An App to Safeguard Sexy Snaps

Keen on sending saucy photos from your phone, but worried that they might get shared worldwide? This app has you covered.

da Maud Largeaud , AdForum

“Sexting” – sending intimate images of yourself to a specific recipient – seems like a risky act, but apparently one person in three has already pressed send on a sexy selfie. Trouble is, there’s nothing to stop the intended target sharing the image far and wide. Until now. Belgian telecom operator Telenet, in association with child protection association Child Focus, decided to protect teens from themselves with the application “.comdom”. After snapping the image, the user is asked for the contact details of the recipient. These are then pasted across the image, making it impossible for the recipient to share the picture without clearly identifying themselves. It’s impossible to cheat and clean the image, so the sender is protected. The app quickly became one of the most popular downloads. More importantly, the related press coverage highlighted the risks of “sexting”. Share wisely this festive season.