Pedro Ramos, Havas Media Network: "We don't just create campaigns; we craft experiences."

Havas Media Network produce total experiences for clients through an innovative combination of technology and strategic insight

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Pedro Ramos
Head of eCommerce Havas Media Group

As brands look for better ways to operate in a rapidly shifting world, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing offers opportunity to connect directly with consumers, and create brand experiences. Pedro Ramos, Head of eCommerce at Havas Media Network, fills us in on the agency's comprehensive strategy regarding Direct-to-Consumer marketing.


Without spilling your secret sauce of course, what is your pitch on DTC?

Havas provides a fresh perspective on the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) approach, which is becoming increasingly important in today's rapidly transforming digital landscape. We don't just concentrate on direct sales because we believe in taking a more comprehensive strategy. Instead, we take into account the entirety of the client journey, making it a priority to ensure that every interaction is smooth. We stay up-to-date, maximize our productivity, and stay one step ahead of the competition by leveraging the potential of digital transformation and utilizing the most recent technology solutions. The data serves as our map and compass; it directs all of our actions. By analyzing the data from multiple data sources, we are able to modify our plans to meet the desired goals, measurable requirements and preferences of our clients.


November is a popular month for retail and ecommerce campaigns. How does your agency cut through the noise to stand-out and engage with your target audience?

It's not about us; it's about the brands we champion, and we go the extra mile to make them shine. November might be the Super Bowl month for retail, but at Havas, every brand we work with is our MVP. And for our MVPs, we don't just create campaigns; we craft experiences. Think of our strategy as a triple-layered cake: the base is our Creative that resonates and captivates, the middle is our Community Engagement that fosters loyalty, and the icing is our Connected Commerce that ensures a seamless buying journey.
But we don't just wing it when it comes to our strategy. In order to forecast and get ready for future demand, we use predictive analytics, which involves analyzing past trends, pricing and competition intensity. Our unified approach ensures that customers have a consistent and high-quality experience with a brand, regardless of the channel through which they interact with a brand, in this age in which shopping can take place on both the internet and the real-world environments.


How do you manage a cross-channel experience that encourages community engagement and, at the same time, remains true to the brand?

The difficulty of providing brand consistency across a variety of different platforms lies at the heart of the concept of cross-channel experience (CX). We were able to decipher it here at Havas by harnessing the power of data analytics to drive precision targeting, ensuring that every campaign reaches its intended demographic with optimal ROI. More than static strategies, we believe in iterative campaigns. Our feedback loops, powered by real-time data, enable us to refine and recalibrate our strategies based on market feedback, ensuring agility and relevance.
In summary, our strategies are precise, targeting the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, ensuring constant optimizations and our clients get the best results every single time.


As AI and social media continue to evolve, how you see them expanding opportunities for direct-to-consumer marketing?

Havas is at the forefront of direct-to-consumer (DTC) and leading the charge in this evolving landscape. Our use of AI tools amplifies our capabilities, from enhancing creative outputs to refining audience segmentation and ensuring efficient budget distribution, maximizing the potential of every campaign.
We strategize to ensure brands have a cohesive and consistent presence across platforms, whether it's a social media site evolving into a marketplace or vice versa.

In a nutshell, Havas achieves unrivalled success in the DTC market because of its innovative combination of cutting-edge technology and strategic insight. Our methodology, which is founded on data and is propelled by innovation, ensures that businesses interact with their customers in ways that are significant, efficient, and long-lasting. Our mission is to always provide clarity, consistency, and great customer experiences. This objective does not change, even while we are in the midst of the busiest time of year for retail.