we invite young consumers to become content creators themselves, giving them a platform to share their unique perspectives and experiences with the brand. This not only enhances authenticity, but also fosters a sense of community and ownership. It’s a form of direct engagement that turns consumers into brand advocates and loyalists, creating a more personal and invested relationship with the brand. 

Interactive experiences, whether through AR filters, polls, quizzes, or challenges on social media platforms, further deepen this connection. They’re fun and they encourage active participation, allowing consumers to influence the brand narrative. These experiences are crafted to be shareable and resonate with the interactive, dynamic manner that younger consumers engage with technology and social media. 

Emphasizing user input underscores the importance of listening to and collaborating with the younger demographic. It’s a testament to how seriously we take their influence and the role they play in shaping the brands they love.


Can you share any examples of successful campaigns or collaborations with young influencers, organizations, or platforms that have helped shape your brand's communication approach for Generation Z and beyond? 

Our slate of Gen Z-focused social media strategies for our clients is constantly evolving and is an exciting area of growth for BUNTIN. We are consistently developing forward-thinking strategies to align with a brand's desired audience, inclusive of Gen Z. Recently, we partnered with a client to build out a concept for a campaign that stems from a social listening audit. This initiative proposes 'late night' menus for one of our restaurant brands, a concept derived from uncovering that our younger demographic enjoys dining out later in the evening.

To further elevate this approach, we plan to harness the power of TikTok's user-generated content. By partnering with young influencers and capitalizing on trending audio, we aim to amplify our brand's presence in an authentic way that speaks directly to Gen Z consumers. These ideas showcase our commitment to innovative, data-driven strategies tailored to the habits and preferences of younger audiences.