TitoloBayer Leaps
Campagna Bayer Leaps
Cliente Bayer AG
Marca Bayer Leaps
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Farmaceutici/Sanitari
Trama “Leaps” is an initiative by Bayer aiming to solve 10 of humanity’s most difficult challenges (from finding cures to revolutionizing farming). But Bayer faces a challenge in asking stakeholders to support a lofty initiative driven by humanitarian purpose, not risk-managed financial gain. We partnered with Bayer to create an experiential installation symbolizing a story of purpose and perseverance and launched it at Summit—a gathering of innovators for whom “impossible” doesn’t exist. Our work sparked conversation among influential voices, building momentum and awareness for Leaps. The stairs became the place to engage with Bayer, traveling from LA to San Francisco, Boston, and finally, Germany.
Filosofia The idea was simple but powerful: make Bayer stand out against Summit by installing a massive, life-size, experiential recreation of the 25 Lyon stairs. The imposing physical structure, combined symbolism (overcoming struggle) with an open invitation to interact (whether digitally via a phone or by congregating on it and under it). It would provoke an authentically excited conversation about Leaps and galvanize interest among the world’s most influential innovators.
Problema Bayer and Critical Mass knew that the perfect place to introduce “Leaps” to the world was Summit, one of the world’s foremost ideas festivals (held in Downtown LA this past November). Summit attracts entrepreneurs and edgy innovators, not pharma companies—a strategic spot well outside the traditional turf of pharmaceutical companies, and a place where Bayer could spark an authentic conversation about their high-minded goal. Summit is also the perfect place to feature a large-scale, interactive, digitally-augmented installation. The installation we planned to build would stand out against LA, stand out against Summit, and could become a kind of experiential channel that invited people to discuss their own ideas in the context of one of the world’s most incredible purpose-driven initiatives. It would give Bayer Leaps permission to be a major presence in a venue that’s not native to their brand.
Risultato Critical Mass designed the physical stairs and told the Leaps story through a messaging narrative arrayed around the exterior. To enable a high degree of interaction, we created a web-based app that connected to 25 rows of LED panels on the front of the stairs. By manipulating different parameters within the app, users could create their own generative art. Each piece of art was given a timestamp, and participants received calendar invites that specified a time to return and see their work live. The result was a constantly changing, collaborative visual display, and greater audience engagement.

Under the stairs—in the reverse space—we built a dedicated place for comfortable, open discussion. Two moderated panel discussions were recorded using binaural audio, later becoming Podcasts on the Bayer Leaps website, which made it possible to extend the conversation beyond Summit and to the overall Bayer community.

Following the unveiling of Leaps by Bayer, interest towards the stairs was incredibly high. Organic conversations about Jaws’ leap transpired daily, and Summit attendees used the stairs as a backdrop for photos and posts on social media. Attendance for the conversations beneath the stairs was at full capacity both days.

As a result of the success in LA, the Bayer Leaps stairs traveled to San Francisco for an event in January.

Tipo di Media Digital Installation
Market Germania

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