A Blue Poster With Green Fingers

The bank HSBC installed billboards whose life-giving lights made Manhattan a little greener.

da Maud Largeaud , AdForum

You’re probably aware that plants need light to grow. But did you know that photosynthesis is enhanced by certain waves of the light spectrum – like blue, for instance? The bank HSBC has pledged to reduce its environmental impact and help its clients do the same. In order to communicate the initiative, the bank and its agency Wunderman Thompson created billboards with blue backlighting, and installed them right next to the rare green spaces in Manhattan. So while talking about sustainability, the bank also shed some growth-giving light on urban plants. A rare example of posters that contributed something life-enhancing to the cityscape. 

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Latest News

‘The Birds & The Bees’: The UNDP wants kids to have ‘the talk’ with parents about saving life on Earth

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today announces the launch of a new children’s book ‘The Birds & The Bees’, reminding kids that even though they don’t have a vote on how leaders’ tackle climate change, they do have a voice. 

Traditionally a talk for parents to have with their kids, this version of ‘The Birds & The Bees’ isn’t a story about how life is made, but how life on Earth can be saved.

It helps kids talk with parents about what greenhouse gases are doing to our planet and shows them how one conversation can lead to a brighter future for the birds, the bees, and every single one of us. Importantly, it reminds kids that they have the power to protect the planet by talking with the adults in their lives who care about their future.

The book has been developed in light of the fact that today’s children will be more affected by climate change than any other generation. In fact, a recent UNICEF report that revealed nearly every child around the world is at risk from at least one climate change event today, including heatwaves, floods, cyclones, disease, drought, and air pollution. What’s most concerning is that approximately one billion children are at an 'extremely high risk' of the impacts of the climate crisis, experiencing three or four of these impacts simultaneously.

Jack Elliott and Lochie Newham, co-authors of the book from creative agency Wunderman Thompson Australia said: “The birds and the bees has always been a famously difficult conversation for parents, but talking about the future of our planet can be even harder. We wanted to not just create an engaging story, but a tool for kids to make their voices heard. After all, people might not care for politicians or scientists, but they do care about their kids.” 

The children’s book, illustrated by Serbian artist Anđela Janković, will also be turned into two audiobooks, voiced by Game of Thrones star and UNDP Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Melanie Zanetti from the International Emmy-Winning kids’ show Bluey. 

Melanie Zanetti added: “Like Bluey, ‘The Birds & The Bees’ is created for children but has meaningful messages and layers for adults as well. This book provides an opportunity for kids and parents to talk about some big topics together and encourages a dialogue across generations about the urgent need to tackle climate change - one of the biggest issues facing humanity today and a cause I am deeply passionate about.”

The book is part of the UNDP’s ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign that launched with a dinosaur addressing the United Nations, urging the world not to choose extinction.  

The book will soon be available in all 6 UN languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese) and is available to pre-ordered now in English from the UNDP Shop. French and Spanish versions will also be released in the coming weeks.  

The book is also currently available as a free e-book and audiobookensuring accessibility for all.

Pre-order ‘The Birds and The Bees’ here. 

Visit Don’t Choose Extinction Website here.

View the e-book here, with the audiobook made available soon.