Rodeo Show Signs Director Paul Moore

Moore is excited to explore new territory with the Rodeo Show team, whom he met at Cannes several years ago


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Content development and production company Rodeo Show has signed international commercial director Paul Moore for advertising and branded content – his first exclusive representation in the US market. An innovative stylist with a keen technical eye, Moore has directed cutting-edge content for brands including Samsung, Toyota, Hasselblad, ASICS, and OnePlus, as well as the band Linkin Park. The Korean-American’s eye-popping work has also ranked on the top global YouTube Ads Leaderboard and has been profiled on National Geographic, Campaign Asia, Newsweek, CNN, and Time.

“Paul has a knack for using technology and lifestyle imagery to make complicated products relatable to global audiences,” says Mike Brady, Rodeo Show Executive Producer & Managing Partner. “Rodeo Show is eager to bring his high-tech approach to visual storytelling to the US market.”

“With every production, I’m eager to find a new creative or technical challenge and become an expert in it by shoot day,” notes Moore. “Whether it’s FPV (first-person view) drones, a seamless transition, motion control rigs, or 360 cameras, I’m always on the hunt for new ways to entertain and keep the viewer’s attention. That’s what advertising is all about.”

Growing up in Japan, Moore’s grandfather, who worked at the famous Toei Studios, introduced him to the world of filmmaking and advertising at a young age. After graduating with a degree in Film Production from Emerson College, it wasn’t long before he began working on visual effects and motion graphics for TV shows and films. “That allowed me to be really creative immediately,” he recalls.

Moore racked up a quick series of credits, editing and producing motion graphics for Nickelodeon, Vin De Bona Productions, FUEL TV, and the Institution Post. He also gained early live-action directing experience, and some high praise, overseeing the opening credits for a Hollywood feature, A Stranger in Paradise.

From there, Moore relocated to China. This introduced him to the Asian production market, where he joined DJI, the global leader in innovative drone and camera technology. He quickly worked his way up to Creative Director of their in-house brand studio, developing videos for advertising, product launches, social media, retail, and branding campaigns.

During this period, Moore traveled the world filming with drones in the ruins of Chernobyl, as well as inside an active volcano in Indonesia. He also worked as a director on band Linkin Park’s Hunting Party China Tour, where he was the first to use drones on a pre-programmed flight path for shooting multi-cam live concerts. One particularly memorable effort saw Moore and his team assisting in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, using drones to map out the city of Kathmandu in 3D to aid NGO damage assessments.

Moore continued working in Asia, contracting with CNN Create in Hong Kong and developing award-winning campaigns for Hyundai and Fujifilm, as well as in Vietnam, which remained a vital production hub during the early days of the COVID pandemic.

Moore is excited to explore new territory with the Rodeo Show team, whom he met at Cannes several years ago.

“From day one, I could tell how much Rodeo Show cares about and invests in their talent,” concludes Moore. “You’re not just a number on their roster – and their ability to scale for any size job made them all the more appealing.” 

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