TitoloA very special press and influencer product delivery
Campagna Super OGX
Cliente Johnson & Johnson
Marca OGX
PostedGennaio 2022
Settore Prodotti per i capelli
Trama In the Beauty sector, journalists and influencers receive an immense amount of product samples every day, many of great economic value. Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to create a real impact on the person receiving the product, and to be able to encourage them to try it and share their opinion on and offline about it.
Coming from the launch of the first hair styling line of OGX, Ogilvy designed a very special product delivery to journalists and influencers. Inspired by the classic 80’s magazine Super Pop, we created Super OGX, a personalized magazine for each journalist and influencer, containing all the information about the new hair product line.
Ogilvy managed to turn a classic product dossier into a personalized version of the magazine including games, quizzes, stories... and all the different situations in life when we need to have great hair. 
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