TitoloČAP - Mafia
Campagna Mafia
Cliente Czech Insurer’s Bureau
Marca 1224
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Assicurazioni
Trama In order to draw attention to such an important topic, besides putting together the safety card with simple steps to follow (like the ones you’d find in an aeroplane), we also came up with a rather cheeky TVC idea. Suggesting that some rules - like these road rules - are to be followed by absolutely everyone, so they don’t die stupidly. Even the Mafia respects these rules. Try to forget that.
Filosofia The number of secondary road accidents is rising every year due to the lack of knowledge of the right procedure after a car crash or malfunction. Why? Because the drivers simply haven’t been trained how to react properly in these situations.
Tipo di Media Web Film

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