Campagna Letters
Cliente Climate Change Act
Marca Climate Change Act

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Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione Solo abbonati
SettoreSolo abbonati
Tipo di Media Web Film
MarketSolo abbonati
Casa di Produzione
Director M...in .. Mo.....an Solo abbonati
Script Writer M...in .. Mo.....an Solo abbonati
Producer ..m S...er Solo abbonati
Executive Producer O...er La....ce Solo abbonati
Direttore della fotografia T...a L....rt Solo abbonati
Production Designer E..a W...e Solo abbonati
Casting S...ie ..y Solo abbonati
Casting Mc....or C....ng Solo abbonati
Editor M...as B...a Solo abbonati
Sound Designer G....ia C....ns Solo abbonati
VFX Artist Al.....er Pa.....on Solo abbonati
Editing Company ..C E..t Solo abbonati
Post Produzione Bl.....rd ..X Solo abbonati
Post Produzione El....ic S...p F..m Solo abbonati
Music Composer J...ny H....ns Solo abbonati

About Photoplay Films

We love telling stories.
Photoplay is a boutique production company. We are inspired by the limitless potential of storytelling in all its forms. We are a collective of both filmmakers and photographers creating content across all mediums - digital, television, live activations & events, publishing, advertising and art. We focus on smart, quality production whilst striving to create an inspiring home for creative talent. We believe in a world that is experimental, creative and fun. No matter the medium, we are interested in great ideas above anything else. Play is in our process. Time-based storytelling that is curious, fun and ambitious. PLAYTIME is a space to play and form project-based collaborations. Flexible, experimental, creative and always fun. Whether it’s film, installation, activation or technology. No matter the medium, we love great ideas.
Our sublabel, PLAYTIME, is a space to play and form project-based collaborations. Flexible, experimental, creative and always fun. Whether it’s film, installation, activation or technology. Play is in our process. 

Latest News

Scott Otto Anderson directs Chris Hemsworth in this bonkers Centr campaign – turns out the God of Thunder is just like us after all…

As one of Hollywood’s leading men, Chris Hemsworth is known for diverse roles that require dynamic body transformation. With Centr, a wholistic wellness app developed by Chris and his top-notch team of fitness coaches and nutritionists, people can finally train, eat and live like Thor at the tap of a finger! Directed by Photoplay’s Scott Otto Anderson, ‘Average Chris’ sees Mr Hemsworth channelling the spirit of the people he and his team are out to help: from a Mom trying to squeeze workouts in between working-from-home and childcare, to a mindful college bro, two twenty-something workout girls, to a middle-aged ‘King of the Grill’ Dad. Chris’ chiselled head is superimposed on each character as he moves through their day-to-day lives, creating a weird and self-deprecating charm that speaks to the wide appeal of Centr. Scott: “Even though, or perhaps because, he’s annoyingly handsome Chris’ greatest secret superpower is his ability to take the piss. Promoting a fitness app with the fittest guy on screen is a little predictable. And Centr is more than just a fitness app, it’s a wholistic approach to wellness led by Chris’ own team. Placing Chris’ head onto the body of Centr users not only reflects the journey you are taking is the same he’s been on, it’s also satisfyingly weird.” 

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