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Volkswagen - YourWagen

A Volkswagen doesn't just get you from point A to point B, it tells a story of the owner, as shown in this spot out of adam&eveDDB.

Campagna YourWagen
Cliente Volkswagen
Marca Volkswagen

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Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione Solo abbonati
SettoreSolo abbonati
FilosofiaSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Televisione
Colonna sonoraSolo abbonati
Media Agency
Casa di Produzione
Editing Company
Advertising Manager ..d M...od Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager S...h Cox......ley Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager G..n Bu......rth Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager L...a A...s Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager ..c Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager H...ah D...s Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager F...a J...s Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager ..b P....on Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager B....on Solo abbonati
Advertising Manager K...e Solo abbonati
Chief Creative Officer R....rd B..m Solo abbonati
Executive Creative Director ..t N...on Solo abbonati
Executive Creative Director M..e Su.....and Solo abbonati
Creative Director ..m V...e Solo abbonati
Creative Director P..l K...t Solo abbonati
Senior Creative C...e P..e Solo abbonati
Social Creative M...y Solo abbonati
Chief Strategy Officer Be....ey Solo abbonati
Strategy Director J..k Solo abbonati
Strategist O...r B...h Solo abbonati
Executive Chair T...y E...v Solo abbonati
Chief Client Officer ..m .e C...r Solo abbonati
Business Lead N..k Solo abbonati
Business Lead P...s R...o Solo abbonati
Account Director B..t Solo abbonati
Account Director J..o S..w Solo abbonati
Account Manager R...e Solo abbonati
Account Executive B...a Solo abbonati
Agency Producer M..y Fos.......los Solo abbonati
Agency Producer H...y Solo abbonati
Agency Producer Ch.....te E....on Solo abbonati
Operations Director S...rt H....rn Solo abbonati
Project Director R...a N....ha Solo abbonati
Project Director J..e Solo abbonati
Project Manager E..a R...on Solo abbonati
Analytics Director L..e Solo abbonati
Senior Legal Counsel ..m Ca....ll Solo abbonati
Digital Agency L...on Solo abbonati
Executive Creative Director Vi....ia Solo abbonati
Creative Director R..s E....ds Solo abbonati
Creative Director D..e Solo abbonati
Head of Design J...s Solo abbonati
Designer M...a Solo abbonati
Senior Motion Designer R....el B...r Solo abbonati
Social Media Director E...e Bl.....eld Solo abbonati
Social Media Producer S...p Solo abbonati
CX Ch.....te Solo abbonati
Senior Project Manager A....ku Solo abbonati
Technical Lead Front End A...n R....ey Solo abbonati
VP Technology G..y J..e Solo abbonati
VP Strategy M..k G...n Solo abbonati
Business Director Ja......ian Solo abbonati
Account Director A..a Vi.....nd Solo abbonati
Director Marketing Science B....ey Wi.....son Solo abbonati
Senior Analyst Marketing Science ..e Th....on Solo abbonati
Associate Analyst Marketing Science ..u Solo abbonati
Chief Client Officer T..y N...le Solo abbonati
Managing Partner H..t S...l Solo abbonati
Client Partner A...n Solo abbonati
Planning Partner K...ty Solo abbonati
Media Business Director S...h H...e Solo abbonati
Planning Associate Director Al.....ra Th....on Solo abbonati
Planning Senior Executive A...e Solo abbonati
AV Director J...s H....ns Solo abbonati
Biddable Manager Ma.....ay Ho.....od Solo abbonati
Client Manager A...ew B...n Solo abbonati
Director F..n Solo abbonati
Producer J..n S...p Solo abbonati
Managing Director/ Executive Producer M..t B...n Solo abbonati
Production Manager L..y Mor......cks Solo abbonati
Direttore della fotografia L..e Solo abbonati
Casting Producer C...a K....dy Solo abbonati
Socials Videographer C...s Solo abbonati
Editor J..x G....ey Solo abbonati
Social Editor F...zt Solo abbonati
Social Editor ..y S...n Solo abbonati
Social Editor T..y Con.......hes Solo abbonati
Social Editor Solo abbonati
Assistant Editor S....on Solo abbonati
Editorial Producer S... O...Mara Solo abbonati
Audio Post Production S..e A...o Solo abbonati
Sound Engineer P..l B....nd Solo abbonati
Sound Engineer Solo abbonati
Sound Managing Director Ma....ll Solo abbonati

Wuling - First First Responder

Due to the many narrow alleyways in Jakarta, response times from firefighters can be greatly affected; Wuling takes action to aid in this issue, and with the help of Flock Creative Network redesign their only compact electric car to become a vehicle for firefighters to access emergencies quickly.

TitoloFirst First Responder
Campagna First First Responder
Cliente Wuling
Marca Wuling

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PostedAprile 2024
SettoreSolo abbonati
TramaSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Interattivo

Lexus - Rise To It

Lexus wants to be the vehicle that drives you to great heights, as shown by this invigorating spot out of T&Pm.

TitoloRise To It
Campagna Rise To It
Cliente Toyota Motor Corporation
Marca Lexus
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione 2024 / 5
Settore Auto Nuove
Trama A love letter to tennis. That’s what sports partnerships really are. Just a brand, standing in front of a sport and its fans saying, ‘I love you’. As fellow fans, we aim to show up authentically, not just stick our badge on it and risk obscuring the view so that was our starting point for Lexus’ exciting new tennis partnerships with Sky Sports Tennis, LTA and ATP tour - honour the game, honour the fans. With a new wave of talented players redefining tennis and its perceptions through hard work and pure passion, Lexus shares many of the same principles for what it takes to get to the top of your game. In order to succeed, you must… Rise To It. This new campaign highlights the parallels of Lexus innovation and pro tennis - to improve we must move forwards, as well as upwards. Around the world, tennis players come from diverse beginnings, learning to master every season on all kinds of courts, to rise through the ranks. Just as Lexus are constantly innovating to ensure their drive is the best it can be. It’s this thinking that gave birth to the Rise To It launch film. Created for Lexus UK, by T&Pm, directed by Lovesong’s award winning tour de force, Elliot Power, partnering with Oscar nominated cinematographer, Lucazs Zal, to frame the action. Getting ATP points takes grit, focus, talent and determination - as well as a lot of support. As our player serves the match point he looks back on where it started. From the first hint of talent as a baby with a sure grip, rising to a child with a love for the sport, rising to a teenager playing in all seasons on every court, rising to an adult alone on an ATP court serving to win. Through the rises we see his mother, Lexus, the coaches and eventually the fans that transport him to where he is now. It's all to play for. It's time to Rise To It.
Tipo di Media Televisione

Audi + Penguin Random House - Handbook Novels

With the help of Ogilvy Spain, Penguin Random House and Audi find an engaging and creative way to get consumers to read the Audi Owner's Manual that usually sits in the glovebox.

TitoloHandbook Novels
Titolo (Lingua Originale)Novelas de Manual
Campagna Handbook Novels
Cliente Audi
Marca Audi + Penguin Random House
PostedAprile 2024
Settore Automobili/Motoveicoli
Tipo di Media Branded Content
Executive Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Account Manager
Account Manager
Creative Director
Art Director
Art Director
UX Designer
Production Team
Production Team

Michelin - On the Road and Beyond

Michelin wants viewers to know that they aren't just on the road, they're all around you in places you might not be aware of.

TitoloOn the Road and Beyond
Campagna On the Road and Beyond
Cliente Michelin
Marca Michelin
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione 2024 / 5
Settore Tires, Accessories, Oil, Petrol, Gasoline
Slogan Motion for life
Filosofia (Lingua Originale) Si vous pensez que Michelin ne créé que des pneus, on vous conseille de jeter un œil à la nouvelle campagne mondiale de la marque.
Michelin a choisi de nous embarquer « On the road and (far) beyond”, dans un voyage qui met en lumière l’esprit d’innovation de la marque.
Pensée comme un mouvement continu, la campagne commence sur la route et dans le pneumatique et se poursuit vers des domaines toujours plus variés et extraordinaires.
Le “code blanc”, hommage à Bibendum dont il reprend les formes et les lignes, véritable signature de la marque, nous signale sa présence tout au long du voyage : du pneu de voiture jusqu’à une gigantesque voile de navire, les roues d’un véhicule spatiale ou bien les pneus de motos électriques !
La mise en scène s’appuie sur une forme spectaculaire ; le talent du réalisateur Henry Scholfield donne vie à cet esprit singulier via un équilibre soigné entre plans très cinématographiques et la « tech touch » de la 3D. En résulte une véritable épopée qui n’en finit pas de nous surprendre et de nous emmener toujours plus loin. 
Michelin a voulu cette campagne dynamique mais aussi résolument tournée vers un futur optimiste, ancrée dans le réel avec pour volonté d’améliorer le quotidien. Celle-ci vient alimenter la plateforme stratégique « Motion For Life », parce que la promesse d’une meilleure vie en mouvement est plus que jamais celle de la marque, une marque sur laquelle on peut avoir confiance sur la route mais aussi bien au-delà..
Cette campagne mondiale sera révélée en Europe et en premier lieu en France le 13 mai prochain puis dans 9 pays à travers le monde notamment aux US, au Canada et au Brésil, mais aussi en Asie avec la Chine, la Thaïlande, la Malaisie et le Vietnam.
Tipo di Media Televisione
Market Canada, Stati Uniti, Brasile, Cina, Malesia, Tailandia, Vietnam
Advertising Manager
Advertising Manager
Advertising Manager
Associate Director
Account Management
Account Management
Account Management
Account Management
President & Chief Creative Officer
Executive Creative Director
Art Director
Art Director Assistant
Music / Sound Design GUM
Strategic Planner
Agency Producer
Casa di Produzione
Director of Production
Direttore della fotografia
Post Produzione
Post-production Producer
VFX Supervisor
Production Service Company
Production Service Company
Art Director
Art Buyer
Print Producer
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