A glimpse into Wunderman Thompson's robust production cycle

WT's Angela Barber weighs in on their integrated process to production

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Angela Barber
SVP, Content Production Wunderman Thompson

As we continue to explore the behind the scenes world of production, Angela Barber, SVP of Content Production at Wunderman Thompson, walks us through WT's method of utilizing their global network of resources for a seamless process from concept to shoot.

Could you give us a brief overview of your structure?

The WT structure is a globally connected network of Production, Post-Production, Music, Producers, Editors, Motion Designers, etc. We look to each office or region to assign the appropriate talent to task on a per project basis.


How would you describe your company’s POV?

We function like a robust network “Never Not Working” with full capabilities to produce any and all content for all platforms. We operate as if anything is possible with our unlimited resources around the globe.


When bringing a concept to life, how do you incorporate your creative style while keeping in mind the client’s vision and brief?

I’m a Creative Producer by Trade. I look at each concept like it’s a unique film desperate for a strong plot/storyline, inclusive of the brief touch points cleverly threaded throughout. I then try to explore and discover the many ways to elevate the idea, storytelling, and executions. Lastly, looking at it through the lens of where it will sit and if it has a relevant place in culture. Identifying the right production partners, amazing talent to task, is crucial. My goal is to always make the concept better than it was originally presented to me or sold to the client.


In the past few years, a lot has changed rapidly given the pandemic and the worsening effects of climate change. How has the structure of production companies adapted and in what ways has this shifted agency-production relationships?

The changes due to COVID have forced Agencies and Production companies to be more integrated. We now invite the Director and production companies into the process earlier to help with the creative writing, social ideas, production executions, and plans for a seamless remote shoot experience for our clients.


More and more we’re seeing production companies have the opportunity to work directly with brands and clients. How do you see this trend evolving? 

Having worked on the Brand/Client side many times in my career, I know that this trend has been evolving over the last 7+years. Clients want to be more in control of the speed at which they produce content, their brand identity, and their direct engagement and connections to their consumers.