TitoloMetro Exodus
BriefThe fast-paced film for the latest Metro game taps into a number of genre tropes, including jumping between different worlds and moving across time and space. From an arid desert, we move to ice-bound Moscow, from pitch-black tunnels we jump to Volga underwater, from a dark basement to a vibrantly coloured meadow. Production-wise, the trailer was developed wholly in-house: from drafting the screenplay, through asset creation, stunt performance capture, animation, scene rendering, all the way up to sound design.
Campagna Artyom’s Nightmare
Cliente Deep Silver
Marca Metro Exodus
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Consolles per Video Games
Trama From the claustrophobic tunnels of the Moscow underground, through a frozen city, to a radioactive desert – Platige Image's trailer for the video game Metro Exodus takes viewers on a wondrous journey through post-nuclear Russia. Aiming to be more than an overview of the upcoming attractions, the short film functions as a self-contained story that introduces the viewers to a rich science fantasy universe. 
Tipo di Media Web Film
Casa di Produzione
Music Composer

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