TitoloUnapologetically Human
Campagna Unapologetically Human
Cliente Kruger Inc.
Marca Kruger Products
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione 2020 / 8
Settore Carta Igienica, fazzoletti di carta
Trama Faced with our collective vulnerability we have also come to terms with our own softness as humans, which can be scary, but also beautiful. It’s these vulnerabilities that Kruger products services every day as a household paper products manufacturer.Unapologetically Human. We are all connected by our blood, tears, messes and yes, our need to go the bathroom and Kruger products are there for you to bring strength and softness.For the first time in category history, the brand chose to celebrate the messiness that the products are actually designed for, without pulling any punches and doing so with big, bold, raw music.
Tipo di Media Televisione
Colonna sonora Human
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Creative Team
Creative Team
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