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Snickers - Support the Lionesses

The&Partnership in the UK pulls together a new ad for Snickers in support of the England women's football team, for Sunday's Euro championship final. Congrats to the Lionesses on their victory!

TitoloSupport the Lionesses
Campagna Support the Lionesses
Cliente Mars, Inc.
Marca Snickers

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Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione Solo abbonati
SettoreSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Web Film
Executive Creative Director A...é M....ra Solo abbonati
Creative Director ..n Nor........mith Solo abbonati
Creative Director N..k M..s Solo abbonati
Creative Team H...ah ..e Solo abbonati
Creative Team L..y Solo abbonati
Strategy Director A..x D...on Solo abbonati
Strategist Fu......use Solo abbonati
Strategist A...e Solo abbonati
Account Director R..a S....ey Solo abbonati
Account Director ..m T...or Solo abbonati
Account Executive Su....ah Solo abbonati
Production lead J..k Lip......arr Solo abbonati
Project Manager E..e Solo abbonati
Project Manager Z...ta S....en Solo abbonati
Senior Producer E..n T....rg Solo abbonati
Designer R..n S...h Solo abbonati
Motion Graphics ..l P...s Solo abbonati
Community Manager S...ia Solo abbonati
Director J...s Solo abbonati
Production Company Producer A...ey W...e Solo abbonati
Casa di Produzione R..l Solo abbonati
Post Supervisor L...y Solo abbonati
Post Produzione C...p Pr......ons Solo abbonati
Post Produzione ..g Co.....ive A..s Solo abbonati

Subaru - Involuntary Sounds

Seeing the wear and tear that every car goes through, this new spot from Subaru shows that they understand the struggle. Emphasizing that even though you feel every ding, the value of your Subaru won’t. Creative from Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis, MN.

TitoloInvoluntary Sounds
Campagna Involuntary Sounds
Cliente Subaru Corporation
Marca Subaru
PostedLuglio 2022
Settore Automobili/Motoveicoli
Tipo di Media Televisione

Heinz - Heinz A.I. Ketchup

Clever use of AI's ability to create images from text. It seems that, even to machines, ketchup and Heinz are synonymous! Creative from Rethink in Canada.

TitoloHeinz A.I. Ketchup
Campagna Heinz A.I. Ketchup
Cliente Heinz
Marca Heinz
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Maionese, Ketchup, Senape
Tipo di Media Web Film

Remy Martin - Usher x 1738 AI Powered Limited Edition Bottle

Sticking with AI .. Remy Martin partners with R&B star Usher to launch a limited edition bottle. The bottle's pack design is created using AI voice-to-text-to-image interpretation of Usher's prose. The result is stunning!

TitoloUsher x 1738 AI Powered Limited Edition Bottle
Campagna Usher x 1738 AI Powered Limited Edition Bottle
Cliente Rémy Martin
Marca Remy Martin
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Whisky, Gin, Vodka
Trama In a truly unexpected way the Grammy award-winning musical artist Usher, launches his limited edition 1738 bottle with Rémy Martin. With the help of A.I. (Artificial intelligence), the artist used his own musical vocabulary to describe the taste of Cognac. Fed through A.I. technology, known as Generative Adversarial Neural Networks and Contrastive Language-Image Pre-Training, Usher’s avant-garde depiction of tasting notes is turned into artwork, making the invisible, visible. The beauty of the AI was to visually translate what’s never been seen before: taste.
Tipo di Media Web Film
Casa di Produzione
Actor / Celebrity
Direttore della fotografia
Assistant Director
Wardrobe / Stylist
Make-Up Artist
Executive Producer
Executive Producer
Line Producer
VFX Company

Dick’s Sporting Goods - DSG Apparel Q3Q4 Twitch x Allison

US retailer Dick's is the go-to for all things sport. Now diversifying, the brand launches their cool clothing line as DSG Apparel. Even cooler is their hero video featuring SYTYCD star and judge, Twitch! Creative from Where Eagles Dare in Pittsburgh, PA.

TitoloDSG Apparel Q3Q4 Twitch x Allison
Campagna DSG Apparel Q3Q4 Twitch x Allison
Cliente Dick’s Sporting Goods
Marca Dick’s Sporting Goods
PostedLuglio 2022
Settore Distribuzione
Tipo di Media Web Film

American Red Cross - A Bloody Nightmare

50% percent of Americans enjoy watching blood being spilled in horror movies, yet only 3% donate blood. This is the statistic that BBDO New York taps into, in this mini horror montage for the American Red Cross.

TitoloA Bloody Nightmare
Campagna A Bloody Nightmare
Cliente American Red Cross
Marca American Red Cross
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Fondazioni caritatevoli, Volontariato
Slogan Blood isn't just for movies. It saves lives
Tipo di Media Televisione
Actor / Celebrity
Regional Chief Creative Officer
Chief Creative Officer
Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Director of Content Production
Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Music Producer
Account Director
Group Strategy Director
Account Planner
Business Manager
Project Manager
Production Artist
Digital Producer
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