TitoloChallenge the Norms
Campagna Positive Reality
Cliente Reckitt Benckiser
Marca Durex

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About Havas London

Havas London is Havas UK's flagship creative agency. Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to the businesses, the brands and the lives of the people we work with.
We’re the only major UK advertising agency to share a single building with every other specialist business in our network, all under a single P&L. Sitting within the Havas Village in King’s Cross affords us some clear advantages; none more so than our ability to build bespoke, multi-discipline teams around our clients, whatever their business need. 
Reasons why us:
1. We are unique. We are the only agency in London that operates a truly channel neutral, single P&L, "village model". Every single marketing discipline under a single roof, run for you by a single business lead. Simpler, faster, more cost efficient. 
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3. A simple belief. That the work we do together should be meaningful. It should have a positive meaningful impact on the lives of our target audience and the people who create it. 
4. Our client satisfaction scores. We track our performance and care about our clients – our scores have increased every quarter and not all sit in the top quartile of satisfaction. Our clients matter to us. 
5. We obsess about creating work that makes a meaningful difference - winning IPA awards for Ella's Kitchen, six British Arrows for 'Every Lesson Shapes a Life', and with 'Long Live the Local' the government freezing beer tax for Britain's Beer Alliance. 

Latest News


-Durex aims to position itself as a ‘mainstream activist’ against stigmas and taboos; will instead showcase the ‘positive reality’ of sex-


Durex today unveils a major new positioning and visual identity, railing against sexual taboos, stigmas and outdated, non-inclusive attitudes. Devised by Durex’s global creative agency Havas London, it marks a significant development in its marketing strategy, one that will see the 91-year-old brand challenge the unrepresentative and damaging sexual conventions prevalent throughout society.


Durex marketing communications globally will reflect this new positioning – showcasing the ‘positive reality’ of sex. By challenging rather than enforcing society’s sexual conventions, it hopes to stimulate healthy conversation and normalise good sex for all, whatever that happens to look like.


The relaunch has been informed by Durex’s 2017 Global Sex Survey, which paints a picture of a sexual landscape in flux. While the exponential growth of the internet has brought positives including openness, discussion, exploration and access, its consequences, including misconnection, myths, lack of education and confusion, are substantial. Ultimately, the findings pointed to an underlying sexual anxiousness, driven primarily by unrealistic representations of sex throughout culture.


It is those unrealistic representations – as well as the stigma and taboos they exacerbate – that Durex is rallying against. This new positioning launches from Valentine’s Day. This launch date – the occasion on which these conventions are felt most strongly – was chosen specifically, and one of the myths Durex aims to bust is that good sex can only happen on special occasions.


The launch itself centres around an inclusive open letter to all:


What if this Valentine’s we challenge sexual norms.

‘Cause let’s be honest, why do we conform?

Behind the messages of love and sex,

Sometimes it’s not as good as we expect.

Told I need to moan like that.

I should look like this.

Swipe left. Double tap. The perfect profile pic.

We’re all under pressure,

And enough is enough.

So what if we take a stand for sex?

Worry less about how it ‘should’ look. Celebrate how it can feel.

Where porn’s not the norm.
And STDs are kinda real.

Women aren’t judged too quick.

Guys aren’t told they need a big ****.

From the first time, to ‘no, not this time’.

Throw out definitions and let go of traditions.

You do you. Or he, she, them, they, us and we.

Love is love, no matter orientation.
Isn’t it time we challenge sexpectations?


Elliot Harris, RB Global Executive Creative Director at Havas, adds: “This might be the most important piece of work we ever do. Durex is a huge brand with a unique and vital role in culture. It has genuine influence, and the capability to enact real change. And make no mistake, this is a proper commitment. This new brand purpose will lead to healthier conversations around, and attitudes towards, sex, but also greater inclusion and acceptance for those who might not always experience it. To have a brand like Durex publicly and proudly on your side makes a difference.”

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