Media Rocked By Healthy Eating Ads

Food brand Real goes full tilt to help Ecuadorians achieve a more balanced diet.

da Maud Largeaud , AdForum

During the last World Food Day, Ecuadorians could have been forgiven for thinking they were suddenly unable to see straight. That’s because prominent media – billboards, front pages and even TV broadcasts – were dramatically tilted to one side. One occurrence might have been dismissed as an error, but the skewed media were everywhere. In fact it was all a stunt by food brand Real (and its agency Paradais DDB), which wanted to communicate about the perils of an “unbalanced” diet. Apparently this afflicts 50 per cent of the country’s citizens. By offering food that isn’t too rich, Real offers a more balanced alternative. Which is also much better for you at Ecuador’s high altitudes, by the way. We tip our hat to the agency – especially as panama hats are actually made in Ecuador.