From Work Partnership to Great Friendship: Jacqueline De Berry & Morgan Mack, Huge

As long as you open your mind to what your partner is saying and see the potential even in a stupid idea, you can make any partnership work and make something cool.

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Brooklyn, Stati Uniti
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Morgan Mack
Senior Copywriter Huge


Jacqueline De Berry
Senior Art Director Huge


How did you meet and how long have you worked together?

We were paired together as interns in early 2016 at McCann NY, so we’ve worked together for 4 years.

How would you describe the relationship between you two? In what ways has the dynamic changed since you first began working together?

We pretty much finish each other's sentences, and our work partnership has formed into a great friendship. At this point, we get each other. That understanding follows through in our work and it helps us concept. We both like thinking on our own, so we respect each other’s space when we need that time, and we know how to turn a single sentence texted at 3am into an idea that works.

Tell us about the first campaign you’ve worked on as a duo.

Our first campaign was for Smartmade, a frozen meal product. Smartmade ended up being our first shoot, and since it was for food there were a ton of hangups. The model wore the wrong outfit, the steak bled too much when sliced. All-in-all it was supposed to be a single day shoot that went 5 hours over time, but we learned a ton.

Do you have a favorite campaign you’ve worked on together? What makes it special?

We loved working on the New York Lottery at McCann (shoutout to Jason Ashlock and Dom Baccolo). One of our favorite campaigns and one of our first projects was Untangling the Holiday Lights, a 6-hour livestream where we gave away scratch-offs while viewers watched one guy untangle a giant ball of lights. Our second favorite campaign was something we worked on for a recent pitch, but we’re sworn to secrecy on that one.

What has been the hardest part of working together? How do you resolve creative conflicts?

Like any other team fighting for an idea you are really passionate about (but the other may not be) is the hardest part. Sometimes it’s hard to explain where one of us is coming from, but we educate rather than dismiss a thought we may not know and work together to make it into something we are both proud of.

Is there any advice you’d give to young creatives looking for a partner, or a duo just getting their start?

To be completely honest, not every partnership has to be a friendship. We got dumb lucky in that we like each other a lot, but we’ve seen some amazing teams whose relationship starts and ends at work. As long as you open your mind to what your partner is saying and see the potential even in a stupid idea, you can make any partnership work and make something cool.

Do you have a dream account that you haven’t had the opportunity to work on?

We don’t have a dream account, at least not one we can agree on (Jac says Coke, I say Travel), but we do have a dream project in building a wild experience that people will be able to attend.

How has the pandemic impacted working with your partner? Do you have any creative tips on how to collaborate when you’re working from home?

We’ll spend a few hours a day just passively on calls together. Even if we’re not working on something, we’ll share memes or cook on video chat, or talk to each other’s dogs just to keep in contact, and sometimes fun ideas come out of it.