The name was changed back to 180 Amsterdam in January.
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Campagna The Power of Global Trade
Cliente DHL
Marca DHL
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione 2017 / 11
Settore Servizi postali e di trasporto
Filosofia Conceived and developed by 180 Kingsday, the campaign tells two unique tales of global DHL customers who benefit from their logistics partnership. From an online fashion brand in Hong Kong distributing clothes made from Cashmere wool, to engineers in the Antarctic in need of life-saving equipment to build a runway for climate researchers, the stories will be shared globally with two 45 sec TV ads. Alongside this, two online short documentaries will delve deeper behind these journeys, with print and banner ads driving the conversation beyond film. The Power of Global Trade originally debuted in 2015 to highlight the benefit that international business has on people’s everyday lives. Today’s launch reinforces this message, celebrating the human stories of success and prosperity that come from economic integration and open global trade.
Tipo di Media Televisione
Global Chief Creative Officer