Press Releases - Massïf - Massïf Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2023 CORONATION FUNDS – Directed by Dean Blumberg Massif director Dean Blumberg has just completed a stunning commercial for Ogilvy South Africa and their client, Coronation Funds. This entertaining idea borrows from the themes of some age old classic cigarette advertising where beautiful young people traverse the globe visiting glamorous locations as if money was no object, but it twists the theme to ask the question: how long will you have to wait to retire and for your investments to have grown enough for you to enjoy these sort of worldly experiences? This commercial is a breath of fresh air in the financial category and should remind many people of those magnificent cinema commercials that we so loved in the past, generate a laugh or two, and make you think about investing into Coronation Funds before you’re too old to enjoy your money.

The commercial was entirely shot in and around Cape Town and with tremendous consideration given to the production design and editing, in order to make it look as if we travelled the world. The close collaboration between Ahmed Tilley, Ogilvy, the Coronation clients and Massif was critical towards achieving the huge production value that this commercial portrays. 

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Monde Gumede Joins Massïf Massif is pleased to announce the representation of Monde Gumede.

A fresh and innovative talent, Monde first caught our eye with his dreamlike film for singer-songwriter, Shekhinah, which was duely shortlisted as a finalist at Ciclope Africa. His films "Forwarded Many Times" and "Know Your Worth" shortlisted at London's One Point Four awards and his film "Life & Soul" for South African Tourism earned him further recognition as a filmmaker to keep an eye on with a shortlist at the Cannes Young Director Awards.

Monde has quickly established himself as a director with the uncanny ability to meld narrative, music and fashion in his work. His approach puts story-telling at the forefront and leans on cinema craft, genre, and performance to tell age-old stories through a contemporary lens. It's this genre bending alchemy that has landed him in the director's chair for brands in South Arica, Europe, the USA and Japan.

Currently filming in Los Angeles, Monde will soon return to South Africa to take up his place as the newest addition to the Massïf family. We can't wait.


Please contact for a showreel, or to set up a one-on-one with Monde.

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Marc Sidelsky wins the Ciclope Africa Grand Prix for Shelflife, Nike & Stussy - “Weird” Massïf Executive Producer, Peter Carr, commented: We are really excited for Marc to have received this award for an entertaining piece of work that he wrote and directed himself and which was produced by Ying-Poi De Lacy at our partner company, Little League Films. We had such incredible support from so many of our wonderful suppliers who helped us bring this idea to life and so we thank each and every one for their contribution towards making this such a success for us and Shelflife. We’d also like to thank the Shelflife client and the Ciclope judging panel for recognizing the value of using storytelling to sell brands. Marc will be relocating to Canada at the end of April but he will continue to be exclusively represented in South Africa by Massif, the company he co-founded. This accolade is a great send-off for Marc.

See the film here.

You can find a link to the Ciclope Africa 2021 awards show here. 

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Massif’s Marc Sidelsky Wins at CICLOPE Africa 2020 On 26th March 2020, Marc Sidelsky’s ‘Close Encounters’ music video crafted for the Canadian band, Dearly Beloved, was awarded the ‘Best Music Video’ at CICLOPE Africa 2020. This award, automatically makes the video a finalist at CICLOPE Berlin, which will be held later this year.

CICLOPE Africa is the first African award show that is solely dedicated to craft in moving image. Top producers and creatives globally and locally focus on the art of execution and choose the most well-crafted commercials, short films and music videos in the region.

Released in 2019, ‘Close Encounters’ is Sidelsky’s first music video, which he wrote and directed. Sidelsky was born in Toronto and built a friendship with one of Dearly Beloved’s vocalists, Niva Chow. They had often spoken of collaborating. Upon hearing this song, Sidelsky found the narrative came instantly to him. He insisted he had to produce the music video, expressing that the synthesis and cohesion between the music and the storyline were too powerful to ignore.

Shot in various locations across Johannesburg in collaboration with Ying-Poi De Lacy of Little League Films, this coming of age story alternates between black-and-white and colour, portraying the character’s fantasy life as far more vivid than his reality.

Sidelsky commented, “The casting for this video was vital. The lead actor, Franklin Lodge, was an amazing find. He was so grounded; immediately empathetic and natural. His comfort in front of the camera, especially concerning the content, was staggering. It was his first acting gig – once I found him, I knew we had a shot at something special. But I feel the whole team was ‘cast’ perfectly. I can’t wait to hop into the trenches again with this crew. I’m very proud of what we achieved, and I have a few exciting projects percolating that I’m eager for us all reunite on.” 

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KFC’s Nuggets TVC shot by Massif’s Marc Sidelsky is bold and comedic

In late January 2020, Massif director Marc Sidelsky partnered with Ogilvy Johannesburg to shoot the KFC Nugget launch TVC entitled, “Whenever, Wherever”.

Targeting a youthful, media-savvy market, the commercial needed to have the cool factor and create talkability and resonance amongst these consumers. Sidelsky shared, “From the outset, this was a really exciting project, and I always saw it as being filled with great comedic and vivid, visual potential. Our central character, Sechaba Ramphele, was therefore vital in delivering the tonality of the spot.”

The lyrics to the original, instant earworm soundtrack featured in the TVC were written by the Ogilvy team, while the music was produced by Audio Militia, who composed the catchy song with the desired tonality, fitting into the rap genre.

“The client wanted a breakthrough piece of work, and so the agency was open to how I would interpret and visualise the scenes,” added Sidelsky. “With this in mind, I set about designing scenes that would be entertaining and appealing in their own right but also formed a cohesive whole. Moving through the scenes, the attention needed to not only be retained, but the humour was pushed visually too.”

Sidelsky wanted to avoid green screen or ‘tricksy’ techniques but instead allowed the lead character to move through the scenes through the methodology of straight, clean cuts. This crispness and minimalist set design allows viewers to take in the entertaining and stylised visual world and appreciate and enjoy the humour.

“Working with the creative team including Chantelle Dos Santos, Antoinette Johnson and ECD, Pete Little, was amazing. Throughout the process, it felt like we were on the same page, all pushing in the same direction. It was an ego-free zone, which is an easy and playful atmosphere where ideas were welcome,” commented Sidelsky.

“What’s more,” he added, “the marketing team at KFC allowed us to push creatively and I believe they’ve been rewarded with a bold piece of work that feels strongly linked to the brand.” 

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A strategic partnership founded on purpose garners industry support

Following the announcement of the Creative Circle Ad of the Month winners, commercial film production company, Massif celebrates its partnership with Black River FC, as its RSA campaign earned multiple first–place awards including the winner in the Integrated category.

The People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) campaign dubbed, ‘RSA’ (Republic of Sexual Abuse) was the brainchild of Black River FC ECD, Roanna Williams and her team.

Peter Carr, founder and executive producer at Massif, expressed his appreciation of Williams for the spotlight she and her team put on the rampant gender-based violence in South Africa. He added, “When the agency approached Massif to collaborate on his pro bono project, we didn’t hesitate. We supported the agency and the development of this campaign wholeheartedly to help make a real difference.”

Commercial director, Gordon Lindsay commented, “It was so satisfying to collaborate with this team and develop this strong piece of work, underpinned with heart and purpose. Hopefully, the campaign lands with the same sort of impact internationally as it did locally. It was also incredibly rewarding to work on an initiative that is so closely aligned to our company values, and even more so to have been part of this process.”

Commenting further on this partnership, Williams said, “Collaborating with Massif on elements of the RSA campaign, shows their integrity as a company that is truly behind work that is driven by purpose.”

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Play 1/20Close MARC SIDELSKY LANDS AD OF THE WEEK FOR WINDHOEK ‘NO COMPROMISE’ windhoek-nocompromise-01.jpg

Marc Sidelsky w ins ad of the week 

See the full article here: 

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