Beer Brand Scores A Header

Brazilian brew Brahma hacks soccer players's hairstyles after being banned from their shirts.

da Maud Largeaud , AdForum

An iconic beer brand in Brazil, Brahma, has been a major soccer sponsor for years. But when a new law banned  it from plauer's shirts, the brand and its agency Africa had to get their heads around the problem. The answer? The heads of the players themselves! Teaming up with Brazil's most famous hairdresser and Reinaldo from SAO PAULO FC, Brahma created "the foamy haircut" - golden underneath and white on top, mimicking a glass of beer. The cut caught on across popular and soccer culture, even being sported by Chelsea's Thiago Silva and Jorginho when they won the UEFA Super Cup.  Playing on soccer stars' propensity for daring haircuts while neatly sidestepping new sponsorship rules, it's fair to say that the campaign was a cut above the rest.