TitoloYou Can Handle Anything
Campagna You Can Handle Anything
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PostedSettembre 2022
SettoreSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Web Film
Head of Marketing & Innovation Caroline Reynolds
Brand Manager Antonia Swain
Digital Lead Ciana Moulton
Agency The&Partnership
CEO Sarah Golding
Global ECD Micky Tudor
Creatives Arthur Harry & Ludo Thomas
CSO Emily Harlock
Planning Director David Adamson
Business Director Catherine Lynch / Jason Andrews
Senior Account Manager Ffion Green
Head of Integrated Production Charles Crisp
Producer Hannah Greene / Sihle Khumalo
Head of Design Dan Howarth
Design Director Will Rees
Designer Richard Forder
Visualiser/Retoucher Richard Palmer
Visualiser/Retoucher Tim Taylor
Creative Artworker Ben Fry
Designer Ali McCarley
Creative Artworker Tony Bull
Designer Rahul Milan Bharat Jina​
Production Company Biscuit Filmworks
Director Maria Sosa Betancor
Executive Producer Hanna Bayatti
Producer Tom Ford
Director of Photography Uri Barcelona
Letterpress The Counter Press
Edit House Trim Editing
Editor Vid Price
Post Production Electric Theatre Collective
Senior Post Producer Oscar Wendt
Production Co-ordinator Rosie Corbett
Audio Post Production Grand Central Sound Studio
Audio Producer Molly Butcher
Sound Engineers Munzie Thind
Music Supervision Native
Composer Simon Robin Brown
Music Supervisors Dan Neale & Fred Ashworth
Media Agency Wavemaker
Managing Partner Jen Manning
Strategy Partner Andy Collins
Planning Manager Dhivyah Thiagalingam
Precision Lead Kasia Kowlaska
Media Account Director (AV) Anthony Davis
Account Director Emily Smith
Precision Manager Zoe Jefferies
Precision Executive Gemma Levy
Ecommerce Precision Director Yara El Saadani

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Latest News

New campaign launches for the forgotten 500,000 families

A new campaign launches today in the UK to raise awareness of the #Forgotten500k and their families, many of whom are still living restricted lives at huge risk from Covid-19. Around 500,000 immunocompromised people across the United Kingdom are at higher risk from the virus because their weakened immune systems make them less likely to respond well to vaccines. Many are still shielding, still in isolation, still unable to work, see friends or hug loved ones. Yet their pleas go unheard.

Patient groups, charities and clinicians are urging the Prime Minister and Health Secretary to reverse a decision made under their predecessors to deny vulnerable patients access to an important treatment: Evusheld.

The rollout of Evusheld is urgently needed this winter to help protect the immunosuppressed from Covid-19 as we see rates rise again. This drug would allow this group to return to a higher standard of life. Currently the UK is at odds with over 32 other countries who have approved the drug and who are already months into their rollout scheme. Yet still the UK Government won’t make it available on the NHS this winter.

The #Forgotten500k launches with a new national advertising campaign today created by The&Partnership, kicks off with a series of events and activities which includes a special podcast from Crisis What Crisis? a silent vigil in Parliament Square and a Tortoise Media ‘Think In’.

The campaign allows the #Forgotten500k to be seen, to build connections and to be heard through their personal stories. The goal is to change the Government’s decision.

Professor Martin Eve, PHD, a member of Evusheld for the UK explained, “The clinically vulnerable of the United Kingdom were promised protection. Instead, they have been abandoned and forgotten. While the rest of the world takes care of its immunocompromised using Evusheld, the UK delays without delivering. Our patients need protection now and the current government schedule is just not good enough. Our members lead intolerably restricted lives, will suffer the mental health effects of 1,000 days of isolation for years to come, and are dying at much higher rates than the general population with Covid-19. The Secretary of State for Health has a clear answer: procure Evusheld, protect the vulnerable, and alleviate pressure on the NHS.”

Campaign activity to note:

Monday 17th October / National advertising campaign
Advertising launched in [The Times, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Metro, Telegraph, The Sun, Guardian, The London I]. The advertising creative was designed pro bono by The&Partnership in collaboration with patients, charities and clinicians with media secured by mSix&Partners.

Monday 17th October / Crisis What Crisis? Podcast
Guests Professor Martin Eve and Dr Lennard Lee talk to host Andy Coulson about the campaign and what life has been like for the forgotten 500,000.
Listen here

Wednesday 19th October / Westminster advertising
An advertising van will loop around Westminster with powerful messaging addressing the Government. The advertising creative was designed pro bono by The&Partnership in collaboration with patients, charities and clinicians. Professional photos will be shared with the media on the day.

Thursday 20th October / Tortoise Media ‘Think In’
Hosted by James Harding in conversation with Lord Mendelsohn; Baroness Brinton; Dr Lennard Lee, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Medical Oncology at the University of Oxford; Mark Oakley, Evusheld for the UK; and Helen Rowntree, Director of Research, Services and Engagement at Blood Cancer UK.

Wednesday 26th October / Silent Vigil in Parliament Square
Family and friends of the forgotten 500,000 will stand in Parliament Square holding photos of their loved ones who are unable to be there in person because of the risk of illness. Media will be invited.

Gemma Peters, Chief Executive for Blood Cancer UK, said: “Over one in 100 people with blood cancer have died of Covid, and many thousands more are continuing to experience the mental health burden of trying to avoid it. There is good reason to believe Evusheld would give significant protection to our community, and so the Government’s refusal to make it available is missing the chance to do something that would both help keep them safe and get back to their normal lives. In doing this, the Government is insisting on a level of certainty for Evusheld that goes far beyond the level of certainty it needed before it bought the original vaccines in 2020, and is letting down immunocompromised people.”

Dr Lennard Lee, Academic Medical Oncologist at the University of Oxford and National clinical champion for immunocompromised patients added “Tixagevimab /Cilgavimab (Evusheld), developed by AstraZeneca, was approved in March 2022 by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. 32 other countries have evaluated the evidence, including the US, Israel and France, and are using it to safeguard immunocompromised patients this Winter. The plan to withdraw the original Winter plan to protect immunocompromised patients is inexplicable.” 

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