LCA is leading the charge for green productions

Gustavo Paris of LCA Productions on their modern process of producing

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LCA Productions
Costa Rica, Costa Rica
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Gustavo Paris
Executive Producer / Partner LCA Productions

Represented by the Global Production Network, LCA Productions is the leading production company service in Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua. In our latest series that goes behind the scenes of production teams, we sat down with Gustavo Paris, Executive Producer at LCA, for a look under the hood at their methods of green production. 


Could you give us a brief overview of your structure?

We are a top tier production house based in Costa Rica, also servicing Nicaragua and Panama for commercials, documentaries, reality shows, movies and still shoots. Our full-time staff is our production team; everyone else is freelance crew that we have been using for years. This allows us to use the best proven professionals in the region for each position. We are members of GPN (Global Production Network), AICP and Green the Bid. 


How would you describe your company’s POV?

We want to provide clients with the best production service experience, ensuring an environment of respect and trust for all our clients, partners, and staff. We are very oriented towards client satisfaction, that’s why we put a lot of attention into the details. Also, Costa Rica is a very green country (99% of our electricity comes from renewable sources), so we are also trying to make our productions as green as possible. 


When bringing a concept to life, how do you incorporate your creative style while keeping in mind the client’s vision and brief? 

We love to have the opportunity to provide our creativity in solving problems during production. One of our values is to be team players and we like to get involved in providing solutions to the clients when they are facing challenges. Our expertise in what we do enables us to offer a different view in the creative process.           

In the past few years, a lot has changed rapidly given the pandemic and the worsening effects of climate change. How has the structure of production companies adapted and in what ways has this shifted agency-production relationships?

Some structures have been reduced, people are more often working remotely, and virtual meetings are now the norm. We have had to adapt to remote streaming while shooting on set. There is a comradery that comes out of being in person on set that is getting a bit lost in this new style of production. However, now we can see each other more often through our virtual meetings. As part of the transformation, we will soon begin to offer remote highspeed table top for smaller budgets on jobs that can be done while streaming to the client anywhere in the world.


More and more we’re seeing production companies have the opportunity to work directly with brands and clients. How do you see this trend evolving?

There will always be a need for agencies to be a part of the process and supervise their vision. Certainly, some clients, to save some dollars have noticed they are able to work directly and save. There will always be a mix of both in this regard.