El Segundo, Stati Uniti
TitoloProjecting Pollution
Campagna Toyota Prius v - Projecting Pollution
Cliente Toyota Motor Corporation
Marca Toyota
Data di Prima Diffusione/Publicazione
Prodotto Prius v
Settore Midsize Cars
Slogan act13, csr, air pollution, hybrid
Trama Los Angeles has an estimated 5,490,000 motor vehicles in circulation.
This contributes to the city's air pollution. Pollution that is ignored, because it is hard to see even though it's everywhere.
Then, how to make people interested in the new Toyota Prius v, which has less smog-forming emissions?
We looked for venueswith a high concentration of cars, a big screen, and a projector: Drive-in theatres. Everybody knows that any object that crosses the path of the projector's bright light produces a shadow on the screen. We played with this and projected particles floating in the air, showing people what their cars produce. We made the invisible, visible.
Then, a phrase appeared on the screen reading "66% less smog-forming emissions. Prius v," conveying our message in a way never before seen. 
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