This Outdoor Campaign Is A Well-Worn Idea

Online fashion brand Zalando turns pre-owned garments into art installations.

da Maud Largeaud , AdForum

Thanks to “fast fashion”, Europe produces more than 2 million tons of textile waste per year. To combat this, online fashion and footwear brand Zalando has adopted a sustainability policy: promoting eco-responsible collections, slowly eliminating plastics, and contributing to the circular economy via Pre-Owned, its second-hand clothing sales platform. To launch the initiative in Austria in a sustainable way, Zalando asked artists to create works from pre-owned clothes that were destined to be sold, obliging the artists to exhibit them without damaging them. The resulting installations were placed in high-traffic areas and the resulting social media buzz enabled the brand to communicate its new approach in a pollution-free way. A smart way of using a an old medium.