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Fondata nel: 2007


impiegati: 150

Premi: 5

Creazioni: 41

Clienti: 24

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22 rue de la Victoire
Paris 75009
Telefono: (+33) (0)1 81 51 50 00

Lionel Benbassat

Lionel Benbassat

Managing Director

Telefono: (+33) 608339557

Fondata nel: 2007


impiegati: 150

Premi: 5

Creazioni: 41

Clienti: 24

FF Paris

22 rue de la Victoire
Paris 75009
Telefono: (+33) (0)1 81 51 50 00
Lionel Benbassat

Lionel Benbassat

Managing Director

Telefono: (+33) 608339557

About the Agency FF Paris


To emotionally connect your product / brand / company with existing or emerging audiences, and accelerate growth, seek and highlight a deeper meaning behind what you sell.

We are a creative community based in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Shanghai. A place where creative minds can thrive. Our talent is to find this deep meaning, to make it emotionally relevant and creatively engaging.

We embrace all new technologies, but we are media agnostic. Technology is the vehicle, emotion is the destination.

People are craving for meaning.

State something. 



Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart were both raised in the Paris suburbs: Fred in Chaville, originally from a Breton and a Parisian family, Farid in Athis-Mons originally from an Algerian and Kabylian family. With an art background, Fred graduated at Creapole, a design school in Paris. Farid got 2 Masters, 2 DESS and graduated at Sciences Po Paris.

Fred and Farid started as junior strategic planner and account manager, respectively, at Euro RSCG BTC in Paris.

They decided to team up and start a creative career, working for 6 major agencies in Paris.

They soon became the two youngest Creative Directors in France, managing all international accounts at Omnicom’s CLM/BBDO Paris.

Fred & Farid produced their first digital hit with the start-up company Aucland.com (the French eBay), inviting TV viewers—for the first time in advertising—to discover the end of the spot on the internet.

They created the highly viral musical video of British pop star Robbie Williams “Rock DJ”, winning at the Brit Awards and MTV Awards in the US. This viral film remains Robbie's most popular music video.

After winning Cannes Lions on Pepsi, Fred & Farid were promoted Worldwide Creative Directors of Pepsi International (ROW).

Shots Magazine (Shots 61) selected the French team as the number one creative team for a new column "12 world’s best creative teams” (November 2000).

Advertising legend Sir John Hegarty personally hired Fred & Farid at prestigious BBH London to lead their biggest launch: Microsoft XBOX brand (500 million dollars launch).

This is when Fred & Farid started an international career. They were the first major French creative team to move abroad and work successfully outside of France.

They produced 2 worldwide viral iconic spots: XBOX Champagne “Life is short, play more”, showing a man's life condensed in 30 seconds, and XBOX Mosquito “Suck less, play more”, relating how mosquitos lost their musician talent, and a Levi’s spot with British director Franck Budgen “Rub yourself”.

American magazine AdAge defined XBOX Champagne as "all-time most viral video for a brand”.

Gold Lion spot XBOX Champagne found itself Grand Prix finalist in Cannes in 2002, facing Nike “Play". “This is one of the best spots I’ve seen all year. Everything about it is great. It should win the Palm” David Lubars / Shots (06 June 2002).

“Fred & Farid have a huge talent. They know how to develop a narrative structure from an audacious idea” John Hegarty / Stratégies (08 February 2002).

Fred & Farid became “Le tout Soho’s favourite Gallic creative team” Shots (14 August 2002).

“In just 18 months at BBH, Fred & Farid bagged a host of awards and a reputation as the team to watch in British Advertising” Creative Review (November 2002).

The French business magazine Strategies nicknamed them “The two Zidanes of the French advertising creation” Strategies (27 September 2002).

In his 2002 novel “L’Egoiste romantique”, French writer Frederic Beigbeder quotes them as “Fred & Farid, the world’s best advertising creative”.

"They have a boundless openness to the world that is really infectious" Jeff Goodby / Adweek (7 October 2002).

“They have a simpler way of looking at things, of wiping away the marketing drivel that people tend to be caught up in. They have a way of getting past that to thinking in big breathtaking ways about products” Jeff Goodby / CR Creative Review (November 2002).

American advertising Legend Jeff Goodby hired them to join his prestigious digital agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. The team left UK for the US.

In their new agency, Fred & Farid were in charge of the launch of a new start-up—and future entertainment worldwide leader—called Netflix in US and the UK.

American magazine New York wrote (21 July 2003): “Their work for Pepsi and Xbox in Europe made them the ad-world’s Spike Jonze”.

Fred & Farid introduced the concept of “storytelling” in advertising in an essay for the Gunn Report 2003.

At Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Fred & Farid were in charge of the re-launch of the iconic athletic brand Pony in 180 countries.

Fred & Farid hijacked the Olympic Games with a controversial poster of a sweaty Pony athlete lighting his cigarette on the Olympic flame.

Publicis Group chairman Maurice Levy met Fred & Farid in San Francisco and personally hired them to launch “Marcel”, a new digital agency in Paris, symbolically named after the founder of Publicis, Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet.

"Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart, the highly lauded creative duo better known as Fred & Farid, launch their agency Marcel today” Stephen Brook / MediaGuardian (17 May 2005).

"Advertising giant Publicis has taken an unprecedent step by giving two of the world's hottest creative executives their own international start-up agency" Stephen Brook / MediaGuardian (17 May 2005).

"We are creating something totally new” Maurice Levy / Financial Times (17 May 2005).

"The new marketing agency, named Marcel, after Publicis founder Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, will be run by Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart, an award-winning creative team" Gary Silverman / Financial Times (17 May 2005).

"Fred & Farid, the advertising duo is back to Paris" Le Monde (18 May 2005).

"Marcel aims at world level creativity. A new type of agency, for brands looking for a new type of functioning" Maurice Levy / Le Monde (18 May 2005).

"We want Paris to become a new magnet of world's advertising, equal with London, San Francisco or New York" Maurice Levy / Le Monde (18 May 2005).

"Raillard and Mokart will be the joint presidents of the agency. They will report directly to Levy" John Tylee / Campaign (20 May 2005).

"Publicis Group, Paris, opened Marcel, a creative agency led by Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart as co-presidents" The New York Times (7 June 2005).

"Publicis recently started a new agency in Paris called Marcel, and headed by an irreverent pair of French admen, Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart" Eric Pfanner / International Herald Tribune (13 June 2005).

French magazine Paris Match titled “The already legendary advertising duo” (18 July 2005).

"When they came back to France, Fred & Farid generated a press-book usually reserved for living legends. Le Figaro, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times have announced their new agency as a worldwide event. It's true that this couple is a unique phenomenon” Elisabeth Chavelet / Paris Match (18 July 2005).

"I look forward to tapping into the team's creativity on future global briefs" David Droga / Adweek (18 July 2005).

Within 18 months, Marcel won 17 new accounts.

Breaking news in the European ad world, Fred & Farid won “the pitch of the decade” as defined by French newspaper Les Echos: the internet/mobile company Orange, managing the image of the European tech giant in 27 countries.

"Just 8 months after their arrival, the duo won Orange, the biggest advertising contract of the year, around 200 millions Euros" Olivier Bouchara / Management (28 February 2006).

Marcel agency was the hottest place to work in Paris. But the 9th of October, disappointed by Maurice Levy, Fred & Farid announced their resignation, shocking the advertising planet, and launching the biggest mercato of the Parisian scene.

"Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart, co-presidents of Publicis's Marcel agency, plan to launch their own agency in Paris in January" The Wall Street Journal (11 October 2006).

British magazine Campaign titles "Furore over Fred/Farid start-up" (13 October 2006).

"Raillard and Mokart seem to have done everything you don't want to do if you want to leave Publicis without rancour" Campaign (13 October 2006).

Fred & Farid announced they were launching a new agency soon, with french financial tycoon Vincent Bolloré owning 30%. "Fred & Farid are so talented that it was too good an opportunity to pass up” Vincent Bolloré / Campaign (13 Oct 2006).

British newspaper Independent wrote “If you’re interested in advertising creativity then you’ll be familiar with Fred & Farid. Fred & Farid have a formidable international reputation” (16 October 2006).

Official launch of the new shop. Fred & Farid partnered with Publicis France's CEO Christophe Lambert and launched FFL. Fred, Farid and Lambert owned together 70% of the company, and Vincent Bollore 30%.

The new digital shop started with one of the biggest worldwide buzz, hijacking the Rugby World Cup 2007 with their “Dim Dim Girls” for French underwear brand Dim, a historical account of Publicis Group.

French magazine Le Point titled "Fred & Farid, the advertising putschists" (4 January 2007).

"Fred & Farid are world stars of advertising. These two rebellious creatives have just left Publicis to launch their own shop" Emmanuel Berretta / Le Point (4 January 2007).

French newspaper Le Monde titled “Fred & Farid, a duo who became logo” (27 February 2007).

French magazine Challenges titled "Choc duo" (1 March 2007).

In July 2007, Fred & Farid won French brand Orangina. "Fred & Farid have come up with the most ambitious and accurate approach. Orangina is a mythic brand and must renew its iconic status" Hugues Pietrini / Adland (2 Jul 2007).

September 25th, in L'Express, writer Frederic Beigbeder launched his movie "99 Francs", an adaptation of his controversial best seller against the ad world, in a long debate with Fred & Farid, the director Jan Kounen and himself. Surprisingly Fred & Farid supported the movie, qualifying it as a documentary about the old French ad world, rather than fiction.

October 9th, just 9 months after the launch, Fred, Farid and Lambert announced their numbers: 7,2 million € revenue, 55 employees, 23 brands (including Schweppes, Kronenbourg 1664, L'Oreal, Van Cleef & Arpels).

Founders, CEO and Executive Creative Directors Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart own 70% of their company after Christophe Lambert's departure. They renamed the company "Fred & Farid Group", stating to the French press their ambition to shake up the conventional market and fight against Publicis and Havas.

Fred & Farid Group produced the worldwide famous Diesel Parfum campaign “Are you alive?” for L’Oreal.

The independent digital group won fiercely sought-after clients like Société Générale, Decathlon, Schweppes, Wrangler, making the fastest growth on the French market, with a turnover of nearly 50 million € in 2011, and 80 employees.

Fred & Farid Group designed logo and branding of LeWeb Tech Conference for Loic Le Meur, and launched "What did you expect?" a new european platform for Schweppes starring Nicole Kidman.

In June, the agency won the highly desired Cannes Lions Grand Prix—the crowning achievement for every person in the creative industry—for their iconic Wrangler campaign “We are animals” shot by artist Ryan McGinley“Before, the brand was about middle-aged cowboy jeans from America. Now it takes a whole look overnight” David Lubars / Cannes Lions Festival (June 2009).

Guardian's headlined "Wrangler ad's sex appeal wins over judges" (25 June 1009).

"It's a very emotional campaign, you can see how it can go into all kinds of areas. A very primal, sexual approach. Before the brand was about middle-aged cowboys jeans from America. Now it takes a whole different look overnight" David Lubbars / Guardian (25 June 2009).

"The campaign screams raw sex. That's what you want when you put on some jeans" Gerry Graf / Guardian (25 June 2009).

"It grabbed me by the gut. I felt what they wanted me to feel. It changed my image of Wrangler. It's talking about primal urges" Gerry Graf / Advertising Age (24 June 2009).

"It was a master plan" David Lubbars / Advertising Age (24 June 2009).

September 14th, Veronique Richebois from Les Echos titled "Their agency incarnates a success story in a decreasing market”.

In December, Fred & Farid Group won the Audi account.

On December 31st, Les Echos headlined "The Fred & Farid Millesimal. 2009 is definitely the explosion of independent agency Fred & Farid".

Fred & Farid Group won and produced international campaigns for dozens of brands, including prestigious brands like Van Cleef & Arpels, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Mont Blanc.

GQ ranked Fred & Farid "17th most influential media/internet personalities in France" (February 2010).

Gala magazine selected Fred & Farid in the "15 leading figures of the year" (10 march 2010).

“They could have played in Pulp Fiction, Tarantino’s cult feature. They have won more than 200 international awards. Their agency Fred & Farid Group, launched only three years ago, has devastated the advertising planet“ Hedwige Chevrillon / BFM La Saga du Pouvoir (20 July 2010).

“They are Maverick rebels. They are what Daniel Cohn Bendit is to politics, Andy Warhol to painting and Woody Allen to literature" Jacques Seguela / BFM La Saga du Pouvoir (20 July 2010).

Fred & Farid Group won Société Générale, a major french bank, with a new platform around the celebration of the "Team Spirit”. It also won Martini with a new pan-European platform "Luck is an attitude".

The agency was trusted by some of the most respected names in the business: Frederic Oudea (CEO Société Générale), Jean-Paul Agon (CEO L’Oréal), Renzo Rosso (CEO Diesel), Jean-Paul Constant (International Brands Director Oxylane Group), Jean-Paul Torris (Vice President Bongrain SA).

In February, GQ ranked Fred & Farid "11th most influential media/Internet personalities in France".

The company settled its headquarters in the 9th district of Paris (22 rue de la Victoire), in a 7-story building with the quote “Si un jour on baisse les bras, coupez-nous la tête” stated in the lobby. FF clients’ reactions were unanimously enthusiastic about the opening of their new building.

"There is one word that springs to my mind: Pride. I am proud to have chosen you as our agency when you were still small“ Jean-Paul Torris / Vice President Bongrain SA.

"They have a real talent, the ability to capture the spirit of the times through emotions" Hugues Pietrini / CEO France Orangina-Schweppes Group.

"They have created the campaign we've been dreaming of, it was a great pleasure to work with them and it still is" Caroline Guillaumin / Head of Group Communication, Société Générale.

"We were looking for an agency that would revive our brand. They've helped us to take our brand from a dusty, old fashion brand, to a brand that's alive and connecting with people." Adam Kakembo / Marketing Director EMEA Wrangler.

“It's been 5 years that we've been working together, I have discovered sensitive, passionate, good men, people on which one can count" Steeve Hagege / International General Brand Manager, Diesel Parfums, L’Oréal.

The group launched a second agency called Kids Love Jetlag, which focuses on digital influence, digital activation, and ePR.

In December 2011, French magazine Technikart selected Fred & Farid as "The 100 who made 2011”. French newspaper Les Echos selected them amongst the "100 people who are shaping tomorrow”.

January 11th, French magazine Influencia defined Fred & Farid as "Bunks”—business punks—along with other personalities like Xavier Niel.

In March, La Lettre de L'Expansion, Campaign and Advertising Age revealed FF GROUP's intention to open FF Shanghai in September.

GQ ranked Fred & Farid "11th most influential media/Internet persons in France” (March 2012).

September 2012, FF GROUP settled its new digital agency in a 1000m2 warehouse in Shanghai. The new shop focuses on social, content and tech.

Fred & Farid chose two old time FF members to lead the branch: Huang Feng and Gregoire Chalopin. Fred personally moved to Shanghai with his family.

In France, FF Paris invested in Melty, the most promising digital media for the young audience. "With Fred & Farid, it's been an intellectual Coup de Foudre" Alexandre Malsch, Melty Founder / La Tribune (September 2012).

October 1st, in Les Echos, Advertising Legend Sir John Hegarty gave a tribute to Fred & Farid : “There should be more agencies challenging the status quo. Fred & Farid is a good example of a young independent agency that has succeeded brilliantly. But we need 10 or 20 Fred & Farid".

December 18th, Strategies magazine announced FF Shanghai's win of the prestigious Porsche account for the whole China.

January 31th , La Tribune announced Fred Raillard's selection in the Young Leaders France-China 2013 promotion. Fred also joined the steering committee of the foundation, and met with China Vice President Mr. Li Yuanchao.

In February, Fred & Farid were part of an art/media project from movie director Laetitia Masson, the IRI and CNC.

April 24th, CampaignBrief announced Fred as Foreman of the prestigious British D&AD Art Direction jury 2013, Fred being the first French person to head this jury.

FF Shanghai's social media activation for L’Oreal Garnier got 272 million views in just 4 days (Source CIC Monitoring Shanghai).

FF Paris’ social media activation for the French candy bar, Carambar, tricked the whole country as the “first social media powered joke” and the all time best case of earned media in France.

“In just five years, Farid Mokart and Frederic Raillard have succeeded in building an internationally renowned agency that shakes the codes of the advertising world” Alexandre Deboute / Le Figaro (30 Oct 2013).

December 12th, DamnDigital announced FF GROUP as Best Agency of the Year at World Luxury Awards (3 years in a row).

FF Shanghai was already working for 27 brands in China, including Porsche, Coca-Cola, Shang Xia, Sunning, Sogou, Avène, and renowned groups like L’Oréal and Pernod Ricard.

January 1st, Paris Match presented Fred, along with digital entrepreneur Olivier Chouvet and famous Chef Paul Pairet, as "French people who have conquered the Chinese megalopolis".

"Fred & Farid made a big bet on China. Paris-based agency found success in Shanghai" Advertising Age (28 January 2014)

CB News’ March issue headlined "We became Chinese in business".

On March 24th, in Petit Web magazine, FF GROUP announced the creation of FFDIF (FF Digital Investment Fund), its purpose being to provide capital, incubation, mentoring and resources to promising digital ventures.

April 17th, French magazine Strategies announced Farid as Foreman of the Grand Prix Strategies.

May 5th, La Lettre de L’Expansion announced FF Shanghai’s 5 million Euro revenue.

July 3rd, Maddyness announced FFDIF’s participation in Fashion Capital & Partners investment fund.

July 21th, Strategies announced FF GROUP as “the only French agency in the WARC 100 ranking.

Shots magazine July issue selected Fred & Farid in the "Top 15 most influential creative leaders", along with Sir John Hegarty, Jeff Goodby, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, David Droga, Bob Greenberg, Trevor Beattie, and Marcello Serpa.

September 1st, American magazine Adweek selected FF Shanghai in the "Top 10 best agencies outside USA".

September 2nd, Fred & Farid announced their new "China inspired" philosophy based on social media “hijack".

September 29th, official governmental magazine CHINAdvertising published a long review about FF Shanghai's success in China.

December 3rd, Fred & Farid gave a speech at Le Web tech conference about digital entrepreneurship, and Chinese social media.

December 8th, Les Echos selected Fred & Farid in "La Releve" a forecast of the next 100 French personalities, and Campaign Asia rewarded FF Shanghai as Silver Agency of the Year 2014.

Fred launched a weekly chronicle with BFM Business radio to help the French market understand the Chinese social media landscape, and a weekly TV show “Bonjour La France” on Shanghai channel ICS with the help of French Foreign Affairs Mr Laurent Fabius. FF Shanghai co-produces the show. Fred hosts it with Mrs. Jiang Qiong Er, founder of Hermes’ Shang Xia. With 1 million viewers on prime time every Saturday, the show is the most influential French media in China.

Fred & Farid were selected in Medium France "Top 30 Most Active Business Angels".

FF GROUP won Best International Agency of the Year at Grand Prix des Agences de l'annee 2014. Les Echos (10 December 2014)

FF Shanghai won Independent Agency of the Year at Cristal Festival (22 December 2014)

FF GROUP acquired a second 7-story building in Paris (48 rue de Provence 75009), to expand FF paris with its 250 employees.

February 2015, french first Minister Mr Manuel Valls and Foreign Affairs Mr Laurent Fabius officially visited FF Shanghai during their trip in China. "Manuel Valls was happy to listen to Fred & Farid's CEO explaining that french people need to hear they are Champions in something" Le Journal du Dimanche (1st February 2015)."We are very pleased that the French Government supports entrepreneurs abroad. French creativity is the major asset of France” Fred Raillard /CampaignBrief Asia (2 February 2015).

February 24th, FF Paris won WARC 100 "Top 4 World's Best Digital Agency".

"WARC tracked more than 2200 winning campaigns from 87 different competitions. The top 5 digital agencies in the WARC 100 are : 1 360i New York, 2 R/GA New York, 3 Proximity Toronto, 4 Fred & Farid Paris, 5 Razorfish New York" CNBC (25 February 2015).

FF Shanghai won a national competition, and was honoured to produce the most important image campaign for the Chinese Government: a 2-minute TV spot right in the middle of Chinese New Year CCTV gala show. The spot "My name" was built on the rich meanings of Chinese first names and signed "Never forget where you come from". It was watched by around 1 billion people, an audience 8 times bigger than the American Superbowl.

In March, Fred and FF Shanghai partner Huang Feng announced the opening of FF Bejing to look after their new governmental CCTV client. Campaign (4 March 2015).

May 26th, Fast Company featured Fred & Farid’s homes "Where creativity lives: Take a look inside the homes of top creatives from around the world”.

In June, FF GROUP announced a joint venture with Asian event company K2, called FFK2, intending to deliver brands a new genre of "worldwide digital centric events". Strategies (8 June 2015). FFK2 soon won Pernod Ricard's top competition for the "Martell cognac 300 years anniversary” producing huge events in Versailles and Shanghai.

September 2nd, L’ADN titled "Hp chooses FF Paris”.

September 2015 is the official launch of FF New York. The agency is already working for Louis 13 cognac, Hp US and american band Major Lazer.

In October, Fred & Farid joined the Owner/President Management program (OPM) at Harvard Business School in Boston (3 weeks/year for 3 years).

So far, FF GROUP has won more than 400 international awards, including 200 digital distinctions since 2011, and numerous international titles : Cannes Lions Grand Prix, WARC Top 4 World's Best Digital Agency, 5 times Best Agency at World Luxury Award, 2 times Best Independent Agency of the Year at Spikes Asia, Cristal Festival Independent Agency of the Year, Campaign Asia Silver Agency of the Year, Adweek Top 10 Best Agency outside USA.

FFDIF has invested in more than 20 digital ventures including Melty, Maddyness, Babbler, Early Birds, GOV, Little Big Data, Markelys, State, Wezzoo, the loops, and 2 digital funds, 5M Ventures, Fashion Capital and Partners.

In their career Fred & Farid have collaborated with leading western figures in digital, music, fashion, photography, politics, sport, and eatures, such as Isabelle Adjani, will.i.am, Paul Auster, Jacques Attali, Remy Belvaux, Eric Cantona, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Eric Besson, Kathryn Bigelow, Cass Bird, Mary J. Blige, Frank Budgen, Etienne De Crecy, Bill Clinton, Common, Penelope Cruz, Yann Delaigue, Christophe Dominici, Philippe Douste-Blazy, Thierry Dusautoir, Olivier Ferrand, Xavier Giannoli, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Samuel L. Jackson, Laurent Joffrin, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Joseph Kahn, Jean-François Kahn, Shekhar Kapur, Nikola Karabatic, Nicole Kidman, Nick Knight, Jan Kounen, David Lachapelle, Christian Lacroix, Thomas Langmann, Spike Lee, Loïc Le Meur, Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Ryan Mcginley, Benjamin Millepied, Barbara Palvin, Tony Parker, Frederic Planchon, Rankin, Terry Richardson, Renzo Rosso, Gustavo Santaolalla, Susan Sarandon, Sølve Sundsbø, Uma Thurman, Peter Thwaites, Ellen Von Unwerth, Tony Ward, Robbie Williams, Zinedine Zidane. And Chinese Stars Like Hu Ge, Huang Wei Wen, Huo Siyan, Laure Shang, Zhang Liang, Zheng Jun, and Dadawa Zhu Zheqin. 

Filosofia e Vantaggi Competitivi

Une agence de solutions social, content, tech pour les marques

Une culture du résultat :

• Adidas Original lowpro football : 81% de reconnaissance spontanée / sell out multiplié par 6 dans magasins flagship

• ANSP (services à la personne) : +370 000 visiteurs uniques / +1 400 000 pages vues semaine du teasing

• Cacharel tentation (l’Oréal) : top 4 en Rrance / +20% de ventes volume / top 2 en Espagne

• Coeur tendre Coeur de Lion (bongrain) : +30% en volume / notoriété totale à 71% après première vague

• Diesel Fuel for life (l’oréal) : top 1 sur l’homme et top 5 sur la femme (mois du lancement)

• Euronews : +77% agrément positif nouvel habillage

• Pulco : +32% de notoriété spontanée / +25% ventes valeur / +20% ventes volume

• NRJ mobile : +165% de ventes de forfaits en 2008 • Orangina : +4% pdm volume / +11% d’intention d’achat / +42% de top of mind

• Mini-BN (united biscuits) : +15% ventes volume / +1 points pdm volume

• Schweppes : +11% ventes volume / +17% ventes valeur Chiffres d’impact des campagnes de communication constatés après leur diffusion en 2008.


Sources : IPSOS, Nielsen, côté clients, MPD France Institute, NPD chaines-grands magasins, online survey with demographix, annonceurs. Pour plus d’informations : contact@fredfarid.com. 

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Agence de Publicité/Communication intégrée à 5 pôles d’expertise différenciés :

1/ BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE - Data mining - Analyse data - Branding - Brand platform - Consumer transformation

2/ FF TECH - Experience website - Brand website - Seo/sem - E-commerce - Mobile app - Appareils connectés - Gamification

3/ FF SOCIAL - Stratégie SNS - Campagne d’activation - Trending hijack - E-PR - IWOM - Community management - Recruitment management - Monitoring

4/ FF CONTENT - Vidéo - Vidéo interactive - Vidéo clip - Documentaire - Live broadcast - Visuels - Vidéo de musique - Production de musique

5/ FF LUXE - Social - Content - Tech 

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