Campagna Bee'n'Bee
Cliente BETC Paris
Marca Bee'n'Bee
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Settore Advertising Agencies
Filosofia BETC launches its CSR report in an eco-friendly way. The Sustainability report turns into a DIY hotel for the preservation of wild bees You are probably aware that bees are in danger. But did you know that wild bees are suffering even more than their domestic counterparts (those who live in hives and produce honey) ? And wild bees are essential to the preservation of biodiversity as they are responsible for 80% of pollination of plants, flowers and fruits. That's why BETC is committed to the preservation of wild bees through its latest CSR report, showcasing its diverse initiatives. Discover Bee'n'Bee, a bed and breakfast" hotel for wild bees. By folding the pages of the CSR report it gets a new life and becomes a hotel for bees and helps them find a shelter.
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