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PostedSettembre 2019
SettoreSolo abbonati
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About BBDO Minneapolis

Our philosophy is that creativity is an economic multiplier. This philosophy drives our purpose which is to create the worlds most compelling commercial content. We’re a highly creative nimble agency with incredible resources due to our international network. This provides us with a unique competitive advantage. 

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TPSC Director Paul Riccio and BBDO create innovative Hormel Black Label Bacon “Reggie Watts Experience”

LOS ANGELES, CA, TPSC Director Paul Riccio teams up with BBDO and Hormel

Black Label Bacon to create the “Reggie Watts Experience”

View spot here.

Who doesn’t love bacon?! Watch as musician, actor, and comedian Reggie Watts mixes

the sizzling sounds of bacon, the skillet, and the perfect bite to create a first of its kind

musical bacon experience.

“When I heard the words “Reggie Watts” and “Bacon” in the same sentence I knew I had

to do it and that it was going to be great,” says Director Paul Riccio. “Reggie’s such a

unique talent: he’s a great musician, a great improviser, a great comedian. You can’t put

him in a category. And bacon is, well, bacon – it’s universally loved – so it really was a


If you're familiar with Watts, also the bandleader for The Late Late Show with James

Corden, you know about his energy level and his ability to excite a crowd. He’s known

to takes things to another level. “Reggie’s got this fantastic energy and brought

something new to every take. The edit was tough because we just had so much great

footage, so many brilliant moments,” adds Riccio. “Coupling Reggie with the brand was

a great idea. And then having Reggie improvise a track by beatboxing and sampling the

sounds of bacon sizzling in a frying pan – just oddly off-center and brilliant. The team at

BBDO and Hormel deserve a lot of credit for knowing they had something special and

seeing it through. I think it was a really satisfying project for all of us.” 

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