TitoloLife Saving Stories
BriefTurning Instagram Stories into a life-saving CPR training tool.With 300 cardiac arrests weekly, the Dutch Red Cross taps into existing social behavior to teach youngsters essential life-saving skills.We noticed it’s become common behavior on Instagram to quickly flick through Instagram Stories, tap after tap after tap. So, by creating seamlessly connected Instagram Stories, we triggered users to use their existing tapping behavior to keep a character alive, teaching them essential life-saving skills.In 35 animated Stories, a character suffers from cardiac arrest and has to be resuscitated using CPR. By tapping from story to story in the right rhythm, users keep the character alive and learn the right rhythm for CPR. A new way of using Instagram Stories, to create a whole new generation of life-savers.
Campagna Life Saving Stories
Cliente International Commitee of Red Cross
Marca Dutch Red Cross
PostedNovembre 2021
Settore Enti/Istituzioni/Organizzazioni no-profit
Trama In the aftermath of Christian Erikson’s disturbing heart attack on the pitch in the Euro 2020 finals, the Dutch Red Cross launched a campaign that acted as a timely reminder to how you can treat heart attacks and save a life. Targeted at teenagers who were the least knowledgeable on the subject, the idea was to build an Instagram Story that spoke to them in their terms and in their language. The Insta Story was constructed to replicate the tempo and timing of how you can treat a heart attack. The tempo of how you tapped the screen revealed the steps needed to help the sufferer.
Tipo di Media Case Study
Entrant Company 180 Amsterdam
Music Production & Sound Massive Music
Kalle Hellzen Chief Creative Officer
Art Director Koen Gerretsen
Sr. Copywriter Paul de Haas
Executive Creative Director Pol Hoenderboom
Jr Creative Nick van Wagenberg
Jr Creative Nevil van Outheusden
Art Director Tom Bremerkamp
Planning Director Eric Ytsma
Account Director Jenny Leung
Animator & editor Gandy Mansour
Producer Laura Klaassen
Head of Production Marloes van den Berg
Sr. Music Producer Auke Riemersma
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