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About Anomaly New York

Anomaly was created to be a change agent for an industry desperately clinging to legacy models and out-dated ways of thinking. Our simple aim was, and still is, to be at the cutting edge of a changed cultural, technological, media and marketing landscape – as brands must embrace the new world to connect more meaningfully with people.

From Anomaly's inception, we realized intuitively that, in order to succeed, we needed to create an entity that was, literally, an "Anomaly" – something that deviates from the norm or from expectations.

To that end, Anomaly possesses an extremely diverse and elastic set of skills; we operate on a progressive and entrepreneurial business model; we focus on creating business solutions; and lastly, we break down traditional silos through a single bottom line – so as opposed to the status quo, mega-mall-esque conglomerations of specialty service providers, we can offer our partners solutions that are untainted by financial bias.

In the last 13 years, we have learned that change is the norm and the more change we endure, the more complex the dominant business context becomes. We are a company designed specifically for this new world, built on strong values and clear principles, thriving on and enjoying a distinct competitive advantage. 

Latest News

Together we CAN do something about cancer, says new World Cancer Day campaign created by Anomaly

Four leading UK cancer charities join forces for the first time under World Cancer Day banner

• Cross channel campaign runs for two weeks

• Link to launch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgVubu7S1TY

London, 21st February: Today, a nationwide, cross channel campaign for World Cancer Day, created by

Anomaly, kicks off with a 30 second video for TV.

The video begins with the word ‘CANCER’ moving slowly towards the viewer. In the background we hear

audio from people affected by the disease, expressing feelings of isolation. As the voices reach fever pitch, a

clenched fist wearing a World Cancer Day Unity BandTM appears on screen, turning the word 'cancer' into

CAN. The video finishes with the message ‘Together we CAN do something about cancer’.

This simple but powerful visual and messaging is replicated throughout the campaign creative, which will run

across television, radio, out of home, digital display, print, social media and national and regional PR.

The ‘Together we can’ message has a further meaning: it is the first time that charities in the UK have

collaborated in aid of World Cancer Day. This year d, known individually for changing the lives of millions of

people every year affected by cancer, are all joining forces to make a bigger difference.

Supporters will be encouraged to get a Unity Band, available from each charity in their own colours, for a

suggested donation of £2. All money raised through the sale of the Unity Bands will go towards the vital

research projects and support services of each charity.

Anomaly Executive Creative Director and Partner, Oli Beale says:

‘This is a simple message told in a simple way. We can do something very simple about cancer. We can all

pick up a Unity Band and wear it on World Cancer Day.’

Anthony Newman, director or brand, marketing and communications at Cancer Research UK said:

“The campaign we have created alongside Anomaly for World Cancer Day is simple yet powerful. It shows

strength in unity, and reminds us that if we all join together we can make a bigger difference. We hope

anyone who sees the campaign will be inspired to support us and our partners as we unite the nation and

show that together, we CAN do something about cancer.”

The campaign runs for two weeks and culminates on World Cancer Day itself, 4 February 2016.

To watch the 30 second TVC, follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgVubu7S1TY

To download a selection of the campaign creative, follow this link http://we.tl/FdXLAW3i8a

For further information about World Cancer Day 2016, visit www.worldcancerday.co.uk 

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