TitoloThree Random Words 2
Campagna Cyber Aware
Cliente National Cyber Security Centre
Marca National Cyber Security Centre

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About M&C Saatchi Group

M&C Saatchi Group is a creative company that connects specialist expertise, fuelled by data and technology, to help clients Navigate, Create and Lead Meaningful Change.
The Group operates across five core divisions: Connected Creativity; Passion Marketing; Global & Social Issues; Brand, Experience & Innovation; and Performance Media.
Headquartered in London, operations span 23 countries with major hubs in the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia and Australia. 

Latest News



M&C Saatchi Group is announcing two new initiatives as part of its ongoing strategy to create a diverse, supportive and equitable work environment for all staff: a partnership with family solutions specialist Bright Horizons, and a new Inclusive Bank Holidays policy. 

Any parent or carer working at M&C Saatchi Group, regardless of seniority or length of tenure, now has access to ten free Back-Up Care Days per year, with replacement care for any children or adults they look after in the event that their usual provider is unavailable for any reason. 

Using Bright Horizons’ centralised booking system and specialist content platform enables M&C Saatchi Group staff to get emergency care within two hours, whether they need in-home childcare, nursery care, a childminder, a holiday club or an elder care specialist.

The Back-Up Care days policy was spearheaded by Annabel Mackie, Managing Partner, M&C Saatchi London, as part of her role as head of the agency’s Family Network. The network aims to create an inclusive culture and enable all staff to reach their full potential, with initiatives such as enhanced parental/grandparents’ leave, and policies for those times when a child gets ill or someone experiences a bereavement.

In another move to create a more equitable workplace, M&C Saatchi Group is also unveiling a new Inclusive Bank Holidays policy.

Recognising that UK Bank Holidays do not reflect all of the religions and cultures that are important to its people, M&C Saatchi Group is offering a more flexible approach which enables staff to take time off to observe the religious, spiritual, faith- or belief-based celebrations that matter to them.

Every UK M&C Saatchi Group colleague, regardless of length of service, will now be able to swap up to two official Bank Holidays for alternative workdays of their choosing.

The new policies are the latest in a series of talent initiatives introduced by M&C Saatchi Group, which recently launched Stay Interviews, an alternative to the more traditional exit interview, which are designed to engage all employees to understand what makes them happy and motivated, before they have a chance to become dissatisfied. 

M&C Saatchi Group’s industry-leading approach to diversity, equity and inclusion has also seen it launch a number of programmes aimed at attracting a broader range of talent, such as Open House, the free eight-week online course for anyone interested in learning about a career in advertising.


Richard Thompson, UK Group Chairman, M&C Saatchisaid: “We believe that in order to attract and retain the best talent, we must foster an inclusive and supportive workplace, where everyone can thrive. These two new policies join existing initiatives such as our Stay Interviews and mental health tools as ways in which we can enable all our people to reach their full potential.”


Charlie Glynn, UK People Director, M&C Saatchi Group, added: “These new initiatives form part of a roadmap of activity we are committing to as part of our new DE&I Strategy. “No one action will make the difference alone - we recognise it will be a series of bold initiatives that bring about meaningful change over time for our people, culture, industry and society.


“These policies represent an important milestone, reflecting our commitment to building a more diverse workforce and inclusive workplace."


Denise Priest, Director of Employer Partnerships at Bright Horizons, concluded: “We’re delighted to be partnering with M&C Saatchi Group to help reduce some of the emotional load for their working parentsand carers. We know that when people’s usual care provider is unavailable, it can impact on their ability to perform at their best. Organisations are increasingly recognising that providing practical support for the health and wellbeing of staff as they seek to juggle their work life balance brings benefits for both the staff and organisations.”


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