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Desierto Vestido and Fashion Revolution - Atacama Fashion Week AFW24

In an effort to raise awareness and find a local solution to the tons of clothes that the textile industry dumps in the Atacama desert, NGO Desierto Vestido and Fashion Revolution put on a fashion show with models wearing looks made by fashion designers from garments dumped at the site.

TitoloAtacama Fashion Week AFW24
Campagna Atacama Fashion Week AFW24
Cliente Desierto Vestido x Fashion Revolution
Marca Desierto Vestido and Fashion Revolution
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione 2024 / 4
Settore Fondazioni caritatevoli, Volontariato
Trama The fashion world is aware of this problem, but the key stakeholders are not taking effective action. That's why the initiative is giving the fashion world what it always wants: an event modeled on the major fashion weeks held in Paris, Milan, São Paulo, and London. Atacama Fashion Week will feature a fashion show in the middle of the Atacama garbage dump, with models wearing looks made by fashion designers from garments dumped at the site. In addition to the runway action, the project will feature a photo editorial signed by Mauricio Nahas, an award-winning photographer with a career of over 30 years.
Filosofia To raise awareness and show the true extent of this problem to different audiences, NGO Desierto Vestido, in partnership with Fashion Revolution and Instituto Febre, and production of Sugarcane Filmes, is promoting Atacama Fashion Week.
Problema In the town of Alto Hospicio, in Chile's Atacama Desert, a mountain of more than 59,000 tons of clothing, including shoes, T-shirts, jackets, dresses, and other garments, can now be seen from space. The images revealed via satellite could refer to one of those mythical Latin American movie scenes, but in reality, they are a social and environmental warning highlighting the dangers of unbridled consumption (and production) of items for fashion trends.
Tipo di Media Case Study
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Reporters Without Borders Germany - The First Speech: Turkey

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Reporters Without Borders Germany (RSF) launched “The First Speech”, a campaign that is aimed at educating viewers on manipulation tactics used by modern autocrats and calls on audiences to support press freedom.

TitoloThe First Speech: Turkey
Campagna The First Speech
Cliente Reporters Without Borders
Marca Reporters Without Borders Germany

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PostedAprile 2024
SettoreSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Web Film
Media Partner
Media Partner
Media Partner
Motion/Design C...os S...rez Solo abbonati
Executive Creative Director W...f Solo abbonati
Producer B..z Solo abbonati
Head of Production B..z Solo abbonati
Executive Producer M...el Solo abbonati
Chief Creative Officer G....el Solo abbonati
Managing Director S....el Solo abbonati
Sound Engineer Wi.....nn Solo abbonati
Executive Producer ..a Wi....en Solo abbonati
Copywriter J..n A...és K...rk Solo abbonati
Strategist O...e B...fa Solo abbonati
Director Ma.....lli Solo abbonati
Color Grade Artist Bi....ll Solo abbonati
Direttore della fotografia L...h Solo abbonati
Art Supervisor M..o C...ea H..k Solo abbonati
Executive Producer H...big Solo abbonati
Editor S...n Solo abbonati
Associate Design Director C..a Solo abbonati
Media Manager M..a ..h Solo abbonati
Post-production Producer ..n S...lz Solo abbonati
Strategy Director J..rn Solo abbonati
Art Director L..n C...y Solo abbonati
Motion/Design Al.....ze Solo abbonati
Producer M...dy Solo abbonati
Managing Partner M....le G....le Solo abbonati
Publishing Director L..a A..t Solo abbonati
Planner Publishing S...ab Solo abbonati
Music F..k Solo abbonati
Production S...k F...s Solo abbonati
Music T..m Sa....te Solo abbonati
Production F..., Solo abbonati

Hyundai Motor - Forward Collision

Hyundai's new OOH campaign reminds viewers that no safety feature is going to save us from climate change and highlights the brand's decision to go carbon neutral.

TitoloForward Collision
Campagna The Last Safety Feature
Cliente Hyundai Motor
Marca Hyundai Motor

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Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione Solo abbonati
SettoreSolo abbonati
TramaSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Stampa e stampati
MarketSolo abbonati

Agenda Antarctica - Antarctica Flag Redesigned

Publicis Canada and Agenda Antarctica partnered on a redesign of the Antarctica flag, showcasing how much plastic has become part of the ecosystem.

TitoloAntarctica Flag Redesigned
Campagna Antarctica Flag Redesigned
Cliente Agenda Antarctica
Marca Agenda Antarctica
PostedAprile 2024
Settore Enti/Istituzioni/Organizzazioni no-profit
Trama Antarctica is traditionally known as a land covered in clean ice and pristine snow, but latest research by the University of Canterbury in New Zealand reveals a much starker truth. The continent, much like the rest of the planet, is suffering the impacts of global plastic pollution. 
In response to this recent scientific discovery, Agenda Antártica, a non-governmental organization that works for the environmental preservation of the Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean, has commissioned a redesign of the Antarctica flag by its original author, renowned vexillologist, Graham Bartram.
Formerly a white map of the continent symbolizing Antarctica’s distinctive attributes as a hub for scientific collaboration, peaceful coexistence, and nature conservation, the new flag shows a continent dotted with colourful shapes symbolizing the actual microplastics found within Antarctic snow.
"The discovery of microplastics (plastic pieces smaller than 5mm) in Antarctic snow is a wake-up call to the world," said Graham Bartram. "Through this redesign, I aim to ignite a global conversation about our responsibility towards the environment and the urgent need for collective action to combat plastic pollution."
“This redesigned joint initiative aligns with growing international concerns about environmental degradation and the need for sustainable practices. The new flag will serve not only as a symbol of Antarctica's environmental significance but also as a call to action for nations, corporations, and individuals to address the pervasive issue of plastic pollution”, said Dr. Horacio Werner, Executive Director of Agenda Antártica.  
Far from just being a symbolic gesture, the new flag aims to reignite discussions around the University of Canterbury’s scientific findings, drawing much-needed attention to the broader implications of plastic contamination in remote and ecologically critical regions like Antarctica.
In conjunction with the flag's redesign, a dedicated website has been launched – – where individuals and organizations can learn more about the impact of plastic pollution and take a proactive stance. Visitors to the site are invited to sign a pledge supporting the establishment of a strong Global Plastics Treaty, a crucial step in combating the pervasive issue of plastic pollution worldwide.
Tipo di Media Web Film
Press Relations
Music Supervision
Music Supervision
Music Production
Music Production
Directors Assistant

Audi + Penguin Random House - Handbook Novels

To celebrate International Book Day, Audi and Penguin Random House created a collection of fictional stories based on keywords from the Audi Owner’s Manual. Creative by Ogilvy in Spain.

TitoloHandbook Novels
Titolo (Lingua Originale)Novelas de Manual
Campagna Handbook Novels
Cliente Audi
Marca Audi + Penguin Random House
PostedAprile 2024
Settore Automobili/Motoveicoli
Tipo di Media Branded Content
Executive Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Account Manager
Account Manager
Creative Director
Art Director
Art Director
UX Designer
Production Team
Production Team
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