AdForum x ACT Responsible: World Mental Health Day 2023

An exploration into mental health awareness through campaigns that drive social impact

da India Fizer , AdForum

When it comes to mental health, the first step to healing is talking, and getting started can be the hardest part. In honor of World Mental Health Day, we are taking a look at campaigns from the ACT Responsible collection that champion self-care and mental health resources. More campaigns can be found in our World Mental Health Day creative compilation! 


Zulu Alpha Kilo + Black Business and Professional Association, et al.

Zulu Alpha Kilo
Advertising/Full Service/Integrata
Toronto, Canada
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Last year, Maverick global indie agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo, teamed up with the Black Business and Professional Association to create "The Micropedia of Microaggressions". The world’s first encyclopedia of microaggressions aims to bring awareness to the harmfulness of everyday microaggresions and begin the process of unlearning unconcious bias. 

"The Micropedia of Microaggressions" | Zulu Alpha Kilo

The latest installment of the campaign unveils a travelling art exhibit raising awareness for "The Micropedia of Microaggressions". The exhibit took common microaggressions and showcased how these statements can affect one's thoughts and lead to self-doubt.

"Worn Down By Words" Art Exhibition

Ogilvy New York + Dove

Ogilvy New York
Advertising/Full Service/Integrata
New York, Stati Uniti
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The Dove Self-Esteem Project launched the Campaign for Kids Online Safety this past April to address the rise in youth mental health issues linked to social media. For this campaign, the Dove initiative teamed up with musician Lizzo, Common Sense Media and ParentsTogether Action to push for the 2023 Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) which supports standards, safeguards and tools that protect kids’ online experiences and limit their exposure to toxic beauty content.

Debuting the campaign film, "Cost of Beauty: A Dove Film", that tells the true story of a young woman, Mary, who developed an eating disorder while being exposed to toxic beauty content on social media, Dove demonstrates the toll social media has on youth mental health

"Cost of Beauty: A Dove Film" | Ogilvy NY 

Lucky Generals + GambleAware

Lucky Generals
Advertising/Full Service/Integrata
London, Regno Unito
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"It felt like gambling was crushing me until I talked to someone".

GambleAware's flagship campaign through Lucky Generals, ‘Let’s Open Up About Gambling,’ aims to reduce the stigma people feel surrounding gambling harms and address stigma as a barrier to accessing support, citing that 75% of people experiencing gambling problems feel like they can’t open up about the issue. The multi-activation campaign includes beer mats, stories from  affected individuals, and a first-of-its-kind 'crushed billboard' emulating how gambling harms can make an individual feel.

"Crushed Billboard" | Lucky Generals

"Let's Open up About Gambling"

TBWA\Singapore + SG Enable 

Advertising/Full Service/Integrata
Singapore, Singapore
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SG Enable and TBWA created "UnAwkward", a campaign aimed at raising awareness of social barriers for persons with disabilities in Singapore.

The hero film is part of SG Enable’s 'i'mable' (read “I’m able”) public education initiative, which celebrates and encourages the recognition of different abilities. The film captures the uncomfortable ‘where to look’ awkwardness many face when not knowing how to approach persons with disabilities. Each situation portrays an unexpected icebreaker, illustrating how easy awkward situations can quickly become unawkward. The campaign showcases that ending this awkwardness is key to improving inclusivity at the workplace, in schools and within our communities.

"UnAwkward" | TBWA\Singapore 

CALLING + Self Space

London, Regno Unito
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This past Spring for Mental Health Awareness week, UK agency CALLING launched its first ever campaign, "Open Letters", for Self Space, an OOH campaign sharing the stories of hundreds of individuals in a powerful move to tackle mental health stigma and capture a true picture of mental health in the UK.

The ‘Open Letters’ are personal pieces submitted by individuals across the UK, sharing their experiences with their mental health and feature as part of a collaboration with award-winning portrait photographer Charlie Clift.

"Open Letters" | CALLING