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Suite 201 The Lennox Building Richmond St South St Kevins

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BBH Dublin

Suite 201 The Lennox Building Richmond St South St Kevins

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We are a creative agency obsessed with making your brand more valuable.

We started in London in 1982 and our first ad for Levi's showed a herd of white sheep looking in one direction and one black sheep looking up and out in the opposite direction. This picture was accompanied by a simple statement that read 'When the world zigs, zag'.
That belief in difference - zagging - is how we change brands and businesses.
Zagging wins customers and share. It helps you outmanoeuvre your competitors. It makes your marketing work harder.

In the last 7 years, it has generated an ROI of £13.65 for every £ spent for Tesco. It has enabled Audi to grow 6x faster than the UK car market and it has made Samsung £20m in the last 6 months alone. 


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BBH is proud to be a micro-network with consistency in creative standards and culture across all 6 of our BBH agencies around the world. We thrive on finding areas for growth, creating masterbrand strategies and helping brands find their tone of voice in local markets. We work with a number of clients globally including Samsung (UK, US & Singapore markets), Western Union (164 markets across EU, APAC, North America, MEA and Laca ), Perfetti (markets include: UK, France, Germany, Brazil and China) and Google (UK, EMEA and US 

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