TitoloWe can make peace come true
Campagna We can make peace come true
Cliente Emergency
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President & Chief Creative Officer Gi....pe Mas......teo Solo abbonati
Executive Creative Director L....ia F....ia Solo abbonati
Executive Creative Director Fr.....co B...le Solo abbonati
Client Creative Director N...lò Mo.....co Solo abbonati
Client Creative Director A....to Cr....la Solo abbonati
Art Director A...ea M....ni Solo abbonati
Art Director M...a ..e Solo abbonati
Copywriter A...ea Ca......cio Solo abbonati
Copywriter A....ia Ta.....no Solo abbonati
Head of Strategy L..a Ta.....ni Solo abbonati
Strategist S...ia T...o Solo abbonati
Head of Tv Production S...m Ba.....tti Solo abbonati
Senior Producer L....zo A...mo Solo abbonati
Head of PR A..a Es....to Solo abbonati
Account Supervisor PR Em....le Pa....ri Solo abbonati
Head of Social Media C...la B...ci Solo abbonati
Senior Social Media Manager R....fo Lo....di Solo abbonati
Production (Agency) H....th I...y Solo abbonati
Speaker Ch......her J...s Solo abbonati
Speaker A...ea C...hi Solo abbonati
Production Company AI A...e I...c Solo abbonati
Executive AI Producer G....sa Kez.......ili Solo abbonati
Executive AI Producer I...li Khe.......vili Solo abbonati
Music Production Company Mo.....ic Solo abbonati
Music Project Manager A...a Fa....ta Solo abbonati

About Ogilvy Italy

Ogilvy Italy is part of Ogilvy Global network since 1962 and of WPP since 1989. We are an integrated creative agency operating, innovating, and creating to bring forth the best solutions for local and international brands. 
Our experts of Ogilvy Consulting, help answer our Clients’ toughest business challenges at the intersection of brand, growth, innovation, and digital. 
In 2021 we lauched Ogilvy Orbiter: an advanced New Space Economy-enabling platform born from the collaboration between Ogilvy Consulting and WIRED, with the unique goal of paving the way for those companies brave enough to embrace the diversified possibilities this rising industry is offering right here, right now.

Latest News

Ogilvy Italia grows: Lavinia Francia and Francesco Basile are the new Executive Creative Directors

Ogilvy Italia has nominated two Executive Creative Directors: Lavinia Francia and Francesco Basile, respectively coming from a copywriting and art direction background, will be working at Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s side guiding the creative department and promoting the intersection among all the agency’s units. A new step for the Italian agency that brought home three Lions in Cannes in June, and takes pride in enhancing its own talents.

Giuseppe Mastromatteo, Ogilvy Italia’s Chief Creative Officer e President comments: “It’s great to see talents grow within the agency, and the energy building up with them everyday. Francesco and Lavinia are great professionals with different and matching backgrounds, who share the same passion and attitude, reaching over and above on every project. They will contribute to the creative vision of the agency and in their new role bring new inspiration to teams and clients.

“It’s a very significant appointment both for Francesco and Lavinia and the agency – adds Roberta La Selva, Ogilvy’s Chief Executive Officer – it’s an important and well deserved step that reflects their worth and the growing process of Ogilvy. Francesco and Lavinia truly embody the multidisciplinary attitude we believe in and already demonstrated how far this vision can bring us. “When people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work”, said David Ogilvy; today I wish them never to lose the contagious passion and the fun they bring in facing our industry challenges. It’s their own signature, and it’s our strength.

“Today we feel very grateful to the agency and the people demonstrating a great trust in us, but most of all we feel excited - Basile and Francia say – excited about meeting so many national and international clients, excited about leading a team so full of talent and ambition, excited about collaborating everyday with many industry professionals from different communication areas, and excited about the opportunity to contaminate every aspect of the industry and business with creativity. Today doesn’t just mark a great goal, but the starting point to all those awaiting.

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