TitoloTikTok BONUS Campaign
Campagna TikTok BONUS Campaign
Cliente TikTok
Marca TikTok
PostedSettembre 2022
Settore Online Leisure & Entertainment Services
Trama Countries: Korea, Thailand Marketing Channel: YouTube Influencer Type: Premium lifestyle creators Content Type: Tied in YouTube videos
Filosofia Collaborating with top YouTube creators in Korea and Thailand to create authentic contents and distribute it to large audiences. Explaining how users can participate in TikTok’s BONUS feature that introduces payments on TikTok. Encouraging viewers to participate in the BONUS feature by offering a financial incentive. Accelerating TikTok’s shift from a short video platform to a long content and live commerce platform.
Problema Kicking off the shift of TikTok from a video-sharing platform to an e-commerce platform. Introducing new payment features on the TikTok platform. Encouraging use of TikTOk BONUS.
Risultato Impressions: 85,000,000 Views: 17,000,000 Engagement Rate: 7%
Tipo di Media Social Media
Market Tailandia
Più informazioni http://ajmarketing.io

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