When Uber eats up screen time

Uber Eats sneaks its notifications into ads for other brands.

da Maud Largeaud , AdForum

Thanks to Uber Eats, you can have almost any food item delivered these days, from snacks and full meals to groceries. In France, the app is available in more than 330 cities, so people are very familiar with the notifications telling them their order is on its way. To play on this ubiquity, Buzzman and the media agency Mediacom slipped Uber Eats notifications into every ad in a prime time break on the French TV channel TF1. Ads for brands like Burger King, Carte Noire (coffee), Oasis (soft drink) and Extrême (ice cream) were invaded by witty dialogue bubbles from Uber Eats. Even brands that had nothing to do with food, like men’s fashion brand Celio, got the treatment. A humorous and smart example of innovative media placement.