TitoloDendo Drive House
Campagna Dendo Drive House
Cliente Mitsubishi Motors
Marca Mitsubishi Motors

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PostedLuglio 2019
SettoreSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Interattivo
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About Hideoki & Co.

Hideoki & Co. is a production, creative and research insight company. Our mission is to be the partnerof choice to help craft creative work that elevates the human spirit and the world around us. We have joined forces with the best minds in the industry to empower visionaries and creators through ideation, strategy and content creation. 
We’re here to empower creators and visionaries to CRAFT THEIR BEST WORK and to resonate with their audience in the most positive way. 

Latest News

Diner's Club Your Universe TVC Release


One of the world’s first travel and entertainment credit card Diner’s Club released a stunning cinematic TV commercial that’s currently broadcasted in Japan nationwide. The commercial captures the passion and ambition of 4 Japanese professionals in their respective fields, depicting their own “universe.” Hideoki & Co. produced the shots in New York City, the place where Diners Club was first conceived in 1949.

Featuring renowned dancer Fukiko Takase and BMX Champion Yohei Uchino, their personas of these talent were beautifully expressed in the city that never sleeps. The industrial building with wooden floors shows the stoic personality of Fukiko Takase when it comes to training. The open lot with beautiful NY cityscape where Yohei Uchino is riding with other bikers shows his extrovert personality that has created him the person he is today and all the friends that he has made. If you’d like to go get to know more about these two young talent, watch the interviews we filmed on the Diner’s Club YouTube channel.

Take a peek at our website for behind the scene shots!

Diner’s Club の素晴らしいCMがリリースされました。

世界的クレジットカード会社のDiner’s ClubのシネマティックなCMが日本全国での放送がリリースされました。このCMは、4人のプロの情熱と野心を捉え、それぞれの「ユニバース」を描いています。Hideoki & Co. はダイナースの設立地でもあるニューヨークでの製作を手がけました。 

眠らない街、ニューヨークで有名ダンサーの高瀬譜希子とBMXチャンピオンの内野洋平の才能を美しく描いたCMになっています。ラフで木の床がある工業ビルでは、高瀬さんのストイックな性格をしましています。ニューヨークの街並みが見える空き地で内野さんが他のバイカー達と楽しく漕いでいるショットは彼の外交的な性格そしてこれまで彼を作り上げてきた経験を表しています。ダイナースクラブのYoutube チャンネルで彼らのインタビューが載っているので是非ご覧ください。


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