The heat-reactive press ad

Asics helps runners get off on the right foot.

da Maud Largeaud , AdForum

Do you know if you’re pronator or supinator? Nor do we, but now there’s a simple test to find out whether you have high or low foot arches (or even “flat feet”), which determines how your foot strikes the surface when you run. And the clever thing is, it’s also a press ad for sports shoes.
Asics is behind the double-page ad, which is printed on heat-reactive paper. Simply place it on the floor, stand on it for a couple of seconds, and then pick it up again. The reactive ink shows the outline of your foot and determines whether you’re pronator, supinator, or happily neutral. This enables you to buy the right Asics shoe for your foot type. Running in the wrong shoes can cause injury in the long term, so step up and give the ad a try.