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Suite 1AB, Building 3, No 181 465 Lane Zhen Ning Road ChangNing District
Shanghai 200040
Telefono: (+86) 021.5266.8726

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Competenze Principali: Digital, Social Media Marketing, Servizi di Marketing, Strategy and Planning, Finanza

Fondata nel: 2015


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Forsman & Bodenfors

Suite 1AB, Building 3, No 181 465 Lane Zhen Ning Road ChangNing District
Shanghai 200040
Telefono: (+86) 021.5266.8726

About Forsman & Bodenfors

Forsman & Bodenfors, is a global advertising agency based in Shanghai, China. Forsman & Bodenfors is the brand agency for an inventive world believing in the power of invention and the exponential ROI that results from creating true marketing firsts. Headquartered in New York, USA - our team of inventors and creative entrepreneurs help our clients reframe their challenges and think boldly about solutions through an invention lens. To deliver this, we are dedicated to offering the very best modern, brand-building specialisms, at one destination under one P&L. With technical invention, strategy and creativity at our core, Forsman & Bodenfors' specialties include: Business and brand strategy, product development, creative technology, advertising, digital, mobile, social content, experiential, and public relations. But none of it is meaningful if it doesn't drive transformational business results. Working closely with our clients reminds us everyday that we are not just looking to create ideas that drive market share, but that we are looking to invent ideas with the power to drive shareholder value. 


Filosofia e Vantaggi Competitivi

Forsman & Bodenfors has evolved over the past 12 years from a traditional advertising agency to a fully integrated brand communications company. We entered the China market in 2015 because 关乎中国,关乎世界 (What Matters in China, Matters to the World). In this market with ‘sea of sameness” there has been a commoditization of creativity. We deliver this by evaluating everything thru the lens of: How does it Matter for our Client? Why does it Matter for the Consumer? How does it Matter for our agency? Does it Matter for China. We place no hierarchy on mediums or brands, but rather on a process that guides both KB& P and the client towards achieving the goal. Part of this success can be attributed to our constant search for brands with momentum. We believe in the importance of delivering a brand message at all points of contact with the consumer; and therefore, we place a great deal of emphasis on fully integrated marketing programs. We are able to produce more effective integrated programs for our clients because we involve each of the specialist functions in the core brand team. Each specialist is intimately involved in the strategic thinking and planning function of the brand. Therefore, our direct marketing, design, sales promotion and interactive marketing people, who would function in mostly tactical roles at "classic" agencies (if they had them), become more strategic in their roles at KB& P via their interaction with the planning function. We place no hierarchical structure on integrated disciplines, allowing us to approach the brands' needs without any predisposition towards a discipline (TV vs. Direct). In fact, we believe that the more experience an agency has in direct, design, promotion and interactive marketing, the more capable it can be in creating effective communications with brand's target customer at all points of contact. 

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