Unox - "Unox Sausage" by PHNX Tribute 2020

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TitoloUnox Sausage
Campagna Times are Changing
Cliente Unilever
Marca Unox
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Prodotto Unox vegetarian sausage
Settore Alimentari
Trama Stamppot is an age-old family favourite in the Netherlands, and you can’t make stamppot without a classic Unox smoked sausage. But times are changing. Our brief was to retain Unox’s trustworthy, traditional brand identity while promoting its growing range of vegetarian options to the Dutch public. We had to make this a story about trying something new, not about missing out.
Tipo di Media Televisione
Casa di Produzione
Creative Agency
Brand Unox
Creative Production Studio Ambassadors
Directed by Ambassadors
Creative Director Vincent Lammers
Lead Creative Asli Zeren
Producer Bo Kops
Sound Producer Zoë de Regt
Artist Manager Marissa Zandvliet
Set Design Gatze Zonneveld
DOP Floris van der Lee
Editor Oscar Marmelstein
Colorist Matt Hare
VFX Supervisor Stephen Pepper
Lead VFX Artist Melissa van het Spijker
VFX Artists Micha de Graaf, Jeremy Verf, Sil Bulterman
3D Supervisor Will Jeffers
3D Artists Jeroen Cloosterman, Jonathan Krijgsman, Jeroen Hoolmans, Ralph Meijer, Ivor Ribeiro da Silva, Alexander Buggenum, Robin van As, Nils Johannesson
3D Animation Nanda van Dijk, Nick Groeneveld
Designers Maureen van der Hout, Rachelle Slingerland, Iris van den Akker
Sound Designer Rens Pluijm
Composer Sebastiaan Roestenburg