Press Releases - BETC - BETC Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2023 Me, My Autism and I: vanish unveils its channel 4 diversity in advertising award-winning campaign

Vanish, the garment care brand committed to helping clothes live longer lives, today unveils its Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award-winning campaign, Me, My Autism and I. Backed by £1 million worth of commercial advertising airtime across the whole Channel 4 network, it aims to nurture a conversation to broaden public understanding of autism – particularly in girls, who are three times less likely to receive a diagnosis than boys(1). As a brand, Vanish is committed to helping clothes last longer – and for most autistic people, familiar and consistent clothing can help with sensory regulation and provide a source of comfort.

The new Vanish ad, created by Havas London with support from charity Ambitious about Autism, premieres tonight (Friday 31 March) during Gogglebox on Channel 4 – with an evocative docudrama film, produced by SMUGGLER London and shot by Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper, which tells the story of one autistic girl and the visceral importance of her hoodie.

The brief for this year’s Diversity In Advertising Award, which offers advertisers and agencies the opportunity to win £1 million worth of commercial airtime on Channel 4, encouraged brands to tackle the on-going lack of authentic portrayal and representation of visible or non-visible disabilities. It marked the first time Channel 4 revisited a theme, having first tasked brands with supercharging their efforts to improve disabled representation in 2016’s award.

New Channel 4 insight revealed that only 4% of TV adverts in the UK feature disabled people, compared to 22% of the UK population who are disabled. Vanish’s winning campaign shines a light on the staggering gender gap in autism diagnoses to celebrate and support autistic girls, breaking down myths to help girls be seen as part of a broader public understanding of autism.

Launching during World Autism Acceptance Week, and ahead of World Autism Awareness Day on Sunday 2 April, the wide-ranging campaign also includes a £100k social content series produced by Channel 4’s digital content team 4Studio, an exhibition on London’s South Bank, a social campaign and online hub telling other autistic girls’ stories, a research and talent-backed PR activation, and direct financial support to Ambitious about Autism, as well as a number of disability and neurodiversity commitments from Vanish owner Reckitt.

Autistic girls are three times less likely to receive a diagnosis than boys(1), while new research from Vanish and Ambitious about Autism shows diagnosis for a quarter of girls takes two years or longer(2).

This research further reveals that 92% of autistic people are affected by sensory sensitivity, 73% use clothes to help regulate their senses, and 75% say keeping the look, smell and feel of clothes the same is important. Wearing familiar clothing directly affects the mood of 81% of autistic people, and an attachment to clothing was a factor that led over a third (34%) of autistic people to think they might be autistic. Strikingly, 98% of the autistic community think their lives would improve if the public had a better understanding of autism.

The film, shot by Hooper (The King’s Speech, The Danish Girl) through SMUGGLER, follows a day in the life of 15-year-old autistic girl Ash – cast alongside her real family and best friends – and her elemental relationship with her favourite hoodie, which was central to the bespoke script. An authentic and evocative portrayal of living with autism – reflecting the fact the condition can be challenging but also empowering – it doesn’t shy away from depicting autistic traits such as stimming and shutdowns, while simultaneously showcasing Ash’s warmth, talent, friendship and humour.

Supporting the campaign through PR is model and author, Christine McGuinness, who unveils her own must-have clothing item – a grey hoodie. Through media interviews and social media support, Christine is raising awareness by sharing her own story while encouraging other autistic people to share their own. The campaign also sees influencers ADHD Love and Ellie Midds create compelling social content showcasing their own journey with autism, and why clothing lasting longer is so important to them.

A free exhibition, Me, My Autism & I, is running at London’s gallery@oxo from Wednesday 27 March – Sunday 2 April and showcases the intimate and powerful stories of 12 young autistic girls and their must-have clothing items that help make their world more comfortable. The multi-sensory exhibition aims to educate and normalise living with and being around people with autism – while encouraging others to also share their stories on living with autism.

Vanish, part of the Reckitt group, has also begun working with charity partners Ambitious about Autism and Neurodiversity in Business to build support for its neurodiverse colleagues and those that care for people with neurodiverse conditions. A new toolkit not only aims to educate on neurodiversity, but provides people with practical tools to support and feel supported in the workplace, while Reckitt has provided neurodiversity training to its employees and now offers employee volunteer days with Ambitious about Autism to continue to build an ongoing relationship.

As part of the campaign and its partnership with Ambitious about Autism, Vanish is donating 25p from every pack of Vanish Gold Range sold in UK Asda* stores between 29 March and 18 April to help the charity to help create a world where autistic girls and young people are heard, included and supported.

Cigdem Kurtulus, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Reckitt, says: “Our campaign aims to broaden public understanding, challenge assumptions and inspire an ongoing conversation to help autistic girls, women and all autistic people get the support they need to fulfil their potential. Making clothes last longer matters for us all, but for some it really matters. Clothes aren’t just an item, they’re a lifeline for many people’s everyday lives, helping them feel comfortable and safe. It’s our ongoing mission to ensure clothes stay true to new for longer, extending the garments’ life after washing.”

Elliot Harris, Reckitt Global Executive Creative Director & Creative Partner at Havas London, says: “Working closely with teams across Reckitt and Ambitious about Autism, we identified a universal truth among the autistic community: that clothes can be a lifeline; a source of comfort to help navigate a world not built for them. For Vanish, this represents a clear, credible role for the product and a natural synergy with its purpose: keeping these clothes the same, wash after wash, really matters.

“We set out to shatter the misconception that autism primarily impacts boys – balancing positive portrayals of autistic girls’ talents with honest, authentic insights into their struggles. This campaign, which includes a commitment by Reckitt to becoming more inclusive in their own approach to neurodiversity, platforms autistic female voices across every touchpoint, will broaden public understanding and, ultimately, help an underrepresented community feel seen, heard and supported.”

Verica Djurdjevic, Chief Revenue Officer at Channel 4, says: “Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising Award is not only a prestigious accolade in the advertising world, it also plays an important role in helping us to achieve our ambition to improve authentic representation, diversity and inclusion in British TV advertising. Vanish and Havas London’s powerful film does just that in such an honest and moving way, and we’re incredibly proud to host this important campaign on Channel 4.”

Jolanta Lasota, Chief Executive of Ambitious about Autism, says: “This high-profile campaign, backed by one of the UK’s most influential broadcasters and a household brand genuinely invested in the cause, challenges harmful misconceptions and outdated stereotypes to offer a powerful, positive and authentic representation of autistic girls and their lived experiences. Girls remain three times less likely to be diagnosed with autism than boys, so this campaign, across all its various touchpoints, will be invaluable in increasing public understanding of autistic girls, who are so often overlooked by society.”

Tom Hooper, Director, adds: “It was so important for me to cast an autistic girl at the centre of this film, and ideally a real family. I was astonished by Ash and her family. Ash is an extraordinary actress, a unique talent who commands the camera in every frame. Going through the rushes in the edit she was incapable of being false or untruthful. The fact that she’s never acted before, and never been in front of a camera (apart from a school play!) is mind blowing.

“As a culture we’ve been going on an important journey about representation and identity. Ash’s brilliance shows the talent that you can unleash by allowing people to tell their own story.

“The film was truly a co-production with Ash and the family – I wanted it to be their voice. Everything in the film is based on Ash and the family's experience of living with autism. The script was completely rewritten to reflect their lived experience, and we used improvisation on set throughout so that I could capture their voices. Ash’s mum has a background in stage acting, but Ash’s dad and her sister Lily were also acting here for the first time. Even Ash’s two friends in the school scenes were played by her actual best friends – also non-actors!

“The theme of acceptance is so important – being highlighted now in World Autism Acceptance Week. Acceptance as a theme has always fascinated me as a filmmaker – from the theme of acceptance and forgiveness in my first film Red Dust to the acceptance of stammering and the acceptance of help in The King’s Speech to the themes of acceptance I explored through the trans pioneer Lily Elbe in The Danish Girl.

“Ash was only diagnosed 18 months ago – the diagnosis took three years. Changing the system so that autism in girls can be understood and accepted is so important. Girls are underrepresented in the autism narrative. I hope this film in a small way helps to start to readdress that, by giving Ash and her family their voice.” 

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#BETTERPLAYNAK3D : ONE X, LA MARQUE DE VÊTEMENTS QUI VEUT DÉSHABILLER TWITCH La marque de vêtements d’esport ONE X met au défi gamers et streamers avec #BETTERPLAYNAK3D : seriez-vous prêts à jouer dans le plus simple appareil pour rhabiller votre équipe d’esport… au risque de vous faire bannir de Twitch ? 


A chaque communauté, son style de vêtements associés : surf, skate, hip hop… Seulement voilà, quand il s’agit de gaming, l’offre est non seulement très pauvre mais aussi terriblement de mauvais goût. Faites l’expérience vous-mêmes : tapez sur Google images « t-shirt gaming », et “admirez” le résultat… (best of worst of à découvrir ici !) 


Pourtant aujourd’hui, le jeu vidéo est l’industrie du divertissement la plus puissante de notre époque, avec plus de 3 milliards de joueurs. Et certaines marques commencent enfin à émerger pour proposer du gameswear digne de ce nom : c’est le cas de ONE X qui a décidé de s’attaquer à ce manque de style en partant à la conquête de la vitrine préférée des tshirts de gaming éclatés : Twitch.


Le principe de l’opération #BETTERPLAYNAK3D ? Si être un gamer c’est forcément être habillé avec ce type de vêtements, autant ne rien porter du tout. ONE X appelle donc les streamers de la plateforme à tomber le maillot lors d’un live pour tenter de faire rhabiller leur équipe d’esport par la marque. Rien de bien compliqué jusqu’ici… sauf quand on connaît l’excès de zèle et le recours au ban excessif qui caractérise la plateforme à ce sujet ! 


C’est d’ailleurs tout le sel de l’opération : ONE X s’amuse ainsi à jouer avec la plus grosse hantise des streamers pour la détourner, et en faire le principe même de son opération. Le challenge va être de taille pour éviter la suspension... Ou quand se faire bannir de Twitch devient presque la règle du jeu ! 


Les streamers Fuury, D7RL, Arkunir, Nateos, Lifeiscool ou Idater ont été les premiers à prendre position devant plus d’un million d’abonnés mercredi 29 et jeudi 30 mars, en prenant le risque de jouer dénudés pour lancer le mouvement.


Pour découvrir les modalités de participation du jeu qui aura lieu du 31 mars au 6 avril 12h, rendez-vous sur Discord en cliquant ici. On souhaite bien du courage aux modérateurs de Twitch qui risquent d’avoir du pain sur la planche dans les prochains jours…

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Havas takes consumer passion network Play worldwide Havas will roll its Sports & Entertainment divisions under Havas Play, which is expanding globally to help brands activate in gaming, sports, music and other fandom categories. 

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Les jeunes sont sans surprise particulièrement touchés par l’inflation. Dans ce contexte économique difficile, ils sont les premiers à annoncer qu’ils souhaitent changer leurs habitudes de consommation. En parallèle, les offres SVOD se démultiplient à foison, les factures s’accumulent vite en fin de mois et le divertissement se présente donc naturellement comme une des premières coupes budgétaires à effectuer.


L’offre CINÉ SÉRIES de CANAL+ dédiée aux moins de 26 ans prend donc tout son sens puisqu’elle regroupe en un seul abonnement les offres de CANAL+, DISNEY+, NETFLIX, OCS et PARAMOUNT+. C’est le bon plan ultime ! On passe d’un total avoisinant les 70€/mois d’abonnements quand on souscrit à ces offres séparément à 19,49€/mois pour les mêmes services.


Pour valoriser cette offre unique, pas de demi-mesure, c’est le parti-pris de CANAL+ et de son agence historique BETC, car une offre exceptionnelle mérite une campagne qui l’est tout autant.


Pour viraliser la promotion sur le pack CINÉ SÉRIES -26 ans, CANAL+ célèbre les plus économes de la GEN Z en renommant l'offre d’après un des mèmes les plus drôles du moment : le rat ?.  En reprenant exactement les codes de l’expression devenue culte, l’accroche ‘tema la taille de l’offre’ vient souligner le caractère exhaustif du pack désormais à prix cassé.


Le petit plus de cette campagne, c’est qu’elle a été pensée pour des jeunes, mais surtout par des jeunes. Depuis plusieurs années, BETC accueille des étudiants de l’école Estienne et les accompagne sur la réflexion et création autour de problématiques clients. Et c’est ainsi qu’une première mouture de RAT+ est née. CANAL+ et BETC sont fiers d’avoir permis à cette idée de voir le jour, témoignant de la volonté profonde de CANAL+ et BETC de valoriser les jeunes talents de demain.


Un bravo tout particulier à Luce de FleurianCharlotte GirardGabrielle Manhes et Diego Tronchet étudiants à l’école Estienne ainsi qu’à Valentin Gourmel et Léo Rodriguez, créatifs chez BETC.


« Les partenariats noués entre l'école Estienne et les agences de communication de renom participent à faire connaitre et à maintenir le niveau d'exigence de la formation en Design et stratégie de communication. Parmi ces agences, BETC se distingue par la singularité de la collaboration, précise Mariette Dupont, Proviseure de l'École EstiennePendant leur workshop, les étudiants en immersion au sein de l'agence travaillent à partir d'un brief concret, accompagnés par les équipes, en particulier la création. Ils ont une semaine pour proposer une réponse stratégique et créative avec une présentation finale dans les conditions "réelles" de la vie d'une agence. Dans le cadre de cette formation professionnalisante, nous saluons l'attention qui est accordée aux propositions des étudiants. Et bravo à l'équipe, dont le projet a été à la base de cette campagne, d'avoir su faire le lien entre le brief et ce clin d'œil générationnel avec le Mème sur le Rat. C'est la preuve d’un partenariat de qualité entre une formation d’excellence, une marque forte et une agence prête à accompagner la jeunesse créative de demain. »


"Les prises de parole à destination de la GEN-Z imposent une rigueur absolue en termes de référence et de tonalité, indique Nicolas Lautier, Executive Creative Director en charge de la campagne. Le faux pas est vite arrivé et ne pardonne pas ; sous peine d’être vu comme le père de famille, accompagné d’un mot de verlan à peine bégayé, s’incrustant à une fête de jeunes. La gêne est palpable ; clairement. Parallèlement, avec eux, on se doit aussi d’être franc et limpide. Pas de billard à trois bandes. Dans cette campagne, il y a donc deux choses qui nous ont séduites. Premièrement ce partenariat avec les étudiants de l’Ecole Estienne, qui nous a permis de pouvoir co-créer une campagne faite par les -26 pour les -26. Deuxièmement, la nature même de la campagne. Ici on ne triche pas. Pas d’artifice. La campagne c’est l’offre elle-même."


"L'accompagnement des équipes commerciales, stratégiques et bien sûr créatives de BETC, les Master Class organisées en parallèle, la stimulation de la présentation des projets devant le client, nous dit Olivier Roubert planneur stratégique visuel et responsable du DSAA design et stratégie de communication de l’Ecole Estienne, tout contribue à faire de cette semaine en immersion dans l'agence une étape importante pour nos étudiants de DSAA Design et Stratégie de Communication de l'école Estienne. C'est aussi, pour notre équipe pédagogique, une grande satisfaction de constater - malgré la pression ! -  la maturité et la pertinence des propositions. En ce sens, on ne peut que féliciter les étudiants dont le projet a été à la base de cette campagne, d'avoir su faire le lien entre le brief et leur intuition du momentum générationnel avec ce mème sur le Rat. Enfin, merci à CANAL+ d'avoir accepté d'aller jusqu'à travestir son nom pour cette occasion, c'est la preuve d'une marque forte et prête à accompagner la jeunesse créative de demain, tout comme BETC."


Avec plus de 8,2K mentions et près de 130K partages, likes et commentaires, en quelques jours, cette opération obtient un niveau d’engagement assez exceptionnel pour une offre commerciale. Preuve s’il en fallait que l’opération RAT+ a su trouver sa cible.


La promotion de cette offre s’articulera tout au long du mois de mars 2023 en digital et sur plusieurs médias, comprenant de l’OOH et du DOOH - dont plusieurs seront contextualisés selon les touchpoints (Bars, campus universitaires…).

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Havas London appoints James Fox as CEO


Creative agency Havas London has promoted Chief Client Officer James Fox to the position of CEO. The move follows the elevation of Xavier Rees – who had been CEO since 2016 – to UK Group CEO, Havas Creative in 2022.

Fox will continue to report into Rees, with the pair leading the B Corp-certified agency alongside Chief Creative Officer Vicki Maguire, Head of Strategy Britt Iversen, and Global Chief Strategy officer Mark Sinnock.

Since being appointed as only Havas London’s second Chief Client Officer in April 2022, Fox has been instrumental in a series of successes for the King’s Cross-based agency. These include successfully defending The Open University account following a competitive pitch, a number of new business wins including the DfE’s Further Education business, and substantial year-on-year growth of major accounts including Molson Coors and Asda – a relationship which saw the retailer ‘win Christmas’ with Havas’ Buddy the Elf-inspired campaign.

2022 also saw Havas London win Channel 4’s prestigious £1m Diversity in Advertising award alongside long-term partner Vanish (Reckitt), while Havas UK claimed the ‘Sustainability Best Practice’ title at the inaugural Ad Net Zero Awards. In February 2023, Havas London was shortlisted for Campaign’s Creative Agency of the Year.

Fox joined Havas following seven years at Omnicom agency Lucky Generals, where, in 2017, he was appointed its first Managing Director. In 2019, he was tasked with helping to establish the agency’s first overseas office in New York as Managing Director & Partner – a role he held until January 2022.

He initially joined Lucky Generals in 2014, shortly after it was founded by Helen Calcraft, Danny Brooke-Taylor and Andy Nairn. Fox had previously worked with the trio at both MCBD (2006-2010), where he began his career, and latterly Dare (2010-2012). Before joining them at Lucky Generals, he also spent nearly three years at Anomaly.

Xavier Rees, UK Group CEO, Havas Creative, says: “Having dedicated several years to building a strong, happy, and healthy culture within Havas London, I had to be confident a new CEO would continue to invest in and prioritise that. In Fox, we’ve found a true modern leader: competitive yet compassionate, and someone who instinctively gets what it takes to build a thriving culture within a progressive, 21st Century agency. He has already had a huge, overwhelmingly positive impact on both our culture and performance, and I know our people will be as excited to see him step up as I am.”

James Fox adds: “This is a special agency that continues to go from strength to strength, and I am incredibly proud to be taking on the challenge of leading it alongside Xav, Vicki, Britt and Mark. The energy that comes from our amazing people, who really do give a shit about each other, the agency, our clients and the work, is special – you only have to look at the momentum we’re building together to appreciate that We’ve already got a tonne of exciting things in the pipeline, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.” 

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Havas Middle East Wins 3 Grand Prix at Dubai Lynx for adidas’ The Ravi Superstar Havas Middle East’s campaign for adidas’ The Ravi Superstar has swept the 2023 Dubai Lynx awards, with 3 Grand Prix, 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze. Dubai Lynx is MENA’s festival of creativity recognizing creative excellence in communications. The campaign received a total of 10 awards across multiple categories, with Grand Prix in Entertainment, Integrated, and PR — Sponsorship & Brand Partnership, Gold in Creative Effectiveness, Industry Craft, and Print, Silver in Creative Commerce, and Bronze in Entertainment, Brand Experience & Activation, and PR.

This adds to Havas Middle East’s track record at Dubai Lynx, with 2 Grand Prix, 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 10 Bronze awards and recognition as the #2 Agency of the Year and #2 Network of the Year in 2022.

The Ravi Superstar reimagined what a brand collaboration could look like, bringing adidas to the streets of Dubai by partnering with an iconic local restaurant called Ravi. Dubai is made up of over 50 nationalities, but Ravi’s has been their sense of home for 42 years. Red Havas Middle East saw this as the perfect opportunity for adidas to collaborate with the roots of Dubai, and as a part of the adilicious initiative, they worked with the family which has run Ravi’s for 3 generations to create a sneaker that represents the authentic side of Dubai that isn’t seen too often by the world. The collaboration turned the local restaurant into a global pop phenomenon by redesigning the iconic Adidas Superstar sneakers to create the SUPERSTAR RAVI’S.

The collection led to the longest line seen in Dubai at the adidas flagship store and sold out in 15 minutes on the adidas online store. It represented the essence of Dubai’s local community and was as unique as the city itself, with menus printed on the shoe’s tongues, insoles illustrated with the Ravi river, and colors taken from the waiters’ uniforms.

The campaign was an integrated effort across Havas Middle East, Red Havas Middle East, and Sweetwater MEA and represented how a large brand can tap into culture by giving a beloved local name a global impact.

Joao Medeiros, Executive Creative Director, Havas Middle East, said: “Dubai is a city which is constantly innovating and changing, which is exactly why we wanted to celebrate its local spirit. In a city full of expats, Ravi’s has been a constant — a home away from home which represents the best of the city. They have kept the same menu for 40 years despite the whole city changing around them. I’m very proud that we’ve had the chance to work closely with their team 

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Si tu ne le portes pas, donne-le ! Face aux plateformes de seconde main, Emmaüs contre-attaque pour
défendre son modèle solidaire. Une opération imaginée et déployée par Havas Paris et l’Agence Verte.
Depuis quelques années, l’émergence des plateformes de seconde main marchande (Vinted, Leboncoin,
Videdressing, etc.) prive Emmaüs de nombreux dons, et surtout de dons de qualité. Aujourd’hui, cette
perte fragilise sérieusement le modèle hérité de l’abbé Pierre et menace le projet social et solidaire des
300 structures Emmaüs en France. Un constat qui pousse aujourd’hui Emmaüs à lancer un appel national
visant à revaloriser le don et à attirer les plus jeunes générations. Pour ce faire, Emmaüs s’est adjoint les
services et talents d’Havas Paris et de l’Agence Verte qui ont imaginé une approche résolument originale,
provocatrice et moderne pour porter ce message.

Emma_Us riposte sur… Vinted !
Emmaüs a donc lancé un appel aux dons inédit. Mais pas n’importe où. Directement sur Vinted ! Transformant la plus grosse plateforme de seconde main en un véritable media. Nous avons redesigné des
centaines de vêtements en détournant le slogan de Vinted puis nous les avons mis en ligne hier matin,
comme de vraies annonces, depuis le compte « Emma_Us », spécialement créé pour l’occasion. Sur ces
annonces, on peut voir, à défaut de pouvoir les acheter, des vêtements sur lesquels un même message a
été inscrit : « Si tu ne le portes pas, donne-le ! ». Objectif : valoriser le don, lui donner du sens, expliquer
que donner à Emmaüs c’est agir pour la solidarité et l’environnement. Des annonces qui ont vocation à
rester visibles le temps de l’opération sur Vinted.

Une activation soutenue par une campagne media et des influenceurs
Un dispositif de communication sera également déployé durant les prochaines semaines avec une campagne publicitaire : affichage, TV, radio et digital et un relai par des influenceurs sur les réseaux sociaux
La campagne TV diffusée à compter du 20 mars. 

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Vivendi mobilizes all its businesses to support Plastic Odyssey Vivendi is committed to the fight against plastic pollution in the oceans and has become the main media partner of Plastic Odyssey. With 20 tons of plastic being dumped into the oceans every minute, Plastic Odyssey’s ship will sail along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans for three years to promote local waste … Continue reading "Vivendi mobilizes all its businesses to support Plastic Odyssey"

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Havas Paris promeut cinq nouveaux Partners. Des talents qui ont fait leurs preuves sur différentes disciplines et seront désormais en première ligne pour écrire son nouveau chapitre.

Ils sont 5. Ils ont 30 à 40 ans, 10 à 15 ans d’expérience dans la communication et 4 à 8 ans d’ancienneté chez Havas Paris où ils ont brillé au sein de quelques-unes de ses communautés et disciplines phares : Brand, International, Content et Influence. Philippine Van Tichelen, Juliette Gayraud, Antoine Hillion, Arthur Richer et Eric Mironneau, jusqu’à présent directeurs associés, sont promus Partners, aux côtés de Daniel Saltsman, intégré en qualité de Partner en janvier dernier. A ce titre, ils accèdent à la première ligne commerciale et managériale de l’agence. Patrons de comptes clients, ils incarneront dorénavant l’offre intégrée de Havas Paris et rejoignent ainsi la trentaine de Partners que compte déjà la structure.

« Chacun de ces grands professionnels est devenu un des piliers d’Havas Paris. Ils ont beaucoup apporté à cette dernière, participant activement à son développement, tout comme celle-ci leur a permis de s’épanouir et de faire la démonstration de leurs expertises. La promotion interne a été et sera toujours une des valeurs centrales de notre agence. Ces talents sont co-auteurs du nouvel Havas Paris et ont un rôle majeur à y tenir pour les années à venir », commentent Mayada Boulos et Julien Carette, coprésidents de Havas Paris.

Bio Philippine Van Tichelen
Diplômée de Sciences Po en relations internationales et de l’Ecole de Guerre (programme de formation du ministère français de la Défense), Philippine accompagne depuis 8 ans des institutions internationales, des entreprises et des gouvernements sur leurs enjeux de réputation et d’attractivité. Experte en relations publiques et en géopolitique, elle a débuté sa carrière au sein de plusieurs ministères français. D’abord au ministère des armées, à l’état-major puis à la mission militaire française en Égypte. Ensuite, au ministère des Affaires étrangères en tant qu’analyste politique, où elle fut en charge du Maroc pendant 6 mois. Elle rejoint le Secrétariat Général de Bollore Africa Logistics en 2012, et s’y occupe du reporting extra financier du groupe, de gestion de crise, d’intelligence économique, avant de rejoindre le groupe Havas et sa practice International Consulting en 2015. En plus de son portefeuille de clients internationaux, Philippine dirige HERE, la verticale tourisme du groupe Vivendi lancée il y a un an en accompagnement des acteurs du tourisme mondial sur leurs enjeux de redémarrage post Covid et de transformation durable.

Bio Juliette Gayraud
Diplômée de l’Institut d’études politiques de Bordeaux et du master Diplomatie et négociations stratégiques de Paris XI, Juliette a rejoint Havas Paris Content en qualité de directrice éditoriale en 2018, passant directrice associée en 2020. Celle qui fut plume du ministre de la Défense de 2003 à 2006 avait ensuite rejoint l’Ambassade de France au Portugal en qualité de chef du service d’information et de communication, puis EY comme manager du pôle rédactionnel et chargée de coordination RSE. En 2016, elle devient responsable communication client et corporate de Veolia Eau d’Ile de France. Juliette accompagne aujourd’hui des grands clients publics et privés de l’agence en tant qu’experte en stratégies de communication corporate et brand content, en storytelling, en projets de reporting annuel (rapports intégrés, climat, RSE), et en structuration de démarches et stratégie de contenus RSE… Elle est également une très active militante de #NEWDEAL, think tank de Havas Paris dédié à la transformation positive des entreprises.

Bio Antoine Hillion
Antoine a rejoint Havas International Consulting en 2018, en qualité de directeur associé. Il participe depuis plus de 12 ans à la définition et au déploiement de stratégies d’influence internationales pour des clients publics et privés de premier plan : organisations internationales, institutions gouvernementales, grands groupes… Ses missions de conseil l’ont amené à se spécialiser sur 3 principales zones géographiques : Europe, Afrique et Moyen-Orient. Diplomé de Skema et de l’INHESJ, en intelligence économique, il a commencé sa carrière chez HSBC comme International Banking Officer, puis comme chef de projet chez Engie, avant d’intégrer l’Institut Choiseul, Think Tank spécialisé en Géoéconomie et politique internationale, en tant que directeur des études et du développement. En parallèle de son activité de conseil, il anime également Havas Horizons, l’observatoire des tendances économiques et sociétales sur les marchés émergents du groupe Havas.

Bio Eric Mironneau
Diplômé de l’ESCP, Eric a commencé sa carrière au sein du groupe Havas en 2011. Il occupe successivement les postes de responsable de clientèle, planner stratégique puis directeur du planning stratégique dans différentes agences créatives du groupe (parmi elles, l’agence Les Gaulois, issue de la fusion entre Leg et H). Il travaille à ce titre sur les stratégies de marques et campagnes publicitaires d’acteurs de référence dans l’automobile, le retail et les services financiers. Il intègre Havas Paris comme directeur associé en 2019, en tant que coordinateur et pilote de comptes intégrés. Il travaille sur les dimensions consumer autant qu’institutionnelles et corporate de ses clients, et opère sur l’ensemble des métiers de la communication (publicité, PR, digital, event...). Il intervient également plus spécifiquement sur les problématiques de plateforme, d’architecture et d’identité de marque des clients de l’agence.

Bio Arthur Richer
Arthur rejoint Havas Paris en 2019 pour accompagner de grands comptes dans la gestion de leur réputation, le développement de leur influence, la communication de leurs dirigeants, ainsi qu’en communication de crise, en s’appuyant sur toutes les expertises intégrées d’Havas Paris et du Village Havas. Il lance en 2022 Sport & Réputation x Havas, practice spécialisée dans l’accompagnement des organisations et personnalités du secteur du sport. Avec une quinzaine d’années d’expérience en agences, il a développé une expertise transverse des métiers de l’influence. Diplômé de SciencesPo Paris, il a débuté sa carrière en tant que planneur stratégique chez TBWA où il se spécialise dans les stratégies de contenus et social media. En 2015, il devient directeur de la stratégie et du digital du bureau parisien du l’agence spécialisée dans la gestion de la réputation FleishmanHillard, où il développe son expertise en communication sensible et de crise. Il renforce ensuite son expertise dans l’accompagnement en communication et la gestion de la réputation des dirigeants et des personnalités au sein du cabinet de conseil « 2017 » récemment fondé.

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Welcome to the Era of Hyper Experience: Global Havas CX Study Reveals the Top 3 Trends in Consumer Experience

The Fifth Edition of X Index reveals the “Hyper Experience” and how brands can use efficiency, pleasure, personalization, privacy, and community to deliver an exceptional consumer experience

After COVID-19, consumers are still navigating shared global challenges, from inflation and climate change to political unrest and uncertainty, but their expectations for brand experiences are higher than ever. As the 2023 X Index, Havas CX’s proprietary customer experience barometer reveals, we are in the “Era of Hyper Experience,” where consumers have the highest of expectations from brands across every touch point, from meeting efficiency needs to creating a superior emotional experience. To win consumer loyalty, brands and businesses must simultaneously prioritize function and emotion.

The X Index, now in its fifth year, features a proprietary research tool that helps determine and measure the most critical factors in customer experience. The 2023 X Index applied a new methodology across the survey of 54,000 consumers in ten global markets (U.S., U.K., France, China, Mexico, India, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and Spain) to evaluate the customer experience performance of 500 brands. This year, the X Index introduced 24 metrics to measure what criteria, across functional, emotional, personal, and collective factors, can create a compelling customer experience. It examined customer experience with bricks and clicks brands, retailers that maintain brick-and-mortar stores in addition to selling online, and pure players, Internet-only retailers. The X Index also included a scorecard where consumers evaluated how well brands meet different experience touchpoints throughout the consumer journey, from social media to after-sale service.

The study revealed that efficiency and pleasure are most the important criteria for brick-and-mortar brands and consumers don’t want to have to choose between them. Efficiency is the top priority for brick-and-mortar brands in Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the U.K., and pleasure is the top priority for brick-and-mortar brands in France, Germany, and the U.S. Of note, the X Index showed that consumers are more satisfied with brands’ efficiency, which they rated 7.27 out of 10 on average in the U.S., than the pleasure they provide, which they rated 7.02 in the U.S.

James Huerta, Executive Director, Creative Technology of Havas CX, says: "Over the last 10 years, low-interest growth capital supercharged the CX of many startups and D2C brands, which has led to rising customer expectations across all categories and business sizes. This year’s X-Index report shows us that, globally, modern consumers mostly require efficiency and ease in their transactions, while also expecting that the experience will be pleasurable and enjoyable. Even with global economic pressures, brands will have to maintain the CX that their customers have come to expect."

Today’s consumers expect brands to offer a perfect experience across both sides of the coin. In an era of virtually unlimited brand choice and algorithm-fueled customer service, brands who stand out and earn loyalty must go beyond top-notch service to create the ultimate CX, regardless of category or price point. With more options available than ever, the brands with staying power will be those that create exceptional moments and interactions that recognize, respect, and reward shoppers as individuals and understand their unique lifestyles, mindsets, priorities, and needs.

Sébastien Houdusse, Chief Strategy Officer of Havas CX agency BETC Fullsix, says: “We continue to see shifts in the priorities for customer experience, especially as people navigate a difficult and uncertain global landscape. This year’s X Index defines the current era of hyper experience where only being great on the functional side of the experience will not be enough. Brands must perform on the emotional criteria, creating memorable, engaging, and pleasurable moments in-store and online to win their customers’ hearts. Moreover, businesses will have to push more on data to truly inform their products, services, and experiences in order to compete with ‘algo-native brands’. Finally, customers expect brands to create an experience where everyone is invited, represented, and above all, has access.”

In assessing the highest-scoring brands in the study, the X Index indicated one clear winner across markets: Apple. The brand placed among the top five brands in seven of 10 markets and was number one in France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal. Notably, it did not place in the top ten in its home market, the U.S., where Chewy remained atop the list as the number one CX brand among Americans for each of the past three years.

The X Index also identified three key principles for brands to create a best-in-class “Hyper Experience”:

Make no compromise between efficiency and pleasure
To deliver the best customer experience, brands must be efficient and help customers not waste their time, which consumers ranked as their number one criterion for six pure players across all ten countries. They also value brands that make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for, which is the number two criterion for pure players in Germany, Italy, and the U.K. and number two for brick-and-mortar brands in Mexico and the U.K., and answer their requests promptly, which makes it to the top ten in eight countries for brick-and-mortar brands and nine countries for pure players.

In nine of 10 markets, consumers rated brands higher on efficiency than pleasure, so brands have room to improve their emotional connections with their audience. X Index findings point to the importance of an enjoyable and engaging in-store or online experience, and going beyond customers’ expectations, which was ranked number one for brick-and-mortar brands in the U.S. and number three for pure players. Finally, customers prefer brands that bring pleasant surprises into the journey between customer and brand, which was chosen within the top ten in all countries.

Balance personalization and privacy
Customer data can help brands reach extraordinary levels of personalization and offer an exceptional product and service experience, but customers expect brands to protect their personal information.

Amongst the consumer experience criteria that customers ranked in their top 10, respecting privacy and personal data was important to consumers in seven out of ten countries, taking advice and feedback into account was ranked highly in four countries, and acknowledging and rewarding customers’ loyalty also made it to the top ten in four countries. Interestingly, grades on this criterion are significantly lower than global average in all countries, suggesting that brands still have a long way to go to satisfy customers on CRM programs and loyalty.

Offer an equal and accessible community experience
Brand experiences have the opportunity to create community by giving access to all. Consumers in 70% of countries said that it’s crucial that brands embrace diversity and also believe that brands should go above and beyond to guarantee the in-store and online experience is user-friendly for people with disabilities.

To learn more, download the full X Index 2023 whitepaper at


Havas CX used a renewed methodology for the 2023 edition of the X index, which looks at a new set of more "holistic criteria" attributes, including Functional, Emotional, Personal, and Collective factors, to define how brands can deliver best CX to consumersAs part of this, consumers were invited to rate twenty-four items defining the perception of the customer experience, as it is proposed to them by brands, from one to ten. These items range from functional indicators (It’s easy to find what I’m looking for / I’m not wasting time, it’s efficient), to the emotional (The online and in-store experience is enjoyable and engaging / This brand often goes beyond my expectations…) and from the personal (This brand is centered on my needs as a customer / This brand acknowledges and rewards my loyalty well) to what they think serves the collective (This brand makes me feel like I’m part of a community / This brand embraces diversity...).

About Havas CX

Havas CX is as an international network committed to delivering meaningful brand experiences across the entire customer journey. It brings together more than 1,800 people in 26 Havas Villages in 19 countries with key hubs in London, Paris, New York and Mumbai.

The network includes 20 of Havas' global agency groups including ekino (digital transformation), BETC FullSix (customer experience), Havas CX helia (customer engagement), Arnold Fullsix, and award-winning leaders in their markets including Plastic Havas, Boondoggle, Gate One, Think Design, Host/Havas, Project House and Intellignos.

Havas CX is a powerhouse of experts in every area of digital transformation and design, customer experience and customer engagement, eCommerce and much more.

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More Than Just A Cup: McCafé® At Home, Keurig Dr Pepper, and Havas New York Take Morning Coffee To New Heights for an Extraordinary Cause in Newest Campaign

Havas New York "More Than Just a Cup"

Professional slackliner Alexander Schulz sips his morning coffee in his home away from home to help raise awareness of the children and families who make Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) their home. 

Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. is celebrating McCafé At Home's second year of partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) to support families with children who are sick. Executed by creative agency Havas New York, this year's "More Than Just A Cup" campaign features slackliner and World Record Holder, Alexander Schultz, as he enjoys the world's most extraordinary cup of coffee at record-breaking altitude. The campaign displays Schultz on a one-inch slackline thousands of feet above the ground–not to show the world how courageous he is, but to help bring awareness of the resilient families staying at RMHC.

"McCafé At Home and RMHC have an inspiring mission that we at Havas New York are proud to be a part of for another year," said Dan Lucey, Chief Creative Officer of Havas New York. "When you drink McCafé at Home, you're helping RMHC families feel at home, even when they can't be. To promote the partnership, we looked for inspiring ways to demonstrate how something as seemingly small as enjoying your morning coffee can actually have a big impact on somebody else's life."

A key theme identified early on in the campaign was the immense courage of RMHC families­. These families face tough challenges while their children are undergoing medical treatment, so, to draw attention to the cause, Havas New York reached out to a person who knows a thing or two about being fearless–professional slackliner Alexander Schulz. As one of the world's most extreme athletes, Schulz took and drank a truly extraordinary cup of McCafé At Home Premium Roast coffee, mid-air at over 7,316 feet, and in a 65-foot-long line between two hot air balloons over the Pyrenees Mountains in the Province of Lleida, Catalonia.

"As someone who is always eager to help others, this partnership with McCafé At Home felt like a great fit," said Alexander Schulz, Professional Slackliner. "In this campaign, I wanted to encourage families from RMHC to continue to be strong and show my support for the Charity. As the first attempt of its kind, this was an extremely intense and very challenging walk–definitely one of the boldest, if not the boldest walks I've ever done."

To further its support, Keurig Dr Pepper is on track to donate over $430,000 to the Charity in 2023 and will supply select RMHC Chapters in the U.S. with McCafé At Home K-Cup® pods.

"Havas New York has beautifully brought to life the meaning of the partnership between McCafé At Home and RMHC," said Christine van den Broeck, Senior Director, Brand and Product Management at Keurig Dr Pepper. "McCafé At Home is 'More Than Just a Cup', and we hope to further our commitment with RMHC Chapters across the country to create a comforting and supportive 'Home Away from Home' for families experiencing difficult times."

The agency will roll out a fully integrated creative campaign that includes social and digital throughout the month of March. The ads will also redirect viewers to an immersive web experience on where they can learn more about the partnership and view the longform content for "Most Extraordinary Cup" on Schultz's world record. Additional spots from the campaign include "More Than Just a Cup" and "Home Away from Home."  

Havas New York is one of 60+ full-service Villages and the North American flagship agency of Havas Creative, a powerful network of creative agencies with the most modern capabilities and talented people in the business. At Havas New York, we are a creative company with soul, breaking tradition in our category to help progressive marketers speak the modern language of advertising through culture, design, and technology—creating better, more meaningful brand experiences. Creatives are creators who deliver work designed to raise consciousness and inspire conversation in the real world, not the advertising space. Learn more at our website,

Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) is a leading beverage company in North America, with annual revenue of more than $14 billion and approximately 28,000 employees. KDP holds leadership positions in soft drinks, specialty coffee and tea, water, juice and juice drinks and mixers, and markets the #1 single serve coffee brewing system in the U.S. and Canada. The Company's portfolio of more than 125 owned, licensed and partner brands is designed to satisfy virtually any consumer need, any time, and includes Keurig®, Dr Pepper®, Canada Dry®, Clamato®, CORE®, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters®, Mott's®, Snapple®, and The Original Donut Shop®. Through its powerful sales and distribution network, KDP can deliver its portfolio of hot and cold beverages to nearly every point of purchase for consumers. The Company's Drink Well. Do Good. corporate responsibility platform is focused on the greatest opportunities for impact in the environment, its supply chain, the health and well-being of consumers and with its people and communities. For more information, visit

Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®), is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that creates, finds and supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. Through a global network of over 260 Chapters in more than 60 countries and regions, RMHC enables, facilitates and supports family-centered care through three core programs: the Ronald McDonald House®, the Ronald McDonald Family Room® and the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile®. RMHC programs help families with ill or injured children stay together and near leading hospitals and health care services worldwide, ensuring they have access to the medical care their child needs while fully supported and actively involved in their child's care. For more information, visit


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One Green Bean uncovers alarming gender bias in AI platforms This International Women’s Day, Havas' creative comms agency One Green Bean has revealed how emerging AI generative image tools consistently under-represent women across senior professional roles.

The agency undertook a two-part experiment using Midjourney, an artificial intelligence platform that has surged in popularity in recent months. The program generates images based on decisive text prompts, trawling an estimated five billion images from the web for each search. 

Find out more at LBB Online. 

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Sustainable mobility OUIGO, SNCF’s low-cost train network in France, has unveiled a new communication campaign for more sustainable mobility in 2023. The campaign echoes the daily life of the French, and you can hear more from the ROSA PARIS team behind this campaign in Dare!. 

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À l’heure où tout augmente et où les Français multiplient les stratégies pour préserver leur pouvoir d’achat, E.Leclerc lance sa nouvelle campagne “Qui est le moins cher” pour répondre à la question que tout le monde se pose : où faire ses courses au meilleur prix ?

Avec une nouvelle saga télévisée de 2 films imaginés par BETC sous la caméra d’Olivier Babinet, E.Leclerc met en scène des couples dont les habitudes se voient transformées le jour où ils découvrent les prix E.Leclerc.

Cette prise de parole est accompagnée par une campagne de presse et d’affichage qui détourne les codes du GPS pour mettre en valeur les écarts de prix entre les différentes enseignes : jusqu’à 33% plus chères.

Lancé en 2008, le comparateur « Qui est le moins cher » est l’outil donné aux consommateurs pour leur permettre de connaitre les prix de chaque magasin partout en France, en toute transparence.

La campagne est visible en TV, en digital et dans la presse depuis le 5 mars. 

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The Adidas NMD S1 lands in Houston with a true locals only treatment

Adidas, in partnership with Havas Annex, is officially landing in Houston with the introduction of NMD S1 Has Landed: Houston, a highly visual campaign and lookbook that celebrates the NMD S1 alongside the city and culture of Houston.

The campaign features Houston's finest tastemakers, also known as ROVERs. (CNW Group/Havas Chicago)
The campaign features Houston's finest tastemakers, also known as ROVERs. (CNW Group/Havas Chicago)
NMD S1 Has Landed: Houston (CNW Group/Havas Chicago)
NMD S1 Has Landed: Houston (CNW Group/Havas Chicago)
Introduced as a breakthrough innovation for urbanites on-the-move, the NMD S1 is designed to appeal to the modern city dweller, merging the best of performance running and lifestyle. Ahead of its commercial debut later this year, adidas collaborated with Havas Annex for a regionally focused campaign in a city that makes style moves daily and is inspired by those who are constantly moving the culture needle.

Launching March 3, the campaign features a uniquely local POV curated by a group of the city's finest tastemakers, also known as ROVERs for this campaign. Houston's own, the ROVERS are H-Town born and bred with a strict NMD S1 mission: to capture content that celebrates the things that move Houston and make THEIR city soar in ways that only a local can.

As a nod to Houston's deep ties to space, adidas will outfit each of the ROVERs with Landing Kits, the first ever zero-gravity kit, featuring the NMD S1. The NMD S1 Has Landed: Houston ROVERs


  • Deun Ivory (@deunivory) – A Texas born photographer, director and creative visionary at the forefront of the beauty and wellness movement
  • LE$ (steakxshrimp)– A rapper and car collector at the center of the auto meets music community and conversation in Houston
  • J Mulan (@jmulan) – A self-described curator, muse and creative director driving Houston style culture

With Houston as their muse, the ROVERs will traverse the streets, shops and locations that drive the city's swagger, curating content that sheds light on how they make their moves throughout Houston, and why the NMD S1 is the perfect sneaker to do so. Content created by the ROVERs will laud the city's versatility and greatness through the lens of fashion, style and culture. Behind the scenes, the campaign will be supported by a fully local Houston production team.

"From fashion and food to music and style, Houston doesn't always get the credit it deserves as a true force in culture. With its ties to space, the city is a launchpad quite literally, but also as an apt metaphor for the city's boundless cultural influence in the streets of Houston and beyond," said adidas spokesperson. "It's the perfect mashup of movement and culture and this is precisely why we chose Houston as a launchpad for the adidas NMD S1, the ultimate footwear for the urbanite on the move."

In the campaign, the ROVERs will showcase the NMD S1 alongside a local backdrop that fuels their movement. Each will star and launch content from their own channels, highlighting the shoe's versatility and their personal interpretation of what it means for the NMD S1 to land in Houston. As the launch goes live on ROVER channels, Havas Annex will launch The NMD S1 Has Landed: Houston, a visual lookbook, featuring ROVER content showcasing the NMD S1 against the Houston backdrop.

With these lookbooks, Havas Annex and adidas will collaborate on a conversation that centers on Houston style and culture, spotlighting the NMD S1 as the ultimate sneaker to make moves in. Supporting video content will take mixtape inspiration, curated with a style and fashion lens.

"We're proud to partner with a brand like adidas who embraces the edge – the 'what if' thinking that leads to world-changing ideas, even when launched at the local level," said Havas Chicago Chief Creative Officer Myra Nussbaum. "The boundless potential of Houston is palpable, and the NMD S1 is landing in this city is just one small step to recognize and support Houston's cultural impact now and in the years ahead."

Through the campaign, Havas Annex and adidas are celebrating Houston's global influence through a truly local lens, highlighting the tastemakers that started their journeys in the city and for those who still call it home today in a deeply authentic way. From behind-the-scenes stylists and photographers to the artists and tastemakers featured front and center, the lookbook lands the NMD S1 in Houston because it's made by and for Houston, through and through.

Each of the ROVERS NMD S1 Has Landed: Houston lookbooks can be viewed on their Instagram channels:

  • Deun Ivory (@deunivory)
  • LE$ (steakxshrimp)
  • J Mulan (@jmulan) 
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Et si le plus beau moment d’une vie était parfois le plus difficile ? 79% des mamans se disent épuisées émotionnellement au cours des premiers mois de vie de leur bébé. Les raisons sont aussi diverses qu’il y a de mamans : les hormones, l’impression d’avoir été au centre des attentions au cours de la grossesse pour se retrouver au second plan à l’arrivée du bébé, le manque de temps pour soi, le manque de sommeil… De plus, le mythe d’une parentalité parfaite continue de circuler, notamment sur les réseaux sociaux. Le post-partum reste une discussion taboue.

Le Laboratoire Gallia, expert du lait infantile et leader de la catégorie, a décidé de s’emparer de cette cause, accompagné par BETC. Cette cause s’appuie sur les valeurs de la marque, qui dédie son expertise aux parents et dont les communications sont axées autour de l’empathie. Elle ambitionne de soulager les parents en levant les tabous sur le post-partum et en proposant une série de services d’accompagnement.

Laboratoire Gallia et BETC ont ainsi développé une campagne TV, presse et digitale qui invite à retourner la question classique des visites à un nouveau-né : de « Comment va bébé ? » à « Comment va maman ? ». Pour pallier le fait que les parents n’osent pas demander de l’aide, elle mobilise les proches en les encourageant à se questionner et à agir : que cela soit par une aide logistique, ou en étant présent et à l’écoute.

Le film de cette campagne met en scène l’échange émouvant entre une maman et une amie qui s’inquiète de son bien-être, et qui ose briser le tabou lui posant une simple question : « comment ça va, toi ? ». Une petite phrase si simple, qui crée un réel impact et une grande prise de conscience. Dans un souci de reconnaître les difficultés de tous les parents, la marque a également produit, dans une dynamique similaire, un film de 10s à destination des papas.

Laboratoire Gallia prend aussi la parole en presse, dans une série de portraits qui poursuivent le message des films. Sont représentés des mamans, un papa et une sage-femme (pour un visuel qui prendra place en salle d’attente des cabinets). Le bébé n’est pas au centre de l’image, une manière de mettre le focus sur les parents et leur bien-être.

Le film a été réalisé par Matthieu Tribes, qui avait déjà prouvé dans le film de Lu et des Petits frères des pauvres sa maitrise du registre de l’émotion. Les prints ont été shootés par le photographe Jair Lanes.

Aux formats 40s, 30s et 10s, les films sont diffusés en TV et en digital dès le 6 mars. La campagne presse sera quant à elle visible à partir du 8 mars. 

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Gen z. Not dazed. Not confused. Lizzie Nolan, EVP Strategy and Intelligence, Havas Media Group, and Lindsey Partos, Strategy & Editorial Director, Havas Media Group, recently released a White Paper entitled Gen Z. Not Dazed. Not Confused to help us understand Gen Z, our world's largest generation. 

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The game is on The Paris 2024 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games recently unveiled the look of the games as well as the 62 pictograms of each discipline. Gilles Deleris, Founder and Creative Director of W&Cie, shared with Dare! what is was like designing this new group of pictograms. 

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The sustainable side of fashion Symonne Torpy, Head of Cross Channel Conception at BETC Etoile Rouge, has mastered the art of purchasing iconic pieces from premium brands and selling them on Vestiaire Collective to fund buying more for her collection. Hear more about her experience about working in a luxury department and how the fashion industry can turn its concern for sustainability into concrete action. 

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Dentsu’s Gayle While named Host/Havas CEO as James Wright returns to Australia Havas has announced the return of James Wright to Australia as CEO Havas Creative Network and will take responsibility for its agencies including Host/Havas, h/commerce, Red Havas, Havas Blvd, One Green Bean and Organic.

Additionally, Gayle While has been appointed CEO at Host/Havas and will report to Wright. While joins from Dentsu Creative Australia where she was Chief Client Officer and previously had been CEO at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.

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NAR Demonstrates the Many Ways Realtors® Are Here for Clients During Their Property Journey in the 2023 “That’s Who We R” Campaign

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) unveiled today its fifth iteration of its award-winning “That’s Who We R” national advertising campaign. This year’s creative demonstrates the many ways Realtors® are “here for it all,” working to make the dream of property ownership a reality for their clients. The campaign, created by Havas Chicago, further distinguishes Realtors® from non-member agents and “do-it-yourself” tech platforms by showcasing the value, partnership and professionalism Realtors® provide throughout the journey – whether it’s a first home, the next home or a home for their business.

Only members of the National Association of Realtors®, America’s largest trade association, can call themselves a Realtor®. NAR represents more than 1.5 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries, and must abide by the association’s Code of Ethics.

“These ads showcase the trusted relationship between Realtors® and their clients,” said Victoria Gillespie, NAR chief marketing and communications officer. “As a former agent and Realtor®, I know the dedication, expertise and professionalism required during the often long, complex and emotional process. I am excited that these spots allow us to authentically demonstrate the Realtor® difference in action, with clients and within their communities.”

“NAR’s 1.5 million members are the Realtor® brand, possessing a thorough understanding of the real estate transaction and local market conditions; an unparalleled commitment to ethics; impactful community and civic engagement; and an empathic, human approach,” said NAR President Kenny Parcell, a Realtor® from Spanish Fork, Utah, and broker-owner of Equity Real Estate Utah. “Agents who are Realtors® are here for you whatever your path to property ownership may look like.”

Through emotional storytelling and cultural truths, the new spots take viewers through various property buying experiences. The commercials leverage a diverse set of characters, locations and real estate situations – residential and commercial – that work together to be relatable at scale. In each situation, viewers will see how Realtors® are committed to putting their clients first in every aspect of the search and purchase experience – and often well beyond that. The spots also show Realtor® involvement and volunteerism, supporting the communities in which they live and work.

“Whether it is your first time or your third time, the journey to property ownership can be stressful, even without changing market conditions and unexpected challenges,” said Myra Nussbaum, president and chief creative officer, Havas Chicago. “We chose to focus on the personal, relationship-building moments that go beyond home search apps or showings. Viewers will see a variety of stories with real, surprising moments, such as moving closer to friends or relatives, or finding the right space for a growing family. No matter the experience, the stories emphasize Realtor® expertise and the value they bring to their clients.”

Now in its fifth year, the “That’s Who We R” campaign has been recognized 50 times for national creative and media excellence. This year’s campaign will be seen through a fully-integrated campaign across a multitude of modern touchpoints, including broadcast and streaming platforms, online and terrestrial audio, social media and branded content partnerships. In addition to paid media led by Havas Media, NAR will once again launch a full suite of new advertising and social media assets, created in conjunction with 2023 campaign imagery and messaging, for its members and Realtor® associations to leverage locally.

The “That’s Who We R” campaign features eight total TV and five total radio spot storylines.

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Aujourd’hui, la pratique de la lecture est en baisse, et en particulier chez les jeunes générations. Pourtant, c’est dès le plus jeune âge que se transmet le goût pour la lecture, un capital culturel qui conditionne également la réussite scolaire et professionnelle. C’est de ce constat qu’est née la dernière opération de E. Leclerc, imaginée au côté de son agence BETC, visant à redonner le goût de la lecture aux jeunes adultes. Et qui mieux que des rappeurs, pour transmettre leur passion pour les mots ?


E. Leclerc lance Cross Cultures, une campagne dans laquelle les influences entre cultures classiques et cultures urbaines sont mises en lumière afin de pousser les jeunes à lire en leur montrant que les auteurs classiques n’ont jamais été aussi modernes.


Emmanuelle De Montesson, Directrice Générale chez BETC :

« Parce que la culture et particulièrement la littérature font partie du même combat pour l’accessibilité chez E. Leclerc, on avait envie d’adresser ce décrochage chez les ados et les jeunes. Et naturellement, le Rap est venu comme le support des mots d’aujourd’hui. C’est le même goût pour la langue, les punchlines et les histoires ».


C’est ainsi que Oxmo Puccino, Doria et Benjamin Epps nous partagent leur amour des mots au fil d’une interview menée par le journaliste Rachid Majdoub, spécialiste de la scène urbaine / rap. Ils reviennent ainsi ensemble sur leurs premiers amours littéraires, leurs derniers coups de cœurs littéraires, et les liens étroits qui se tissent entre leur art, le rap et la littérature.


Hirmane Abdoulhakime, Head of Culture and Entertainment chez Général POP :

« Depuis le début de BETC, la musique a toujours été au cœur de notre vision artistique. On a toujours poussé les collab qui mettent les marques dans la pop culture. Quand ça a du sens comme Cross Culture, c’est encore plus fort. ».


En magasin dans les Espaces Culturels, E. Leclerc va plus loin en détournant les habituels bandeaux littéraires « Prix Goncourt » ou « Prix Landerneau », pour mettre en avant directement dans les rayons les inspirations littéraires des rappeurs. Nous pouvons ainsi retrouver « Ce livre a inspiré Benjamin Epps » sur l’alchimiste de Paulo Coelho, ou encore « Ce livre a inspiré Doria » sur 1984 de George Orwell.


La campagne orchestrée par BETC est diffusée à partir du 20 février sur la chaine Youtube de E. Leclerc, et sur ses réseaux sociaux (TikTok, Instagram, Twitch).


Plus d'informations :

2023-02-20 00:00:00
Red sky predictions 2023 In January, Red Havas released its ten predictions for communicators on the cutting edge. Check out some highlights from the Red Havas team in Dare!. 

2023-02-15 00:00:00
Commemorating black history month Black History Month is commemorated in February in the United States, and while it is critical to honor and critically engage with the history and contributions of Black individuals across the world throughout the year, we wanted to highlight some of the activations happening across Health, Creative, and Media through the course of the month. Read more in Dare!. 

2023-02-15 00:00:00
Outside the stadium BETC Paris, Havas Play and Unit9 are using the Rugby World Cup to showcase what the metaverse can do, opening consumers up to the role the platform can play in the game both now and in the future. We heard from Jeremy Treccani and Baptiste Szuwarski, Creatives at BETC, who discussed the campaign and what they hope it accomplishes. 

2023-02-15 00:00:00
Searching for greatness In April 2022, Havas acquired the award-winning integrated digital agency Search Laboratory, who has worked closely with Havas Media Group to advance its digital marketing and data capabilities within the UK and internationally. We spoke to Chris Attewell, CEO of Search Laboratory, to hear more about how the integration is going so far. 

2023-02-15 00:00:00
Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team Partners with Havas to Launch 2023 Car and New Team Identity

Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team (AMF1) has partnered with Havas to launch its 2023 challenger, the AMR23, and introduce the new team and visual identity that will be used throughout the upcoming Formula One™ season.

The car launch and season-spanning concept, New Energy, takes inspiration from the team’s new, state-of-the-art Silverstone factory – the first, all-new, purpose-built facility for an F1™ team in almost two decades. The launch event, which was broadcast by Sky Sports F1 from 7pm last night, offered VIP guests and fans worldwide an exclusive first look not just of the car, but of the factory itself, which is due for completion of its first building in May.

AMF1 collaborated with a trio of Havas agencies: Cake, which created the launch event (in collaboration with technical delivery partner UNIT9), Havas CX helia, which devised the concept, team and visual identity (in collaboration with creative production studio Dippin’ Sauce) and fan engagement programme, and Inviqa, which developed AMF1’s updated website.

The team’s new visual identity includes algorithmic data visualisation elements reflecting the team’s support through its free-to-join I / AM membership programme, which Havas helped devise and launch in 2021. It also references the physical car itself, the metaphorical energy building inside AMF1’s new Silverstone HQ, and some distinctive, iconic Grand Prix racing corners. It will span both digital and physical touchpoints – including the AMF1 garage, motorhomes, trucks, Grand Prix VIP areas and collateral, website, social and CRM – throughout the season.

It was rolled out at last night’s launch event, hosted by Sky Sports presenter Rachel Brookes, which saw the AMR23 unveiled from its iconic Union Jack shroud during a live reveal from the factory’s ‘street’ – a passage running horizontally along the length of the entire building and lit by pulsing LED battens.

With the AMR23 front and centre on a circular LED stage, a powerful audio-visual spectacle saw the drivers – including Lance Stroll and newly announced two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso – team engineers, key partners, and fans sharing their belief, inspiration and pride in being part of the team. Invited guests and those watching worldwide also heard from AMF1 Executive Chairman Lawrence Stroll on his inspiration for the factory as the next step of the 110 year old brand’s journey, Team Principal Mike Krack on his 2023 ambitions for the team, and Technical Director Dan Fallows take part in an on-stage Q&A. Guests also enjoyed a series of fireside chats, hosted by Sky Sports F1 lead commentator David Croft.

Rob Bloom, Chief Marketing Officer at Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team, says: “Since Aston Martin returned to the Formula One grid in 2021, Havas’ teams have been an extension of our own. This new identity captures the energy, passion and purpose of all those in our new factory and beyond, and was brought to life in dramatic fashion at last night’s AMR23 launch event, as we eagerly await lights out on what will be an historic 110th year anniversary for this iconic brand.”

Stuart Peddie, Executive Creative Director, London at Havas CX helia says: “A good story has always played a central role in sport and fandom, and increasingly so in Formula One™ – just look at the success of narrative-driven properties like Drive to Survive and the skyrocketing interest and viewership of the sport itself. Aston Martin is one of the most storied teams in motor racing, but 2023 – with a new home, new car, new drivers, new talent and a growing fanbase – feels a particularly important and transformational chapter. Hence, ‘New Energy’ – which will literally run throughout the team all season.”

Charlie Hugill, Business Director at Cake, says: “The launch event at AMF1’s state-of-the-art factory is a statement of intent for this iconic team. In our third year delivering the car launch event, bringing everyone who has played a massive part in the team together, while giving the audience a real ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse of this brilliant new facility pre-opening, was our ambition from the start. With the all-new AMR23 challenger revealed at the very heart of the team’s new home, the launch event marks the start of an exciting journey ahead for Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team.” 

2023-02-14 00:00:00

A la Saint Valentin, il y a ceux qui s’aiment très fort et qui se font des grandes déclarations et ceux qui se font plaquer comme des poissards à la date fatidique. Pour réconforter tous les cœurs fraichement brisés, KFC France lance Crispy Break.

Le 14 février, chaque personne qui se présentera chez KFC avec un texto de rupture pourra profiter d’une promotion sur le menu XL.

Crispy Break c’est aussi toute une campagne à retrouver sur les réseaux sociaux officiels de KFC France : Instagram, Twitter, Facebook et TikTok. 

2023-02-13 00:00:00
Havas SO supports Reckitt on launch of WiNFUND, a non-profit fund to support African women entrepreneurs Havas SO, Havas’ purpose-built healthcare communications agency, has partnered with Reckitt on its Women in Innovation Fund (WiNFUND) – a 100% not-for-profit project and community-built initiative to advance women-led innovations for health with real-world impact at its core.

A joint initiative with the Health Innovation and Investment Exchange, in partnership with the Kofi Annan Foundation and the Eco Bank Foundation, WiNFUND will invest in women entrepreneurs leading innovative healthcare companies, help to create economic resilience in communities and improve access to healthcare. In a unique funding model, WiNFUND will raise capital through donors, corporate partners and HNIs, as well as the sale of WiNFUND NFTs.

Fellow Havas agency Conran Design Group created the WiNFUND brand, while Havas SO was tasked with launching WiNFUND, including the WiNFUND NFT Africa collection – unique digital artworks, designed by Rwandan artist Christella Bijou, that will create a community of innovators, investors and supporters to champion the next generation of African women tackling some of the continent’s biggest health challenges. Each one is a unique work of art, with iconography based on African culture as well as three key health priorities: sexual health, self-care and water and sanitation.

Since applications opened in September last year, WiNFUND has received more than 300 applications from women entrepreneurs in seven African countries – Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda. 16 finalists will be announced today (International Women’s Day) at a live event at Africa Health Agenda International Conference in Kigali, Rwanda.

These include Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa from Uganda, who launched Community Healthcare Innovation Lab to screen women in remote locations for cervical and breast cancer using artificial intelligence, after being treated for breast cancer herself; Dr Mercy Ashaba, also in Uganda, who is helping people manage the cost of healthcare through the fintech company she co-founded, Peleyta Heath; and Umra Omar in Kenya, founder and director of Safari Doctors, who is leading her team of medics delivering primary healthcare to some of the country’s most remote regions.

By investing in companies such as these, WiNFUND will directly support women entrepreneurs to scale their enterprises, extending their reach and helping more people than ever access high-quality healthcare. WiNFUND’s ambition is to replicate this model on other continents in the future.

It builds on Reckitt’s Fight for Access Accelerator, a programme to support and scale early-stage social enterprises across the world, which has improved access to healthcare for 1.5 million people in its first year alone.

Patricia O'Hayer, Global Head of External Affairs for Reckitt and co-founder of WiNFUND said: “Women-­led companies are already achieving amazing things: improving access to healthcare and saving lives. WiNFUND is an innovative model that will help entrepreneurs grow by building an engaged, global community that will provide business support and financing through the sale of unique NFTs. These entrepreneurs are addressing some of the world's biggest challenges, and through them, we believe WiNFUND can transform access to healthcare for the people who need it most."

Stephanie Bunten, CEO of Havas SO, said: “As an entrepreneurial inspired agency and with many women in our leadership team, we are proud to be Reckitt’s communications partner for the WiNFUND launch. By supporting African women entrepreneurs who are developing solutions to a wide variety of healthcare challenges, WiNFUND takes a new and exciting approach and has the potential to be a game-changer in improving access to healthcare.” 

2023-02-08 00:00:00

Marguerite Callaud est nommée directrice du développement de l’agence, et Daniel Saltsman, Partner. Forts de nouvelles compétences et expériences chez l’annonceur et en agence, ils seront acteurs de la transformation de Havas Paris.

Marguerite Callaud, 28 ans, a débuté sa carrière chez DDB Paris en 2017. Elle rejoint Havas Paris en tant que consultante new business en 2018 et participe à des gains stratégiques comme Bel, Samsung ou la Française des Jeux. Après un passage chez BETC Fullsix (2021-2023) en tant que New Business Manager, elle prend la direction du développement de Havas Paris. « Le new business est un carrefour bouillonnant d’intelligence collective où le futur de la relation client, de la créativité et de la responsabilité s’inventent chaque jour. Nous avons hâte, avec toute l’équipe, d’aller chercher les plus beaux pitchs », se réjouit-elle.

Daniel Saltsman, 32 ans, travaille depuis une dizaine d’années dans le secteur du conseil en communication stratégique et a développé une forte expertise en conseil aux dirigeants et en relations médias. Entre 2014 et 2018, il est directeur conseil chez Havas Paris. Il y accompagne des organisations françaises et internationales dans la définition et la mise en œuvre de leurs stratégies de communication. En 2018, il rejoint le cabinet No Com en qualité de directeur de clientèle - responsable de l’activité Relations Presse et conseille des dirigeants d’entreprises et d’institutions publiques dans leur communication externe et interne. En 2020, il est nommé directeur de la communication externe de Radio France (relations presse, communication digitale, relations publiques). Depuis 2016, il est enseignant à l’Ecole du Management et de l’Innovation de Sciences Po Paris. Il a également enseigné au sein de la Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) de Sciences Po Paris. Il renoue avec l’agence Havas Paris et sa communauté Influence, en qualité de Partner. « C’est avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme que je retrouve un collectif encore plus créatif et complémentaire que celui que j’ai connu lors de mes premières années à l’agence. Havas Paris a tous les atouts pour accompagner les leaders d’aujourd’hui et de demain, dans un moment charnière où l’action des entreprises et des dirigeants doit contribuer à réparer notre monde », commente-t-il.

« On ne quitte jamais vraiment une maison que l’on a aimée. Plus sérieusement, Havas Paris a toujours été une « école » où nombre de communicants ont fait leurs armes, et parfois leur retour. Marguerite et Daniel, dont l’énergie et les talents ne sont plus à prouver, ont été séduits par le nouveau projet d’entreprise et en seront parties prenantes. Ils nous reviennent riches de nouvelles expériences, mais aussi d’un regard nouveau, précieux au moment où l’agence orchestre une profonde transformation  » , expliquent Mayada Boulos et Julien Carette, coprésidents de Havas Paris.

2023-02-07 00:00:00
VANISH ENLISTS PRO-GAMERS TO TACKLE VIRTUAL CLOTHING WASTE AND HIGHLIGHT REAL-WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES  #ReSkinChallenge, created by Havas London and Havas Play, sees Europe’s most  influential streamers revert to default ‘skins’ – raising questions 

and starting conversations in their communities

Vanish, the Reckitt garment care brand committed to encouraging consumers to re-wear their clothes and raising awareness of clothing waste, has partnered with some of Europe’s biggest gamers and streamers to expand its #ReWear message into the world of gaming – hacking the virtual ‘fast fashion’ trend to drive awareness of the real-life clothing crisis in new and super-engaged audiences. 


#ReSkinChallenge sees high-profile gamers including CaptainPuffy, ShivFPS, FreyzPlayz and fifakillvizualz – who combined boast more than 4.4m Twitch subscribers and are known for their frenzied consumption of the latest skins and in-game clothes – uncharacteristically revert to a basic, default skin for a whole week. If this didn’t raise enough questions from their communities – and it did – they also wore the same physical outfit on their streams for the duration of the challenge, starting conversations among their fans. 

The big reveal came at the end of the week: that it was Vanish behind the #ReSkinChallenge all along, with a message to gamers to re-wear their clothes – both in-game, and in real life. The gamers then set their communities a challenge to play wearing their very first, or default, skin – with Vanish donating £20 to Oxfam for each stream shared.

The innovative activation, created by Havas London and Havas Play with PR from One Green Bean, was designed to tap into the engaged gaming/streaming community and highlight the growing problem of virtual ‘fast fashion’ and real world clothing waste. In the UK, a staggering 350,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away each year* –which Vanish is committed to raising awareness of through its #ReWear positioning and purpose to help clothes live longer.

In online gaming, skins – mass-consumed visual effects or clothing that allows players to personalise their character in a purely aesthetic way – are a burgeoning virtual problem.

Just like in real life, these skins are at the mercy of the latest trends, typically becoming obsolete within a few months. As well as a financial cost to the player, typically between £5-50, these frenzied purchases have an environmental cost. Each discarded skin, rather than ending up in landfill like their physical counterpart, is instead stored in a highly energy intensive data centre.

Cigdem Kurtulus, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Reckitt, says: “The environmental impact of our culture of extreme disposability is becoming just as prevalent in the virtual world as in real life – reinforcing the very behaviour that sees millions of perfectly good items of clothing thrown into landfill every year.

At Vanish, our mission is to help clothes live longer – and the #ReSkinChallenge represents an innovative, playful way to land our #Rewear message, credibly, with new and engaged communities.”

Elliot Harris, Reckitt Global Executive Creative Director & Creative Partner at Havas London, says: “By partnering with some of Europe’s biggest streamers – starting conversations within their hyper-engaged communities in a smart, unobtrusive and organic way – we are tapping into virtual fandom to drive important, real-world change. Gamers are a completely new audience for Vanish’s #Rewear message, and given their relative youth, will be a crucial one in consigning unnecessary clothing waste to the bin – for good.”

Fabrice Plazolles, Chief Creative Officer at Havas Play, says: "We are happy to have collaborated on this campaign with our friends at Havas London. After successful meaningful campaigns in the gaming universe like Undercover Avatar or Adopt a Mod, we continue to prove that gaming is a great media to evolve awareness and make communities engage around contemporary issues. Thanks to the complementary talents of Havas London and Havas Play, we allow millions of gamers to be aware of a cause that is so important ".


2023-02-06 00:00:00
2023 trends: realities edge Havas Mango's 2023 trends report explores themes that impact the future of the wellness industry such as the concept of identity, nourishment, self-exploration, relationships, and mental health. Check out the report in Dare!. 

2023-02-01 00:00:00
Past and future Havas Milan’s partnership with Alfa Romeo has extended to include work for the new Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid – its first plug-in hybrid in its history. We heard more about the campaign from Luissandro Del Gobbo, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Milan, for Dare!. Read more in this edition! 

2023-02-01 00:00:00
Making it official Christian de la Villehuchet, Global Chief Integration Officer at Havas Group and Chief Executive Officer of Havas Belgium, was named EACA president back in June. We spoke to him about his background and priorities in this role in this edition of Dare!. 

2023-02-01 00:00:00
Reginald VelJohnson Stars in Progressive's New Campaign 2023-01-31 11:59:53 PETITS FORMATS, GRANDES HISTOIRES : CANAL+ SOUTIENT UNE FOIS ENCORE LE FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU COURT MÉTRAGE DE CLERMONT FERRAND Premier partenaire du Festival du Court Métrage, CANAL+ dévoile, en ce début d’année 2023, un court film rendant hommage au genre et voué à promouvoir cet évènement phare. Spoiler, la fin va vous surprendre.

Créé en 1982, le Festival International du Court Métrage de Clermont Ferrand est la plus grande manifestation cinématographique mondiale consacrée au court métrage.
Cette année encore, CANAL+ renouvelle son partenariat avec cet évènement majeur prouvant ainsi l’amour de la marque pour la création cinématographique au sens large et son envie de faire rayonner l’industrie.
Et pour promouvoir ce partenariat qui lui est cher, CANAL+ - accompagnée de son agence BETC – dévoile un nouveau format court diffusé à partir du 27 janvier sur le site myCanal et les réseaux sociaux de la Marque.
Une manière ingénieuse de nous rappeler que les petits formats aussi ont de quoi nous faire vibrer.
CANAL+ se positionne une fois de plus comme un acteur incontournable du cinéma français et comme son principal partenaire, en s’investissant autant dans la promotion des court-métrages que des longs. Car pour CANAL+, il n’est pas question de durée, mais bien d’histoire et d’émotions.
Cette année, le Festival International du Court Métrage de Clermont Ferrand aura lieu du vendredi 27 janvier au samedi 4 février.

Pour en savoir plus :

2023-01-30 00:00:00

Afin d’accompagner au mieux ses clients, Havas Legal & Litigation, département de communication juridique et judiciaire d’Havas Paris, renforce son expertise dans deux domaines : la communication digitale et la communication corporate des acteurs du droit.

Avec près de 20 ans d’expérience dans l’accompagnement stratégique de grands acteurs économiques, Malka Duriez, directrice associée, va apporter son expertise en legal design, en stratégie des marques dans une démarche de communication globale. « L’ensemble des acteurs du droit occupe une place de plus en plus importante dans la vie économique des entreprises. C’est pourquoi nous souhaitons renforcer notre accompagnement, notamment grâce au legal design, afin de faciliter l’accessibilité des contenus juridiques », déclare Malka Duriez.

Thuy-My Vu, consultante senior au sein d’Havas Legal & Litigation, est spécialiste des enjeux d’e-réputation. Elle conseille les acteurs des secteurs privés et publics, en France et à l’international, dans des situations de crise. « S’il s’agit de formidables espaces de liberté d’expression, le web, réseaux sociaux et le metaverse peuvent rapidement se transformer en terrain privilégié des atteintes à la réputation de nos clients », prévient Thuy-My Vu.

Pour Stéphanie Prunier, fondatrice d’Havas Legal & Litigation : « Nous avons la conviction que nous avons besoin des meilleurs experts pour anticiper et gérer les crises, qui deviennent trop souvent judiciaires. Nous sommes ravis d’accueillir au sein de notre équipe Malka et Thuy-My qui viennent renforcer notre panel d’expertises pour nos clients ».

Titulaire d’un Master 2 en marketing et communication industries du luxe, Malka a débuté sa carrière dans le design en accompagnant le lancement et le déploiement de nouvelles identités visuelles d’envergure en France et à l’international.

Malka s’est ensuite orientée vers le business développement au sein d’agences de design et de retail renommées. Elle a rejoint Havas Paris en 2013 au sein du pôle Content, puis a accompagné le développement du département dédié aux nouvelles technologies.

Diplômée en droit franco-allemand et titulaire d’un Master 2 en Communication et sociologie du droit et de la justice de Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, Thuy-My a débuté sa carrière en tant que journaliste au sein d’une rédaction spécialisée en actualités juridiques. Elle a ensuite exercé le métier de conseil au sein de l’agence Eliott & Markus, dédiée aux professionnels du droit, avant d’intégrer le cabinet d’avocats d’affaires Gide Loyrette Nouel, comme chargée de communication.

Impliquée dans le rayonnement de la profession de communicant du droit, elle est membre du bureau de l’Association des Communicants juridiques de Paris (ACJP).

2023-01-26 00:00:00
Campaign UK Agency of the Year Awards 2022: shortlists revealed Havas London have been shortlisted for UK Creative Agency of the Year. 

Havas London's Chief Executive Office, Xavier Rees is also up for Head of Agency, and Vicki Maguire - Chief Creative Officer, is up for Creative Leader. Winners will be announced at an awards dinner on 16 March.

2023-01-19 00:00:00
Behind the curtain Behind The Curtain is a workshop concept launched by the Theodora Foundation in partnership with Havas Geneva, which provides children in hospitals creative means to channel their energy and help them forget about their stressful realities. Hear about the activation from Solen Laurent, Account Director, and Gabriel Mauron, Co-Manager and Executive Creative Director, at Havas Geneva. 

2023-01-19 00:00:00
Havas Group India - A great place to work! In some exciting news for the network, Havas Group India Companies Are Now Great Place To Work® Certified™ by Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture. Hear more about what the certification means and how the network secured their certification from Vandana Tilwani, CHRO, Havas Group India. 

2023-01-19 00:00:00
A cookieless future Havas Media Group’s new webinar series, “Embracing A Cookieless Future,” highlights the positives of this next era of digital consumption and what people, clients, and consumers should expect. 

2023-01-19 00:00:00
Havas Group strengthens its social media expertise with the acquisition of HRZN in Germany Havas Group today announced it has taken a majority stake in HRZN, one of Germany’s emerging independent creative agencies for social media and content. 

2023-01-19 00:00:00
Does fear of criticism stifle creativity? Havas London's Chief Creative Officer Vicki Maguire gives her thoughts on - 'Does fear of criticism stifle creativity', in a recent campaign feature. 

2023-01-18 00:00:00
Boston While Black Partners with Arnold Worldwide, Havas Health & You and Havas Media to Support Black Employees And Professionals Throughout Greater Boston Boston While Black today welcomed Boston-based advertising agency Arnold Worldwide and the Havas Boston Village, which includes Havas Health & You and Havas Media, as corporate partners. This partnership will provide Boston While Black (BWB) memberships to the group's Black employees, connecting them to an expansive network of Black professionals. The collaboration also supports Boston While Black through marketing services and resources to help advance their ongoing efforts in the Greater Boston community.

"We are excited to welcome Arnold Worldwide and the Havas Boston Village to our community. Together we will take significant strides towards fulfilling the Boston While Black mission of shaping a city where Black people want to live and work," said Sheena Collier, Founder and CEO of Boston While Black. Collier added, "Partnering with a company who specializes in storytelling is important to us as we work together to rewrite the narrative in Boston."

"We are thrilled to partner with Boston While Black as we continue to deepen our culture of inclusion and belonging. This partnership is about providing our Black employees with support, resources, and a strong sense of community that must exist both inside and outside of our walls," said George Sargent, CEO of Arnold. "We have a responsibility to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging for our people, and we're committed to supporting organizations like Boston While Black that exist to help us do just that."

As part of the partnership, all Black employees of the Havas Boston Village will have access to Boston While Black's portfolio of resources that includes networking opportunities, social events, wellness initiatives, professional workshops, and more. They will also get early access for tickets to BWB's 2nd Annual How to Boston While Black Summit, taking place April 13 - 24, 2023.

"We are excited to invest in this partnership and are inspired by the work Sheena and her team are doing to support Black professionals in our community both personally and professionally," said Sargent.

The Havas Boston Village is committed to supporting Boston While Black in helping Black individuals engage and connect in Greater Boston and find their tribe. This partnership aligns with Havas' ongoing Commit to Change pledge. Boston While Black will be instrumental in building a more diverse, inclusive, and just Havas to provide a meaningful experience for all. 

2023-01-17 00:00:00
Havas Creative Appoints New Tier of Global Leadership to Enhance Cross-Market Capabilities and Boost Integrated, International Growth

Havas Creative, the world’s most integrated advertising and communications business, has made three key appointments to its senior leadership team to further expand its global capabilities and to boost integrated, cross-market growth.

Global Chief Marketing Officer Tracey Barber is promoted to Global Chief Transformation and Growth Officer, and Managing Partner, Global Brands Tamara Greene is promoted to Managing Director, Global Brands – both new roles – while former MRM SVP, Director of Global Communications Jocelyn Weiss has been appointed Global Chief Communications Officer. They represent the first major leadership appointments by Havas Creative Global CEO Donna Murphy since she was promoted to the role in July 2022.

These significant appointments underline Havas Creative’s focus on further international transformation and follow a number of global, multi-market new business wins including Samsung’s HARMAN International, spanning brands such as JBL and Harman Kardon; Randstad; and JLL.

Donna Murphy, Global CEO of Havas Creative, says: “Havas’ ‘Village’ model is the most integrated in the business – and these appointments will bring these local centres of excellence, which focus on collaboration, not competition, together on a genuinely joined-up, at-scale, global level.”

Barber has spent the past three years as Havas Creative’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, driving year-on-year growth across the network through her leadership of new business, marketing, and internal and external communications. She will retain responsibility for all these disciplines, while additionally taking responsibility for bringing new products and services to market, and curating a seamless, cross-discipline, best-in-class experience for Havas’ clients. Based out of the UK and reporting into Havas Creative Global CEO Donna Murphy, Barber will continue to work closely with all regional and key market CEOs, as well as Havas Media Group and Havas Health & You on group-wide growth opportunities.

Greene has been with Havas Creative since 2009, most recently as Managing Partner, Global Brands, and has led global initiatives for Havas’ substantial Reckitt account for more than seven years. She has also been instrumental in driving key global new business wins such as Randstad, which saw the world’s largest recruitment agency name Havas its first global creative agency of record, and Samsung-owned HARMAN International, with Havas named global agency of record, spanning brand strategy, creative, content, media and production across all its brands (both in 2022). In her new role as Managing Director, Global Brands, Greene will work closely with Havas’ agency leaders across the globe to ensure excellence in global client delivery and to boost further integrated, international client growth.

Weiss joins Havas from MRM, where she held the role of SVP, Director of Global Communications. A seasoned corporate communications and PR specialist, her career spans agencies including JWT [now Wunderman Thompson] (Director of Global Communications) and BBDO (VP, Director Corporate Communications North America), as well as a stint at PR company DiGennaro Communications (SVP). As Global Chief Communications Officer, she will report to Barber and oversee Havas Creative’s communications strategy – working in close collaboration with its global new business and marketing team to help strengthen the reputation and perception of Havas Creative globally, and with local market teams to ensure the business’ key messaging is supported and amplified as widely and as coherently as possible. She will be based out of New York.

Donna Murphy adds: “I’d like to congratulate Tracey and Tamara on their richly deserved promotions, and welcome a communications heavyweight in Jocelyn to the Havas family. It’s wonderful to see three brilliantly talented women take on such pivotal roles within our group – roles which will unlock real growth and drive client experience across the globe.”

The appointments follow the recent promotion of Shazzia Khan to Global Chief Talent and Innovation Officer (from Chief of Staff and Chief Talent Officer, Havas Health & You), and Claire Telling to Global Chief People Experience Officer (from Chief People Officer, Havas Creative North America) – with both roles spanning both Havas Creative and Havas Health & You under the leadership of Murphy. These new, integrated roles will help deliver a first-class, people-centric experience for both Havas’ existing and potential employees and clients alike. 

2023-01-12 00:00:00
Progressive’s newest character is a familiar face Progressive is introducing new character TV Dad as it positions its brand as a saver of money for consumers amid the tough economic climate.

2023-01-11 00:00:00
Havas Germany drops its regional structure in favor of a more agile working model - Interview Recently appointed CEO, Peter Mergemeier, walks us through their new approach and what this means for today's client needs.

2023-01-11 00:00:00
IPA unveils 2023 New Year Honours list Six industry figures were honoured at the IPA president's reception this month - including our very own Vicki Maguire, Chief Creative Officer Havas London. Congrats! 

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CANAL+ LANCE LES CHALLENGES BINGE-FIT Convertissez vos kilomètres en épisodes de séries

S’il y a une période de l’année où la motivation manque pour se mettre au sport, c’est bien l’hiver. Et pourtant, c’est le moment ou jamais ! Après les petits excès des fêtes de fin d'année, chacun attaque le mois de janvier plein de bonnes résolutions... qui ne tiennent souvent pas très longtemps.

Pour vous aider à tenir vos résolutions, CANAL+ s'associe à Running Heroes, l'application réunissant la plus grande communauté de runners en France, et lance les challenges BINGE-FIT, une opération spéciale conçue par BETC à destination des jeunes, à découvrir du 9 au 23 janvier. Plus vous courez, plus vous débloquez des épisodes de séries.

Par exemple, parcourir 15 kilomètres en une ou en plusieurs fois permet de binger toute la première saison du Bureau des Légendes. D'autres challenges plus accessibles permettent de débloquer les premiers épisodes de séries comme Marie-Antoinette et Mood.

Pour participer et débloquer des épisodes, il suffit de réaliser les challenges sur l’application Running Heroes. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur 

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Loto, c’est des centaines de millionnaires depuis 50 ans… Et si c’était vous, le diriez-vous à vos proches ?

Si vous gagniez au Loto, le diriez-vous ? On s’est tous déjà posé cette question sauf que gagner au Loto, ça ne veut certes pas dire changer complétement de vie mais ça ne veut pas dire non plus que ça ne se voit pas… Et c’est justement dans ces petits détails que l’on peut voir la différence !

Ce secret pas si facile à garder (même pour un temps), c’est le point de départ de la nouvelle saga Loto dans laquelle BETC met en scène une famille française incroyablement normale… confrontée à l’incroyable !

Les repas dominicaux chez mamie, c’est toujours la même histoire. On est ravi de se retrouver en famille, on se chambre, on se dispute, on rigole et quand il est temps de se mettre à table, tout le monde est content, même si chacun sait que le repas, et bien c’est bien souvent toujours le même.

Sauf ce jour-là… avec l’arrivée d’un plat totalement exceptionnel… Certes, mamie a toujours voulu faire plaisir à sa famille, mais le doute s’installe tout de même et l’impensable devient alors tout à fait pensable. La petite phrase aux allures de blague “Mamie, t’as gagné au Loto ou quoi ?” le devient de moins en moins… Surtout que les indices s’accumulent : entre réponses esquivées, regards malicieux et silences, mamie garde son secret. Qui sait si elle a gagné ?

Dans cette nouvelle saga naturaliste, impertinente et populaire, BETC et Loto nous rappellent avec humour que non, décidément, gagner au Loto ça n’arrive pas qu’aux autres.

Dès le 6 janvier, c’est en TV, VOL et SOME que Loto déploie cette nouvelle campagne. Elle sera composée d’un format 30sec et de 3 formats courts pour soutenir le Super Loto du Vendredi 13 janvier pour une cagnotte de 13 millions d’euros, ainsi que les prochains évènements de l’année.

Avec une question qui nous hantera longtemps : Mamie a-t-elle gagné ou non ? 

2023-01-05 00:00:00