TitoloAlly r/Bank
Campagna r/Bank
Cliente Ally Bank
Marca Ally Financial

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PostedGiugno 2021
SettoreSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Case Study
Chief Creative Officer T....ny R...e Solo abbonati
Creative Director K...e F...da Solo abbonati
Creative Director Th....lt G...rd Solo abbonati
Executive Creative Director J...s D..k Solo abbonati
3D Artist C...in ..e Solo abbonati
Account Director D...d M...z Solo abbonati
Associate Creative Director B..e G...on Solo abbonati
Associate Creative Director Jo....on S....on Solo abbonati
Managing Director ..n H..l Solo abbonati
Senior Art Director G..e Y...g Solo abbonati
Senior Copywriter L...s P....on Solo abbonati
Senior Producer J...ie M...on Solo abbonati
3D Art Director N....ha S...ko Solo abbonati
Business Leader M....na Di.....va Solo abbonati
Associate Director, Digital Investment S..n St.....on Solo abbonati
Associate Video Editor Ch.....an H....an Solo abbonati
Creative Director & Senior Technical Director W..g ..o Solo abbonati
Director, Content Studio C...s D...y Solo abbonati
Director, Performance Media A...ew Et....er Solo abbonati
Group Account Director M...el Y...s Solo abbonati
Group Account Director R..k Wi....ms Solo abbonati
Group Production Director L..a Gr.....af Solo abbonati
Managing Partner ..e P....te Solo abbonati
Media Director, Senior Partner R...rt D...na Solo abbonati
Motion Design Director G...n S....ro Solo abbonati
Senior 3D Artist Cr....na K...g Solo abbonati
Senior 3D Artist I..n ..y Solo abbonati
Senior Content Producer P...i S...h Solo abbonati
Senior Director A....on Sa....rg Solo abbonati
Senior Sound Designer P..e K...m Solo abbonati
Senior Strategist M..a Go....rg Solo abbonati

About R/GA

R/GA is an atypical design & innovation company. We help brands and businesses find the fastest, most human path to growth. We get the new world because we helped to build it. A leader in technology and creativity for more than 40 years, we have expanded and evolved in anticipation of technology's impact on our clients' businesses to offer transformative services through our award-winning consulting, ventures, technology, design, communications, and IP practices.
We know intersections lead to breakthroughs. As such we don’t all think, look and act the same. We are radically collaborative by nature. We have more than 1,700+ employees globally with offices across the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia-Pacific. We are part of The Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG), one of the world’s largest advertising and marketing services organizations and leverage the full power of our network to create amazing solutions for our clients.
We have the power of big and the speed of small. Lean, cross-functional teams, a deep bench of experts, and a one R/GA mentality.
When we’re at our best, we’re designing a more human future. 

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